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York Labour sees eight executive resignations – and set for membership fall

CLP loses 8 elected officers at once

‘City of York’ constituency Labour party (CLP) – which still meets as one, despite the constituency’s division into two seats in 2010 – has seen eight of its elected executive officials resign since Keir Starmer became the party’s leader – including its BAME (black, Asian and ethnic minority), disability and LGBT officers.

The agenda circulated for the CLP’s next executive committee meeting confirmed the losses:

No reasons were given for the resignations, but Starmer has been widely criticised for his response to the Black Lives Matter movement and his weak stance on Tory decisions that have further blighted the lives of vulnerable people.

The CLP is also heading toward a significant net membership loss, with resignations, lapsed members and members about to lapse heavily outnumbering new joiners.

Is City of York typical? Analysis of membership numbers at CLPs around the country suggest the membership loss is widespread, but is your CLP also losing officers?

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  1. Oh Danger . On the face of it this will leave a clear invitation for a right-wing takeover . Labour firsts wet dream

  2. Some members of my CLP intended to step down at our AGM, which was postponed for some time due to lockdown. Eg our Chair had increasing work commitments and a new partner. We were eventually able to hold an AGM on Zoom and now have a few new interim officers. This seemed pretty normal to me. People had worked hard, especially during the election campaign, so needed a rest.
    I’ve been told that we have twice the number of new joiners as those who have left, but assume they’ve not yet counted members who have just stopped their DDs.

    1. Which CLP is that Wanda, just out of interest? And do you know the numbers involved re those who have left and new joiners?

  3. “…which still meets as one, despite the constituency’s division into two seats in 2010” – seems anomalous.
    Couldn’t be that this ‘joint CLP’ is after 10 years finally being normalised into two CLP’s could it?
    Names redacted and no reasons given for their resignations seems strange – if I was resigning because of Starmer I’d be very vocal about it.

    1. Just looked at the map of constituencies – York Outer looks like a lonely place for Labour members – I guess that’s why they still meet as one CLP?

  4. Sir Stormer will be pleased, along with his toadies. If cmds want to fight for an ideology, a principle, than we have to be in there. Until we build something better that is..The establishment would like a dead, lame LP and that’s why they prefer a leadership that is intent on destroying democracy. He’s ‘their man’, and history tells us that the same establishment would prefer fascists to democrats to look after their interests.

  5. A rquest. Would it be possible for Skwarkbox to run a survey of members regarding their happiness/unhappiness with the leadership, akin to the one run by “Labour List” recently? Labour List tends to attract more centrists (and yet still found 34% of members unhappy with Starmer). As Skwarkbox attracts mostly left wing members, I thought that a survey on here might produce a different percentage. It may then give, after averaging, a clearer picture.

  6. I resigned as Vice chair of Macclesfield west branch, CLP general committee delegate and have also cancelled my DD and left the party. Soon after The RLB sacking.

  7. “Analysis of membership numbers at CLPs around the country suggest the membership loss is widespread”. What analysis ? Where ? By whom ? and where is it published ? If you don’t know, best to use the word “assertion” instead – far more accurate.

  8. A lot of posters are showing a deep irrationaI denial of reality on the posts here ! I myself, (Vice Chair and CLP Delegate and LCG Delegate) and the Branch Treasurer and most of the other activist Left Wing Members resigned en bloc from my Branch/CLP as soon as Jeremy ceased to be Leader – and the Trilateral Commission’s (and UK Deep State’s) man, Starmer, was elected as new Leader. It takes a while for all this to filter through to the membership stats – partly because many members paid up for a year, not by monthly standing order – and so, like myself, my paid membership only runs out months later – in September for me,.

    The ‘whistling in the dark’ fantasy expressed on here that new recruits will substitute for the lost Left Wingers is a joke. No matter that quite a few rabid Blairites did undoubtedly rejoin to vote for Starmer – they simply aren’t numerous enough to compensate for Lefties (or more accurately in most cases ‘Left Liberals’ ) leaving – and the Party has quickly settled down to its old opportunist status-quo-supporting Blairite Tory-lite politics – which have nothing to offer to anyone other than a few ex Lib Dems. The now restored Tory-Lite neo-Blairite Labour Party will quickly follow all the other old European social democratic parties into electoral oblivion now – and all gullible middle class Left Liberals – and the odd socialist amongst em, are doing by staying is wasting their valuable time and in the main campaigning for careerist, corrupt, neoliberal Labour MPs . What the fuck is the point of that ? Anyone who seriously thinks, after the craven, shambolic, disaster of ‘Corbynism’ that the Labour ‘Left’ can simply ‘regroup and try again next time’, is beyond rational argument.

    1. Would you agree then that the best/only chance of improving the lot of the many is a new socialist party?
      For myself I’d choose Corbyn to lead – other suggestions?

      1. New party with Chris Williamson as leader & Jeremy, as its idealogue.

        Labour MPs will never shortlist a socialist leader again. Not sure how many times this has ever happened in the LP.

      2. Yes, I’m sure the MSM would give it lots of positive coverage.

    2. Oh right, and supposedly if Jeremy had ‘fought back’ and refuted the falsehoods and smears, everything would have been just dandy, would it? Oh, and if he HAD, then the saboteurs would have retreated, and THAT would have been the end of it, yeh?

      So just WHEN did you arrive at the conclusion that it was ‘shambolic’ and a ‘disaster’? Was that BEFORE the 2017 GE, or AFTER?

    3. Well said. Many members who are left moderates and who backed JC but voted for KS are not close enough to the action or read online left media to know the extent of the cynical establishments take back of the party. Eventually some of them will see the reality but some will naively believe that significant change will come with any old Labour gov. My guess is membership will end up 35% down although will continue to dribble down more for years to come.

  9. Please don’t leave politics though as there are many worthy causes to support.

  10. What’s in a name? Black Lives Matter; Minister for Women (& Equality); Equality & Human Rights Commission……..what’s the problem? I realise that Tony Blair was responsible for the establishment of two of them, so what’s not to like. I trust that we can agree that ‘Equality’ is good & that Black LIves do Matter, so any criticism must be suspect & the perpetrator either a racist; a misogynist or a fascist, right? How can anyone not agree with those guardians & protectors of our liberty; our freedom of speech & set our moral compass.Every MSM organisation; every educational establishment; each & every major institution accepts these three as self evidently working towards making a better society. How could anyone dare question?

    My son is black; I have a black sister & my father’s family were gypsy. During the 1960s I was in my teens ; my mentors were Bob Dylan & Martin Luther King. I was expelled from school for continually criticising ‘Christian Brothers’ for ignoring the ‘Civil Rights Movement’ in America. “That is not our problem”. There was little or no support from the establishment for Civil Rights, including universities & MSM. Now that has completely changed; the establishment has now adopted BLM as an acceptable mainstream ideology. Idris Elba will get more starring roles; Raheem Stirling will make more money from property development & clones of Trevor Phillips will front more quangos. Statues of slavers will be removed, stored in museums & forgotten about. Place names may be changed, but not Penny Lane. If you dare suggest that BLM is divisive & it is not just Black Lives that Matter, you will face the wrath of the liberal elites, most of whom work in the universities set up by the slavers to educate the ruling class,,,,,,,,,,nothing changes.

    Harriot Harman was Blair’s appointment as the first minister for Equality (& Women). Related to a Liberal Prime Minister, Harriot followed in the footsteps of her mentor, Emmeline Pankhurst (PPC Tory Party), in promoting wider career opportunities for women of her own class. Top jobs for Top Women to break the glass ceiling. The only Pankhurst worth a balloon was Keir’s mate Sylvia. Will someone ask the BBC why Sylvia disliked her mother & elder sister so much & refused to talk to them……..clue, being a Socialist.

    The Equality & Human Rights Commission is simply a Tory attack dog, ’nuff said. It is not just Race or Gender issues that must be addressed individually as together it is the ‘Class Struggle that will unite us all. Now that I have committed sacrilege & dared question the holy cows, I await the storm that I know will come….oh dear! Dare I say it?

    1. When the BLM movement took off after George Floyd’s murder and statues started coming down, whilst I expressed regret at the denuding of our cities I recognised the need and welcomed the opportunity for new civic art to replace them.
      Destroying the statues might be tempting but possibly a mistake – if a “National Museum of Slavery and Racism” were built, as it should be, I think they’d serve better as part of the re-education programme we need – instead of a celebration of the fake history of British imperialism they’ve always been.
      The shame and the cost is for the wealthy to bear – our poor white ancestors were also victims of the tyranny of the rich – a permanent shift away from rule by the most wealthy is the best legacy we can leave I think.

      1. I think there is a Slavery Museum already in Liverpool David … mind you whether it’s a National one ir not I don’t know

      2. What is wrong with me, I agree with almost everything David McNiven just said. …………I’m going back to bed.

  11. If you are tempted to trust any established institution, just remember what the system is doing to Julian Assange & know that Freedom of Speech & Social Justice is just another myth; an illusion constructed by the establishment & their acolytes,in the ‘Perception Industry’.

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