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Milan University study of viral strains finds Italy’s first coronavirus cases did not arrive from China

Central Europe one possible source, but Italians believe ‘patient X’ arrived from Netherlands

A study of coronavirus DNA by Milan University has found that the strain of the virus that devastated Italy did not arrive from China.

In news that has been unsurprisingly little reported in the UK but was picked up by Reuters, the study – led by Professor Carlo Federico Perno – identified several strains in different areas of Italy, with some similar to strains found in Central Europe – but distinct from the forms isolated in China at the beginning of its outbreak:

Last month, researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York said genetic analysis of samples taken from Covid-19 patients in New York City suggested that the source of most of the infections was “untracked transmission between the US and Europe”, according to Science magazine.

An earlier study in the city, by NYU Langone Health in April and reported by Bloomberg, also traced the origin of the cases it studied back to Europe.

Many Italians have long believed that the virus arrived in Italy too early for it to have come from China, with many believing that ‘paziente X’ came to their country from the Netherlands, leading to a rush of cases of ‘atypical pneumonia’. Analysis of German cases also shows a hotspot in a rural area on the Netherlands border, while a Spanish water sample taken in March last year has been found to contain the virus.

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  1. In other words, it’s been around for ages in various forms in different parts of the world with the attendant death-toll without us ever having held a knife to our own throats like we have the last 4 months. The only reason this time was different was ENTIRELY down to a ruthless, co-ordinated & laser-focussed media campaign on behalf of the ruling class shining a big fuck-off spotlight on it and scaring everyone literally witless.

    But will anyone be reading this report?

    1. What did the ruling class expect to gain from plunging the world’s economies into recession?

      1. Wiping out small businesses, mainly, giving the corporates free rein.

    2. Utter nonsense – try telling the meidcal staff who have wtinessed massed deaths your ludicrous idea. Yo
      u sound like Trump with fewer brain cells

      1. Then perhaps you could clear something up for me. Have NHS staff, or have they not, been barred from talking to the media, on pain of dismissal?

      2. I haven’t seen the evidence of NHS staff being barred from talking to the media but even if we provisionally take your word for that, the number of possible explanations are manifold.
        Concealing evidence of mishandling by the established order is the obvious explanation, for which there IS evidence, and lots of it.
        “Wiping out small businesses” – FFS – are the corporates going to employ all the people who no longer have jobs in those small businesses or are they just going to absorb the businesses into their corporations? Or do you imagine they’ll bulldoze them, and if so, where will their customers come from, and why would they risk the inevitable extra taxes to pay the tripled social security bill?
        Most purchases of companies, even at Fire Sale prices, will be ‘rationalised’ as always in takeovers, right? Vast numbers of unemployed are already expected to be created by AI/robotics and they still don’t have a sniff of a plan to deal with that – it’s utterly delusional to think the corporates have colluded to create, spread or so mishandle the response to a virus – in the hope of making themselves richer – that they risk their own and their families’ lives.
        Is your next nonsensical argument going to be that there’s already a secret vaccine that only corporate bigwigs have access to?
        Seriously – there’s enough disinformation from the Tory plonkers without people spreading campfire scare stories here.

      3. If the employees of liquidated business do manage to keep their jobs with the new owners, you can bet it’ll come with reduced terms & conditions. Pay, too, if they can swing it. It’s what they do and what their shareholders expect. And the bigwigs know there’s no significant risk to themselves and their families, so have no need of a vaccine, secret or otherwise, for an illness that threatens so few of the population.

      4. timfrom, just noticed your link and had a quick skip through her vid.
        Claiming the possibility of dire consequences from vaccinations, mentioning Gates as if that was proof of evil, trying to make the argument that cancer cells or other ‘vile things’ are being used as medicine to try to scare people is total nonsense and ought to be criminal.
        Since the first smallpox vaccinations vaccines have entailed giving a mild case to build antibodies and prevent serious illness – it’s axiomatic – and many, many medicines are also poisons in the wrong hands or the wrong quantities.
        Alcohol is a poison ffs.
        I didn’t watch the whole thing – life’s too short and too much fun to waste it on fear-mongering conspiracy theorists.

      5. You didn’t watch the whole thing. Says it all. This was the point of view of someone who’s career experience has given her expertise. She knows whereof she speaks. But hey, you can lead a horse to water, etc.

        We agree about the imperative of getting the A/S scam exposed in the courts to vindicate Corbyn. Let’s just agree to disagree on Covid-19! Regards.

  2. It’s the Kung Flu. Trump says so. Therefore it’s from China. I mean the Donald wouldn’t lie. Would he?

  3. So Covid 19 virus originated in Holland B4 travelling to Italy & USA on its world tour?

  4. FFS – knowing where the virus originated is of genuine usefulness at this time only if it helps understand the pathways of its historical spread and provide insight into the best use of resources in the future.
    Unfortunately (and criminally) people like Trunt and Johnson care only about snatching at such straws to divert our attention from their incompetence.
    Stop helping them cover their tracks by jumping to conclusions based on unsubstantiated snippets of what might be apropos of fuck all.

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