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Confirmed: C19 was in Europe by latest mid-Dec

News of positive test on patient hospitalised in France in mid-Dec confirms what many have contended and Italians firmly believe

A French patient who had not recently travelled has been confirmed as hospitalised in December by the coronavirus, after a positive test result. Ammirouche Hammar, from Bobigny just outside Paris, was infected at the latest 22 December last year and had not left France, so must have been infected locally. The virus was first formally recognised in Wuhan in December.

In what the broadcaster described as a ‘bombshell’, Mr Hammar told French TV station BMTV about his ordeal:

23 others tested in December were also shown to be infected.

The news confirms what many have suspected and even contended – that the virus was in Europe as far back as early winter and perhaps earlier. Many Italians believe that ‘paziente X’, the first person to bring the virus to Italy, arrived from the Netherlands rather than from China or elsewhere in Asia. Italians also contend that a rash of cases of strange ‘atypical’ pneumonia in their country as far back as November were caused by the virus, although at that stage of course nobody was testing for it.

In an interesting coincidence, on a German map of coronavirus cases in March, only one area – a rural area on the border with the Netherlands – showed a high (for Germany) incidence of cases in all age groups, while the western half of the country had the most cases:

The BBC has also covered the significance of Mr Hammar’s case.

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    1. Not surprised by the French observation. Would not be surprised either that Covid-19 was already infecting and killing people in the Tory “governed” UK in early December.

      No one should be surprised by the ever EXCELLENT reporting on Foresight, rigorous investigation, courageous reporting of what matters, AHEAD of the curve.
      With the tiniest fraction of a fraction of MSM huge budgets, Skwawkbox delivers the info every thoughtful individual needs. 🌹🌹🌹

      1. will help thoughtful POSITIVE individuals work COLLECTIVELY and reveal the wonderfulness of the world. Wonderful uplifting DYNAMISM to transform the negative myths too many have bought re what WE can achieve. What IS possible.🌹🌹🌹

      2. Tory scientific advisor to resign after flouting lockdown to visit his lover. At least one of the two were married, as per john major & currie’s “back to victorian values” … “back to” Tory ” basics” and all that. Ferguson was meant to be observing his own two week “self isolation”. That is the Tory story endorsed and supported by Kier Starmer, jonnie Ashworthless and other tools of WMD Tony Bliar.

  1. I’m pretty sure I had it in mid January. I had all the symptoms especially a frightening difficulty in getting breath but I didn’t have a fever just a slightly raised temperature so at that time it was thought it couldn’t be what was then just a virus from Chins. My very healthy sister in law had a terrible flu like illness in early January after returning from visiting people in Turin, N Italy.

    1. Yes Paul. Chest pain, short of breath, great exhaustion, red eyes… these symptoms were about, I suspect since October. More in November and the start of EXCESS UNTESTED deaths from people with no underlying conditions.

      By the end of December a responsible govt would have had access to a UK wide picture of trends. A competent government would have had competent epidemiologist to alert them to something unusual here IN THE LIGHT of observations in Northern Italy, France and Asia. To have had the benefit of seeing advancing clouds, yet ignore them and suffer greater deaths than other countries, is negligent, callous, and criminal. No ifs. No buts. CRIMINAL.

      To endure “Opposition Leader” Kier Starmer not just failing to hold criminal negligence up to scrutiny but instead CHEERING like a DULL demented pompom fanatic, a reckless heartless government, when he must know that UK EXCESS AVOIDABLE DEATHS is on track to pass 50,000, to endure that, should make ALL who want change to use their energy and every minute, to expose the spineless gutted rotten sabotaging Starmer trout. We MUST do it. THAT is our duty.🌹🌹🌹

  2. From WHO Timeline:
    “31 Dec 2019 – Wuhan Municipal Health Commission, China, reported a cluster of cases of pneumonia in Wuhan, Hubei Province. A novel coronavirus was eventually identified.”

    I’d previously read that China only delayed 6 days before reporting. This seems to imply that the Chinese local or national government was negligent in not declaring an emergency weeks earlier.
    Given the world’s slow response after China’s first report though, I still don’t believe one can reasonably claim that China should pay reparations to the US – and presumably every other nation – as Trunt is claiming.
    Seriously stupid on his part, given that nobody knows where the next pandemic might begin.

  3. David Cameron wants revenge upon China for his days as Prime Minister so he gets together with Breakwell of Bath University and Stellenbosch home of Wouter Basson (Dr Death) of the biological weapons fame and they put together a plan, a conspiracy, where they plot to release it in China and bring the world to a stand still in preparation for the Second Coming. Boris Johnson’s son. Hoo-raw!

  4. IF it’s true -There’s always the possibility the swab could be someone else’s – Dayglo Donald’s gonna have to find something else to pin on the Chinese.

    …AND he’ll have to make it stick, too. It’s obvious what his game is. The arse has fell out of the petroleum $. Economies worldwide are taking a hit beyond anything anyone’s experienced. The US is in hock to the Chinese to the tune of billions – if not trillions; and when the Chinese come knocking to collect, the yanks are royally screwed – so the Chinese will want US gold and a return to the gold standard. (Hence them and the Russians hoarding gold reserves galore, while Russia refused to cease/ease up on oil production)

    And the yanks aren’t gonna have any of that. All empires come to an end. Usually as a result of internal strife, but not this time. I strongly suspect the yanks will have no qualms about taking everyone else down with them when their empire crumbles, such is their juvenile outlook and crassly irresponsible, self-centred culture – Epitomised by the gawp they have running their show now.

  5. As posted here over a month ago on EXCESS death is a reliable guide re Covud-19 deaths. Test test test Trace Isolate Test test test and of course the obvious, except to the lady “scientist” in here earliest press briefings, it was OBVIOUS that a responsible government would SCREEN rigorously and QUARANTINE at air and sea ports. In particular, cruise port Southampton Docks, EVERY SINGLE CRUISE SHIP PASSENGER including those leaving ships abroad to arrive in the UK by other modes should have been screened, traced and quarantined.

    In particular also, EVERY SINGLE passenger at LHR and those via DXB, the busiest air transport hubs in the world with the most diverse connections, should have been screened and traced. Screening before boarding flights to the UK is basic public health commonsense. Other pre screening is already done based on concerns which cause far fewer deaths. Why then not screen to save thousands of lives lost due to a PREDICTED OVERDUE PANDEMIC⁉️⁉️⁉️ Why fail to do any of the above, ➕ FAIL to PROTECT and TEST healthcare staff an KEY WORKERS M O N T H S ago, yet spend MORE months and VAST MILLIONS given to PRIVATE companies to develop a PRIVACY BUSTING APP⁉️⁉️⁉️ A WORTHLESS APP‼️‼️‼️ Exactly as this pandemic was predictable and predicted, it can be predicted now, that the taxpayer funded App will not save a SINGLE LIFE without all the measures presented on over a month and a half ago. Were it their intention to save lives, then measures presented for free on skwawkbox would have already been implemented.

    Consider this, then I will enjoy this magnificent blue sky. Think… even a nation FULL of compliant citizens and under an extremely controlling government with enviable technological and IT successes which no Tory government has achieved, only 20% of obedient citizens downloaded their App.

    Brilliant Singaporeans, competent IT Singaporeans, ALERT, cautious and awake Singaporeans 80%, have SHUNNED a tracking App. I too will shun the lousy dodgy cash-cow and data-cow Cummings cum johnson starmer app. To save lives, test, protect staff and key workers, and care home residents in particular. Screen at ports, quarantine and ACT URGENTLY to save lives in the Midlands and North of our country🌹🌹🌹

      1. Do you know if any of the technology involved in the app the government is introducing was made or developed in China? Afraid I am technologically illiterate so don’t know what’s needed for these things but it would be ironic if Huawei were somehow involved.

      2. Jim – A very high prportion of al mobile phones and their components are manufactured in China. The operating system software is created by either Apple or Google who are obviously US corporations.

        Personally I think that Trump’s ‘paranoia’ over Huawei has more to do with the Huawei kit in this sector being more advanced than anything else on the market and him wanting the the NSA to have their very own backdoor into the networks. I worked in IT long enough to remember when all US kit used to be supplied as standard with a NSA backdoor.
        Considering the amount of scrutiny that Huawei is under from GCHQ and private sector professionals I think the chances of Huawei being able to sneak anything through are almost non existent. Ironically because of the extreme level of international scrutiny Huawei kit is probably most secure in the world from state interference.

      3. johnson’s family have EXTREMELY CLOSE connection with Chinese business men. ⚠️⚠️⚠️

      4. 🤷‍♂️ As do many others who are involved in international finance and trading. Without further evidence that means very, very little nowadays.

      5. Thanks Steve. I was hoping we might have another stick to beat them with. Guess we have plenty already.

      6. Open any iPhone or iPad and you’ll see lots of Foxconn devices.
        Although based in Taiwan much of their manufacturing is in China and Vietnam.
        Foxconn’s Chinese factories reported production “back to normal levels” by 12 Mar 2020.
        IC production is far from labour-intensive, but it was still quite an achievement.

        I tend to have battery killing GPS, WiFi, BT and NFC turned off when I’m out but I suppose for a half-hour trip 200 yards to the supermarket once or twice a month I don’t mind enabling the 99% useless NHS app – I don’t use the phone for payments or banking anyway.

  6. A GP in Mid January where I live in S.Wales told an aqquaintance of mine that they had seen 93 cases of this flu but they didn’t know what it was. I know one person who was very ill with it back then although he was not hospitalised.

    1. We live in the Bridgend area, and I am convinced my family got this… Late Nov early Dec my daughter became ill, then my husband near to Xmas he had to go to hospital in the January as he couldn’t breath (never been to hospital for anything before this and he’s 69) I and then my son had minor symptoms in January…

      GP’s or the doctors in the hospital had no idea what they were treating….

  7. For You Squawkbox: Clyd Cwymru and Tom Watson were on Bath Uni campus in 2004 after a Conservative Council meeting there. Tom is allied with Steve Wharton ex AUT President and lone wolf. HE that is STeve is very anti-Europe and better the word of you than they Squawkbox to investigate this and whether HE that is Tom deceived the members of the Labour Party. Your friend, B

  8. Sweden
    First class honours degree in the bleedin obvious
    Every country with lockdown will be hit by second wave, only good news is it will be manageable
    To all those who have LEFT, before chickens come home to roost
    Visceral hatred of NHS
    10 years running it into the ground
    Has Uncle Festa taken the NHS off the table yet
    Methinks not
    Get your arses back into the party and bring a friend

  9. I flew into CDG Paris before Friday the 13th of December Via Bejing China from Phnom Penn Cambodia and returned to Cambodia via the same route which also includes a ferry via Deippe Newhaven.Sussex.,I did not attend the Chinese new year celebration in Cambodia this year as we all of the family came down with the vIrus,one of the small minority of people in a isolated Commune to become the country.No deaths here but a high infection rate smongst “Barrang” who brought it into the country.We now know that there is more to the story of the virus and somthing far more desdly than Covid 19in the west and how this plays out in the political arena of a failing system of Neo liberals government and the mighty petro Dollar.?

    1. I remember you mentioning you had the virus earlier this year – or were recovering from it. I assumed it was imported from China but I also assumed that Cambodia was full on virus land. Maybe it’s not? People were assuming that the poorest countries would be devastated; India wasn’t given any chance! But increasingly that turns out to be mistaken. It’s the wealthiest parts of the World that have more virus and far more deaths. Lombardy, Metropolitan France, London, New York and Boston. They share some characteristics eg densely populated and densely polluted by NO2 from modern diesel vehicles. Does 10 years exposure to those gases weaken the lungs? – Yes say the medics. It’s true neither the US or UK have a functional ‘health system’ at all but France and Italy do. Do anti pollution measures in Germany mean less weakness in the lungs (as well as a functional health system) and politicians who seem able to shake off partisan knee jerk reactions so prevalent here mean better control? The Uk has breached WHO health guidance about levels of NO2 for 10 years consistently. Technically (?) illegal the guidance has been ignored. It wasn’t as if we weren’t warned! It’s good to hear you and your family are ok but I won’t go all Julie Andrews about it, there is too much of that here!

    2. Hi Joseph, thanks 4 that info. There is at least one Covid-19 strain UNIQUE to the UK. Yet Tories here r trying hard to distract the gullible. Blame China they say. The latest scam is to hype up a distraction re foreign hackers at the same time that sinister operatives dump a useless app on a trusting public to make even more money for the 1%.

      You could not make it up. Joseph, I am AMAZED. Each week brings a new bizarre revelation. When you think things are at full tilt, things tilt further. It is analogous to frogs or lobsters being slowly boiled alive. Raise the temperature slowly. The poor creatures are lulled into drowsy compliance… trust the soothing warmth… protective comforting pacifying warmth.

      With humans, no different, politicians can make those being boiled alive to step out of the cauldron, go fetch more fuel, fan the flames, fetch more water, then get back into the cauldron.

    1. Steve Richards “Now we know what? Bozzo meant when he said wash your hands” That comment is a classic and needs to be asked by the Opposition has we are laughably described..?

    1. I’m finding it fascinating how many on the so called ‘left’ think this story is about a grubby extra marital bonk-fest… erm lockdown broken by a main proponent is being studiously ignored, why? I feel like I’m watching a runaway train no one dare jump off because its in a never ending tunnel.

  10. So 23 others also tested positive? I ddn’t see that when I originally read the article.

    No doubts of any mistake regarding Monsieur Hammar’s test, then. But then again the trump will still blame a Chinese laboratory…

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