New purge underway as Labour re-suspends members already acquitted – and on the flimsiest of pretexts

Keir Starmer’s Labour has started a new purge of Labour members, including putting some members through ‘double jeopardy’ – suspending and potentially expelling them on complaints for which they were already investigated and acquitted by the party.

The purge is not limited to members, with some councillors also being suspended as the Labour right tries to retake seats they lost through democratic processes and in some cases through gross misconduct. Sandwell Council leader Yvonne Davies recently resigned, after a string of smears against her by discredited right-wingers were given credence by the party, accusing the right of ‘hounding her out’ before she could expose the extent of corruption (video).

Some have been re-suspended on complaints of antisemitism that were already investigated and dismissed – cases re-opened in spite of Labour’s supreme disciplinary body saying that in many complaints the ‘evidence’ was so flimsy that 90% of it had to be rejected on independent legal advice.

Others are being suspended on more generic grounds – and one well-known Labour, union and Orgreave activist in South Yorkshire has been sent a notice of investigation for withering comments made about Owen Smith during Smith’s ill-fated attempt to challenge Jeremy Corbyn for the party’s leadership four years ago, for which he had already been investigated and exonerated.

But ex-miner John Dunn was in no mood to take the right-wing move lying down, publishing a statement on his Facebook page:

Dunn gave Smith an earful when the right-winger – now back working as a pharmaceutical industry lobbyist – tried to exploit Orgeave during his leadership bid.

The party’s pretext for action against Dunn is not the weakest the SKWAWKBOX has received, but details cannot be published as those involved would be targeted by the party for breaching confidentiality – though as usual there are ample examples of the right leaking details of suspended members to their friends in the media – but numbers appear to be substantial.

The suspensions also come as key elections for nine places on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) move forward. In this, they echo the purges that took place (and were subsequently proven by WhatsApp chats in the leaked Labour report) to try to reduce the number of Jeremy Corbyn supporters able to vote in the 2015 and 2016 leadership elections and of the suspension of whole constituency parties to try to protect right-wing MPs and their cronies.

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  1. This is not a surprise surely is it ! The hubristic triumphant, Labour neoliberal, careerist, neo-Blairite Right, have indeed ‘got their Party back’, after spending four dedicated, focused, years sabotaging the Left leadership of Jeremy and ensuring Labour’s reputation was trashed – in cahoots with the Tory media, so that we lost the 2019 General election – and they then persuaded hundreds of thousands of gullible Labour members to vote for new Leader Starmer and his Right Wing pals. These hundreds of thousands of , often previously Corbyn supporters, seriously believed the Trilateral Commission’s man, Starmer’s, ‘Ten Pledges’ to continue with the key Leftish policies agreed by Conference ! And of course, let’s always remember, the bulk of our middle class, relatively socially privileged, Left Liberal membership had a shared core ideological issue in common with Starmer, ie, an uncritical love of the neoliberal EU – and a shared contempt for the Brexit -supporting working class multitude in our old Labour Heartlands who used to vote Labour .

    The Great Purge has apparently started rolling now – the Starmerites obviously reckon they have years now to purge the Party FOREVER of its Left members and any residual Left ideology and policies , and reshape its processes to expunge member democracy entirely, – ready to compete with the Tories electorally only on the fine details of a shared neoliberal agenda in 2024 or thereabouts. The Left (and the radical confused Left Liberals who sold Jeremy out over the EU) will no doubt spend huge energy now to try to stay in the corrupt, careerist, neoliberal Labour Party – so they can then waste their time campaigning for corrupt old Labour councillors and carreerist corrupt, parachuted-in wannabe MPs in by-elections, until 2024 or thereabouts – when they can waste their energies campaigning for a neoliberal Labour Party just as dedicated to selling-off our NHS as the Tories !

    Time to try , YET AGAIN COMRADES, to build a radical Left Party outside of the hopeless political swamp of Labourism. If the cowardly, incompetent, wasted, years of the pathetic, always retreating in the face of Right abuse and sabotage, Corbyn Surge of 2015 to 2019, hasn’t convinced people on the Left by now that the Labour Party can never be a vehicle for Left advance , then nothing ever will. And , sadly, the entire pathetic history of the regularly capitulating Labour Left in the L:aboyur Party, strongly suggests that even when the Labour Party is indistinguishable from the US Democratic Party, and only slightly distinguishable from the Tories (happening very soon now) , and most socialists have been long purged, STILL daft left Liberals will recommend carrying on with the ‘Sisyphus task of ‘Turning Labour Left’ !

    1. I’m genuinely unable to understand how anyone could accept the IRHA rules of membership of the Labour party. There should be virtually no members.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself John! 🙂 Solidarity. A Lpool councillor has also been suspended, allegedly because his support of the Wavertree 4. Yet another Bame member done in by those with fascist tendencies.

    1. If any other ethnic group was targeted in way BAME members appear to be targeted we would face allegations of racial discrimination.
      We cannot call ourselves an anti racist party while we treat or stand by while our BAME brothers and sisters are treated so disgracefully.
      There must be no hierarchy of racism. We are all equal and anyone who thinks differently has no place in our party.

    1. Some of my family left at the same time David … but like you, they are still being treated as Labour members. It would be interesting to know how many have left, because the published figures sure won’t be accurate. How many lying political parties do we need?

      1. My membership lapsed in the same week as Starmer’s disgraceful ‘pay off’ and I wrote and explained why I would not be renewing.

        Only five minutes ago I received an email from Labour Membership Services telling me I needed to reply to the email to be removed as a member. So I assume for the past month I have still been included in the membership figures and wonder how long it will take for this second email to be actioned.

        Reminds me of when I joined Facebook for all of two weeks and it took 3 months to finally delete my account!

      2. Julia, I quit when Jeremy stood down because there was nobody left I could vote for – I did it by strongly worded letter explaining my reasons, and by stopping my standing order.
        I had no response from Labour except emails for months telling me I could still remain a member if I resumed payments.
        I don’t recall any email requiring a reply before I could be de-registered, but it took a lot longer than your leaving process I think.

      3. That’s incredible Julia! “I want to leave!”

        “You can’t we’re not letting you!”

        Could you not get yourself slung out on your ear, with a nice polite post everso-slightly disagreeing with Israel’s stance on bombing Palestinians?

  3. I must confess that I left the Labour Party in the early months of Blair, when I realised that all his promises before the election were BS.

    I believe as you do that we have to start afresh. I’ll be one of the first to sign up, along with others of my family, who, though no longer members are still being counted as members (even the CLP hadn’t been informed they had left!!)

    I’d love to see a Green Labour. A party that can look to the future. One that will leave the two Tory Parties (three if the LibDems are going right, again), to fight it out for the rightwingers in the UK. One that sees what the world needs, and go for it. A positive party. One that never allows Blairites to darken its doors.

    And if we have decent people join us such as JC, JMcD, and the others, so much the better. But I don’t see the members getting back a party that now is courting multimillionaires, like they did in 2006! There’s not a fag packet between Starmer and Johnson.

    1. Unfortunately the ‘green new deal” is just repackaged neoliberalism and XR was corrupted from the beginning.

      1. Published on the eve of so-called Earth Overshoot Day, a survey of 1,000 people aged 18 to 34 found 50% wanted a job in the green economy. Earth Overshoot Day marks the point at which humanity has used up all the resources the planet can provide for a year.

        From “TheCanary”

  4. It seems this is another thing predicted by the left that has come to fruition, steve h?

    Instead of being boringly predictable as to answer along the lines of: ‘Well we first must wait to see if they are cleared by a totally above board and transparent disciplinary process before passing any adverse comment’

    …Why not say this is bang out of order and condemn stammer and his lackeys for ignoring both common decency and rulings?

    Four months in, and there’s very few warning portents that have been made about stammer, left for him to fulfill.

    1. In which case you’ll be able to provide some specific examples with links to the evidence that supports your assertions.

      1. No I won’t.

        Everyone’s already all too familiar with your M.O.

  5. Try posting something that doesn’t praise Starmer on a certain “left of centre” [sic] national newspaper (nothing abusive, just a polite critical piece of his actions) and you’ll be lucky if it stays on for more than a minute! Post quite abusive things about anyone else, especially JC, and it will stay on forever!

    1. ‘Twas ever thus, Joe.

      The stammer media-whore mindset

      stammer gives de piffle an easy time.
      The MSM call stammer the right man for the job.
      MSM criticise Corbyn for at least having a go at de piffle.
      MSM are saying bad things about Corbyn and nothing about stammer
      stammer craves more MSM feigned adulation
      stammer sees MSM attacks on Corbyn so attacks corbyn and the left
      MSM call stammer ‘forensic’ as some sort of tribute – nobody else has a f***ing clue why that is,
      stammer is pleased with his ‘forensic’
      All goes quiet – until de piffle f**ks up again

      …stammer gives de piffle an easy time

      Repeat ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

  6. Is this the action of the MASSIVELY UNELECTED Sir Keir Rodney Stormer or just some of his stalinist apparatchiks and does it actually matter??

    Labour needs him gone.

    1. I could be mistaken, Marty – but I’m sure you’re missing a ‘K’ in that description. 😛

  7. Starmer’s, Johnson’s and the MSM’s determination to crush the left gives us little choice but to build a new socialist party.
    Or we could skip that stage and go straight to revolution – at which point Starmer’ll have a choice – claim credit for the revolution or vote to have the troops to fire on us – unless he thinks he can get away with doing both.

    1. David – Has it been decided yet ho’s going to lead this new ‘socialist’ party, or are you still searching for a credible list of candidates.

      1. One important point about sarcasm – for it to hit home it has to eschew the ridiculously infantile.
        Good luck with that, ho.

      2. David – That’s a cute way of saying no, the reality is we just enjoy fantasising about the possibilities.

      3. The LP does not have a credible leader, I’m sure the left/green could find one. The majority of genuine talent has always been on the left.

  8. As commented by Toffee, I think that there are currently two routes for resistance, although one of these is essentially a capitulation.

    We know, or we highly suspect, that the ‘wait and see’ option is most unlikely to pay dividends. The MSM will be quickly on board with any stitch up, much as they have been with the whole anti-Semitism issue. They pretend to their more gullible audiences that investigations like ‘The Lobby’ do not even exist, knowing full well that there are more than enough pseudo-journalists who will wave it through unchallenged. Of course, Owen Smith features, true to his disingenuous credentials, in ‘The Lobby,’ for those who pretend surprise at his recent job shift, back to big pharma, where misinformation is effectively required in the job description

    So why not defy Starmer? Get the information out there and protect some of the left’s best and most loyal (genuine) anti-racists! Deny the media front-people the opportunity to play the ‘time to move on’ card!

  9. “Preston Tabois, a Haringey Labour councillor and Momentum-backed candidate for the London Assembly, has been suspended by the party over a complaint relating to alleged antisemitism.”

    “But it is understood that Labour has suspended him after Guido Fawkes alerted the party to social media posts, which appear to show the councillor sharing an article about antisemitism.”

    Further details can be found here

    1. No suspensions over racism against (e.g.) Dianne Abbott then? The most abused woman in Parliament, but presumably the higher echelons of Labour approve? Maybe it was just half-a-million “moments” eh?

      1. Joe – I find it difficult to see how Keir can be blamed for this lack of action, Jennie Formby herself has acknowledged that the party leadership can’t interfere in members disciplinary procedures.

        However having said that Keir made it very clear at the NEC meeting, deciding the scope of the Forde Enquiry, that party disciplinary procedures should proceed as normal. In fact both he and Angela both positively encouraged this should happen. Below are some quotes from a contemporary LabourList article.
        “according to LabourList sources, during the meeting it was made clear by Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner that the inquiry does not preclude disciplinary action by the party.”

        “One source said the new leadership team was not trying to discourage such action from being taken by the party in line with normal processes, and in fact “they’re encouraged” to do so.”

        “It is not expected that the newly elected leaders would comment on specific cases that should be brought forward, particularly as both are in favour of introducing an independent complaints system.

        “NEC youth representative Lara McNeill tweeted after the meeting: “This investigation does not stop the party taking disciplinary action. We will chase this up with the general secretary”.

        “Commenting after the meeting, a Momentum spokesperson said: “We welcome Keir Starmer’s commitment to disciplinary action against people named in the report.”

      2. SteveH – If Starmer was that bothered he could refer the evidence of racist attacks against Dianne Abbot to the disciplinary body himself, and make it known that he had done so, as proof that he won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour. His silence is deafening. Labour’s leader is a self-serving hypocrite and clearly very happy for left wing members to be attacked and expelled.

      3. Dave – You don’t seem to have thought this through
        First of all how many left wing members were expelled and/or suspended whilst Corbyn and Formby were in office (Formby was showing off about her success at the beginning of this year)?

        If you think that the system is failing then you also need to acknowledge who put the current system in place.

        Reference you assertion that he should have made a complaint himself well it would be difficult to claim that he hasn’t drawn this to the attention of the NEC to take action as well as being instrumental in getting the NEC to set up an enquiry into the leaked report and its contents.
        As for his public silence about the progress – The leadership is excluded from being involved in members disciplinary procedures and as most of the accused are also NEC staff then this is further complicated by being an HR issue. HR issues are notoriously subject to legal challenge in the tribunals and courts so unless he wants to risk costing the party a shit load of money as well as subjecting the party to the risk of bad publicity from being dragged through the courts by an affiliated trade union I would say that he is very wise to keep out of this and let the accused’s employers (the NEC and/or their sponsoring union) deal with this matter. It is their responsibility, not his.

      4. Big difference SteveH, between a corrupt leadership with the support of the PLP and the party machine, and a small but honest leadership group attacked from all sides.
        A bit sly to avoid including that in comparing the worth of the two.

  10. What have the working class done to get a leader like ‘snake in the grass’ starmer ? his actions are ‘beyond belief’.The. Stasi police come to my mind.

    1. Norma – Bearing in mind that the leader of the party is excluded from having any involvement in members disciplinary cases could you detail which of Keir’s actions remind you of The Stasi. Were you perhaps just indulging in a bit of hyperbole.

      1. ” Bearing in mind that the leader of the party is excluded from having any involvement in members disciplinary cases … ”

        hmmm funny that SteveH. The object of your adoration SIR Keith Starmer, & Co eg Hodge & Streeting & Twatson & Arsetair Campbellend & WMD Bliar & Jack Stray … ALL of the usual grotesque degenerates lined with the MSM demanding Jeremy do EXACTLY what you say “the leader of the party is excluded from” doing, ie “having any involvement in members disciplinary cases”.

        As per your habit Mr SteveH, please provide evidence and links to prove that YOUR tool SIR Keith Starmer did not do as stated above ie be at one with the most despicable forces who only serve and defend the interest of the ONE PERCENT.

  11. There should be absolutely no shock, no surprise, no doubt as to why the MSMS, The State Broadcaster, The Security services, the establishment pulled out almost the stops, stopping short of a coup but only because JC was not elected in 2017, to thwart a democratic socialist Labour Party from forming a government. Complicit in this was the “ moderates, the centrists, the Blairites and the knight of the realm.

    He was selected to be a potential candidate for the leadership because he has a proven track record of being a satrap for the establishment, the vested interests plus of course the trillionaires who control the Trilaterals, which is affiliated to the Council on Foreign relations, the Bilderberg group and all the “ think” tanks plus “ foundations” which control every aspect of the US government.

    Therefore, it also controls de facto the U.K. since our foreign policy is almost directly aligned with the US. The purging of left wing socialists and members who are not ideological in lock step with the knight of the realms is a similar strategy to New Labours.

    The intent is to marginalise the left and ensure that the Labour Party becomes once again the other side of the party which rules both the US and the U.K. the business party.

    Naturally, as Chomsky said there will a rigorous debate about issues but only within very defined narrow margins. The purpose to give an illusion of democracy to pacify the people a modern equivalent of bread and the circuses from Ancient Rome.

  12. If Jeremy was still leader and all these suspensions for alleged A/S were happening, the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM et al would be condemning him for not doing enough to stamp it out and rid the party of anti-semites etc, etc, but when it happens under Starmer HE doesn’t have any responsibility for it happening of course! NEITHER did Jeremy (albeit the vast majority of the claims fake and contrived OR pure fiction) but, well, you know, they had an agenda!

    In other words, when it happened under Jeremy, then it was ALL his fault, but when it happens under Starmer there is no blame.

    1. I hope all these people are being reported to the police. No? I wonder why NOT!!

      1. Afterthought: One would have thought that all these thousands upon thousands of anti-semitic Jeremy Corbyn-supporters who joined the party either PRIOR to him becoming leader so they could vote for him OR afterwards because he was now leader OR so they could vote for him in the second LE, would have left the party once he said he was standing down, and certainly by the time Keir Starmer won the leadership election, so surely all these recent cases of alleged A/S are ENTIRELY down to Starmer, and he has failed to rid the party of the evil stain – the bowel cancer even – of anti-semitism, and he should do the decent thing and stand down as such. For the sake of the party!

        Anyway, given what I wrote above (albeit a parody), it occured to me to do a search to confirm what I believe IS the case – ie that apart from the zoom meeting episode with Diane Abbott and Bell Ribeiro-Addy, and then the episode with RLB, there’s been nothing in the MSM in relation to alleged ‘Labour anti-semitism’ since Starmer was elected leader as far as I can recall – and nothing in general terms came up re members still being suspended, which WE know they are. Anyhow, in the process I came across an article in the New Statesman by a Jewish guy who has decided to re-join the LP, having left the LP in 2018 because……. So I read it, and he came across as sincere about why he left AND that he genuinely believed there was a serious A/S problem in the LP. Until, that is, I got to THIS bit!. And here’s what he says (and the piece is entitled: ‘I left Labour over anti-Semitism. I’m rejoining, but with a heavy heart’):

        There is a long history of Jewish activists and thinkers on the left. That proud tradition will never be erased – not by Twitter conspiracy theorists, not by those who think all Jewish dissent is closet Toryism, and not by those who have spent years building a hostile environment for Jews in left-wing spaces where they should have felt at home.

        Yes, it was that last bit – ie ‘and not by those who have spent years building a hostile environment’ etc.

        Given that he was in the LP BEFORE, he doesn’t say anything about having personally experienced or witnessed A/S, which one would have thought he naturally WOULD have done if he HAD. But THAT got me to thinking how probably every single Jewish person in the country over the age of about twelve or thirteen would have watched the Panorama program, and they are generally well educated and far from stupid (certainly that’s my OWN experience, and I’ve had quite a few Jewish friends over the years, and come in to contact with a lot more though my work), and I just do not believe that the vast majority of the adults who watched it would have been taken in by it AND not seen that it was a blatant hatchet job, and ESPECIALLY in respect of the ten (supposed) ordinary Jewish Labour Party members AND the absurd claims that they made. And SURELY (like myself) they would have been wondering how on earth it could be that a legitimate investigative journalist didn’t interview the party chairs (or whoever) of the respective CLPs that the members belonged to and give them the opportunity to respond to the allegations made about them AND include them in the program.

        If there were two hundred thousand Jews that watched it over the age of eighteen, I’d be amazed if three-quarters of them didn’t have serious reservations about the program, and on top of the above, the way John Ware and Co did the shots of JC in a grainy image and then the camera shot jumping in closer, and then closer again, so as to make him appear sinister and menacing, and how it was finely choreographed from the very start to the finish, and how John Ware didn’t ask a single penetrating question of anyone AND completely avoided the possibility of doing so with the ten (supposed) ordinary Jewish Labour members, omitting in THEIR segments to give their names etc in a caption, as with all the other people who participated in the program.

        And we all now know WHY of course!

        PS My apologies for such a long post.

    2. Allan – ….and yet many on these pages rather perversely assert that these suspensions are somehow Keir’s responsibility.

      1. Says SteveH, pretending that he didn’t know what I was saying! You really don’t give a shit do you about innocent people – most of them life-long anti-racists who would be some of the first to defend Jews against REAL anti-semite fascists – being falsely accused of anti-semitism and condemned and vilified and smeared as such, do you!

        I mean you really REALLY don’t give a fuck do you!

      2. Remind us all who the party leader is, and where the buck stops?

      3. That’s for steve h… Who’ll try to bullshit his way out of answering the question, such is his wont

  13. No surprise. Keith Starmer should have been judged by his grotesque, sinister judicially abusive, repulsive and utterly repellent record. Note what he supported. Note what he prevented. Note what he frustrated. Note what he did, then what he is doing and worst to come should be no surprise.
    Keith Starmer should NEVER have been granted that which he OPENLY failed to give Jeremy and the party.
    Judge the foul tool of the same old same old, by his acts NOT by our hope. That was the sad misjudgement of the last four plus years. At least the horror of Starmer’s befouling the opportunity lead Labour, will cause little feeling of betrayal as far as some of us are concerned. We saw it coming. His Anti-Labour stench was there for all who cared to take note. Those who tried to block their noses to the sulphurous stink of Keith Starmer, must now feel the pain of the corrosive stench as it erodes what’s left of the heart of Labour R.I.P. as Cummings’ Johnson’s understudy establishment tool, Sir Keith Starmer, dismantles all that is worthwhile. Why??? To make room for the filth he has filched from the Blue Tories festering dump.

    ps Of course for some like Steve H, ie SH it is no pain, no stink, no stench. Starmer’s effluent is as perfume to SH. It’s his stench of choice. Economic Transformation R.I.P. Social Transformation with Fairness for the exploited workers R.I.P. End of Outsourcing R.I.P. Reversing the flogging off of state assets to besuited bandits R.I.P. End to corporate scroungers, tax exiles, and charlatans pretending to be entrepreneurs R.I.P. Happy now SH???

    1. After explaining what Keir has failed to give to the party and Jeremy and how you reached this conclusion could you detail which policy changes have led you to assert your rather theatrical ‘RIP’ list.

      It would perhaps be better to evidence each of your ‘RIP’ list in a separate comment then you can provide links to your evidence.

      1. SH it is as unsurprising as the doings of your dear master Sir Keith, that u r the first to request evidence for my factual R.I.P. list.

        Funny that. Persistence… hutzpah – 10! Shame – A BIG FAT ZERO! NOUGHT!
        But, such is life. When qualities were being distributed, methinks they method was most peculiar. Oh how i wish dear Jeremy had even a smidgen of your persistence, overt determination, … your recognition at least that silence, invisibility … Zen as absence, can be overrated … indeed, catastrophic as far as persuasion in politics. It is not only women who are fickle. All humans are. Not even spectacular miracle can guarantee devotion … ask Moses if you could. I wish Jeremy could have had a lesson from good old Moses.

        But SH it is clear that even if Moses were to present you with evidence in high definition, of your Sir Keith’s utter betrayal of the undeserved opportunities Jeremy gave him, you would reject it. The most authoritative obituaries of the R.I.P. s will be met with your persistent and shameless denial. Persistence, hutzpah and other gifts are wasted on you. That’s just how it is.

      2. SPNW – If your claims are supported by the facts then lets see them otherwise people may reach the conclusion that your diatribe above is just a cover for you talking out of your posterior.

      3. SH ” …otherwise people may reach the conclusion…” Which “people”? Give evidence of the “people” about whom you are concerned. Keith Starmer? Owen Smith? “Knife Jeremy in the front” Jess Phillips, Twatson? Hodge? Campbellend? which “people”? Do tell. This should be fun. Will read it tomorrow as SH it is way past my bedtime 🌹🌹🌹

      4. Just because Starmer hasn’t the bottle or the honesty to declare his ambition to turn Labour back into Blair’s pale imitation of the Tories doesn’t mean we don’t see him for what he is.
        Or that we don’t see you for the Mavis you are, SteveH.

      5. David – I do find it amusing that in response to an apparent absence of evidence to support their assertions the self appointed guardians of ‘the left’ have such a propensity for presuming to know what those they disagree with are ‘really’ thinking and presenting this as if it was some sort of substitute for actual evidence.

      6. Yep, signpost is back again playing the same old record, trashing ‘dear’ Jeremy whilst pretending (to readers of skwawkbox) that he has a big soft spot for him in his heart, the very heart that Jeremy broke when he gave Keir Starmer a position in his shadow cabinet! I’ve had an interest in propaganda for many years – and spent about eight years (more-or-less full time) in combat with the fascist anti-camera black propagandists at ‘Safespeed’, so-called, and the important-sounding Association of British Drivers et al, exposing their lies and falsehoods – and I totally despise propagandists and have nothing but the utmost contempt for them, but I must admit I would like to have been a fly on the wall when they came up with the ‘signpost’ persona AND the unique way for him to ‘deliver’ their demolishment of Jeremy.

        Anyway, needless to say, he’ll just go on and on and on trashing Jeremy, just as he has in dozens and dozens of gynormous long posts, in which he repeats things over and over again, since shortly after he started posting on here about eleven months ago. And Please ‘note’ and be aware how he uses repetition, as he does in his post above, like a hypnotist putting someone under by swinging an object on a chain whilst telling them they are feeling sleepy etc, AND that just about ‘EVERY’ single thing ‘signpost’ says is directed at the emotional body/sphere, and very, very rarely at the Intellect and Reason. So please be alert to what he is doing to you – ie be alert to the fact that he is very subtley poisoning your mind via your emotions so ‘undo’ your respect and admiration for Jeremy, by confecting faults in him that don’t exist.

        Signpost is like Grima in Lord of the Rings, worming his way in to your mind! And my advice is don’t EVER read his posts, and scroll straight past them.

      7. Allan – If you are not taking the piss your lack of self awareness is staggering.

  14. The numbers game seems to be getting even more bizarre. There are now reports that the Labour Party is contacting random people – mostly non-members, reminding them that their membership contributions are now due! To the best of my knowledge, this has only occurred in the last four months. The numbers, when they are published, are going to be so fanciful that they belong to Alice in Wonderland territory, and will include people who have NEVER been members of the Labour Party!

    If they are being untruthful about this (which at the end of the day is only to have bragging rights over other political parties) what more important things is Starmers New Labour Party being untruthful about?

  15. It’s as if Starmer and the centrists represent an aristocracy of labour, a political elite that co-opts working class institutions and the Labour Party to serve their own class interests.

  16. I am a little annoyed with myself because I left the Labour Party a month or so ago. The spark @ that time was the ‘pay off’ to John Ware & chums from Sir Keir Starmer. I am a little annoyed (not because David McNiven left too) but because I too wanted to be suspended; investigated & expelled from the Party like some of my mates. What’s wrong with me? (answers please on a postcard to………..)

    1. Not sure why you feel the need to dissociate your leaving from mine but I quit long before this email:

      Tue, 17 Mar 2020

      I cancelled my standing order and let my membership lapse because of the disgraceful behaviour of the PLP in constantly undermining Jeremy Corbyn and deliberately throwing two elections.
      X may not have openly acted against Jeremy but good men doing nothing are not blameless.
      Without Corbyn Labour will revert to the pale imitation of the Tories it was BC.
      Jeremy was the reason I and many thousands of others joined.
      Blair’s complete lack of principle was demonstrated early on. Those three stooges preening themselves in the belief that Murdochian praise of their “highly effective spin” was a compliment worth celebrating – shamed every socialist who ever lived.
      [I meant 2017 obviously] disproved the big lie that only the so-called “centre” could win elections – without half the PLP kicking the wrong way Jeremy’s Labour would have walked it.
      Blair’s praises were never sung by tens, much less tens of thousands – does jealousy of Jeremy’s popularity drive him? A millionaire’s natural fear of genuine socialism? A war criminal’s natural fear of an implacable peace activist?
      Brown too could have easily hung 2007 on Thatcher where it belonged in 2010 had he not ridden her deregulation wave all the way to the rocks – and had he not so wildly, so publicly, so deludedly and so embarrassingly exaggerated his own influence on events – right up until the crash.
      If anyone at [redacted] knows of even one ‘centrist’ policy with the slightest theoretical chance of reversing or even slowing the burgeoning wealth gap – I’d gladly rejoin the Party, backdate and triple my contributions and crawl on all fours to [redacted] just to hear that policy explained

    1. Steve Richards, ask SteveH for Sir Keith’s “major donors.” He may have a detailed list of the minor donors too.

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