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‘Pretty conclusive’ link between ‘COVID toe’ and virus indicates infection far more widespread in children as Tories plough on with return to school

Epidemiologist’s thread explains symptom and significance

A sign of infection in otherwise asymptomatic or low-symptom coronavirus sufferers has been confirmed by testing – and indicates that infections among children are far more widespread than governments have assumed until now.

‘COVID toe’ is the catch-all for lesions of the extremities that scientists have begun to link to coronavirus infection – and this has now become ‘pretty conclusive’, according to an expert epidemiologist.

Dr Zoë Hyde of the Faculty of Health and Medical Services at the University of Western Australia, who last week called for schools to close in any areas where the virus is spreading by community transmission, has laid out the discovery and its significance in a Twitter thread:

Otherwise asymptomatic or only mildy symptomatic infections in children are being missed because the usual testing method is failing to identify the presence of the virus – but alternative methods reveal its presence. And as Dr Hyde makes clear, the same symptoms and difficulty in identification can also be seen in adults.

Meanwhile, the UK government continues to press ahead – egged on and enabled by Labour’s current leadership – with plans to send children back to school, in spite of confirmed increases in infection rates and community transmission.

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  1. This is just more scaremongering. Unless the death rates start to rise again there is no reason to keep children away from schools. All this story confirms is the tests don’t work. Tests used in this country present false positives and also show the common cold as Coronavirus. Logic tells me that when the autumn arrives the infection rates will be seen to rise as many people will have a cold.
    Reading the tweets, it sounds to me like a lot of guesswork. She talks about the ,wrong tests’ but doesn’t say what the right tests are and who can say the biopsies didn’t produce false positives. Too many people making claims based on nothing more than “virus like particles”.

    1. Why do virus deniers only mention false positives when there are known to be false negatives too?
      Nothing says ‘hidden agenda’ like selectively quoted evidence. This appears to be original and the doctor’s tweets contain some of the same phraseology.

      I have no children, no agenda and no fear whatsoever of this virus – at 70 I’m bored, decades older than my expectation and could die tomorrow with complete equanimity
      I had some few symptoms months ago that may or may not have been related but I take every precaution as if I were a carrier – though I strongly doubt that I am.
      It’s not virtue signalling, it’s just showing the respect for other peoples’ health that ought to be expected of any socialist.
      That includes not spreading viruses or ‘fake news’.

      1. Firstly, I’m not a . virus denier. Secondly, false positives are a fact that the government with its “we follow expert advice” narrative ignores. Therefore, along with dodgy death rates, it means the data is obviously false. Why would a government keep using false data?

      2. And still you ignore the false negatives.
        Ask yourself which are more dangerous – false positives or false negatives.

      3. Another question that ought to be asked is why chilblains haven’t been reported in hospitalised CV patients where the symptom would be easily seen and recorded?
        Or have they?
        I’m assuming that if it had been frequently seen the association would be common knowledge by now.
        Is it possible that a mild CV infection would show such a specific symptom which would be completely absent in more serious cases of the same virus?
        It seems doubtful to me but then I’m a medical ignoramus.

    2. Case numbers are rising again, it’s inevitable that death rates will reflect that with a little lag – as long as they’re honestly reported

  2. Skwawky
    For the love of god, how low can you go with your fixation
    I’ve got a new condition for snowflakes its
    Soft in the Head syndrome

    1. It looks like an April Fool doesn’t it? Covid Toe, indeed! At least come up with a less ridiculous moniker, whoever coined it…

    2. Well said, Doug. SB seems to be a repository for all the fear-mongering crap that flies in the face of actual science and data.

      This is a generally mild virus that is now well below any epidemic levels, and has been for some time, with ICU occupancy and deaths at insignificant levels. These are the facts,

      Another fact is that the ‘cases’ used to keep the Scary Fairy flying on tattered wings are outputs from a test that has only a passing acquaintance with the diagnosis of actual illness.

      The whole fucking narrative is a Tory control hoax, where political actions have now caused more deaths than any virus, and where seasonal ‘flu is more of a threat. Even at it’s height in April, it didn’t produce exceptionally high mortality, even allowing for a larger than usual vulnerable population.

      I would have thought that this site might have grasped that echoing Johnson & Co., plus Blair, Starmer, and a constellation of other political creeps, in a frantic backing of a police state might lead to some self-examination.


    1. The Toffee
      All roads lead to the Labour manifesto
      Whatever the question the answer is public services and a free health service
      Covid19 is a result of capatalism, biggest winners will be green party and extinction rebellion, globalism will be replaced by localism
      Sooner we invite them into the Labour tent the better
      Knowledge is power, the younguns will want to know the provenance of everything,
      Brexit and Covid19 are events, they will pass when folk wake up and smell the coffee,
      Financial pandemic and No Deal should finish the job, then folk will look to Labour to save their sorry souls

    1. It doesn’t come to a conclusion, it simply offers a possible alternative explanation.
      Even to make an assumption about lockdown indolence being the cause one would need to examine the preponderance of reported chilblains in other healthcare institutions worldwide.
      To confirm an association with CV one would also need far more evidence – whatever the cause, chilblains ought to be being reported everywhere and I haven’t seen that.
      Never in my life having had chilblains I have no idea how common or rare they are.

    2. It’s wonderful that while determining the evolution of this viral disease, health-care providers are sharing their observations in peer-reviewed journals and on social media in order to diagnose COVID-19 faster, but yes, lundiel, I think you are right to keep an open mind. The instance developed by SB in the article is certainly veering on anti-scientific catastrophising. The Dr makes way too many assumptions and reaches conclusions that none of the evidence she cites supports. SW should be careful or he will become indistinguishable from a Guardian journalist.

    3. They’re not chilblains in them photos. I know. I used to suffer terribly from them as a child each winter.

      1. Having looked again (I’ve just woke up) they do resemble chilblains. The photo of the heel threw me and my ‘blains’ were always vivid red rather than purple with my toes completely swollen.

        I’m just grateful I dont get them anymore. I couldn’t leave the house when it was snowing because of it.

      2. Chilblains are an unhappy memory from my childhood too. I have since discovered they were likely caused by putting my cold, wet feet too close to the fire.

  3. Meanwhile…

    Coronavirus: MPs warn of ‘wave of homelessness’ when eviction ban ends

    England could see “a new wave of homelessness” when a ban on evictions ends later this month, MPs have warned.

    The ban was introduced in March as part of emergency legislation to protect those hit financially by the pandemic.

    Amid fears that evictions may lead to more homeless, 21 MPs have urged the government to guarantee council funds to house rough sleepers for a year.

    In a letter to rough sleeping minister Luke Hall, the MPs called on him to guarantee all local authorities in England can fund accommodation for the homeless “for at least a year” .

    It was signed by nine Labour MPs, one DUP MP and 10 Lib Dem MPs, including the two party leadership candidates Sir Ed Davey and Layla Moran..

    NINE ‘labour’ MPs.

    Nine. More lib dims signed it ffs. It’s as plain as day what that party has become.

    1. The Toffee
      Why are you comparing PLP with members and supporters
      Internal report tells us all we need to know about Quislings and Bad Actors in the party
      Stick with class action against party, how do you imagine that is going to be settled

  4. “Amid fears that evictions may lead to more homeless, 21 MPs have urged the government to guarantee council funds to house rough sleepers for a year.”
    If the SCG isn’t unanimous in supporting it could there be a valid reason? Has Corbyn spoken on this?
    Could the reason for the lack of support be that John McDonnell has a better plan and that having two proposals on the table lets the Tories choose the ‘lesser evil’ and get away with it?

    Further down the BBC piece: “Former shadow chancellor John McDonnell has gone further, and called for the evictions ban in England and Wales to be extended for at least another year.
    He told the Mirror it would be “premature” to end the ban this month “with so many jobs being lost and incomes drying up”.
    “The ban on evictions must be extended for as long as the risk of Covid persists,” he added.”

    “The National Residential Landlords Association has, however, called on ministers to resist calls for another extension of the evictions ban in England and Wales.
    The UK-wide body says its research indicates the vast majority of tenants are either paying rent or have made an arrangements with their landlord to avoid arrears.”
    Well it would say that, wouldn’t it…

    1. How does “an arrangement with their landlord to avoid arrears” work anyway?
      Is the scumsucking exploiter talking about sex for rent? Selling their kids into slavery?

      1. Tenant can agree direct payments from benefits, they can agree higher payments to clear arrears over a ‘reasonable time’ these are all measures that a District Judge would look at
        What has changed is the guaranteed right to possession, where there are no defences or arrangements allowed, the landlord simply makes the application and eviction is automatic

  5. Why are you comparing PLP with members and supporters

    That’s what the 60% or so voted for as someone continuall reminds us; that’s what the nation has to endure.

    Not one of that 60% can claim to have socialist values. The parasitic right are so entrenched in that party that surgical removal of them will only kill the patient.

    Far better they’re starved out of existence imo.

    1. Meanwhile back at the ‘Class Action’ win that first
      Agree on one thing, JC was a spiritual leader and not a hatchet man, John McDonnell and Lansman called Brexit and AS Scam wrong and that was fatal
      No use throwing baby out with bath water, we have numbers and demographics
      Financial pandemic and No Deal should finish the job

  6. Belarus
    Putin can be the hero, build a bridge with EU, is the best outcome
    Unfortunately the neo cons will simply stir the pot and cause a lot of bloodshed
    EU can stand up to US far right wing nuts and reap the rewards
    So bloodshed it is then

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