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Corbyn fundraiser passes £200,000 within 48 hours – and some of the comments (and donor ‘names’) are a must-see

A crowdfund started by a Jeremy Corbyn supporter has exceeded £200,000 in less than couple of days, as the movement rallies to protect the former Labour leader from relentless attacks as the Establishment seeks to bury both the man and the movement he represents.

The milestone was passed at around 11pm this evening and the total continues to rise.

In true left Labour style compassion, passion and humour are on display in abundance in the history of donations, with pseudonyms of many of Corbyn’s most vicious opponents appearing frequently, as well as variations on the name of his successor.

But the messages also have a deeply serious side, both inspirational and in a display of the pain caused by the vile attacks and determined sabotage that led to last December’s general election defeat. One of the earliest donors to contribute left this tragic message:

But by far the majority of the messages are filled with determination to continue the fight and to ensure that the conduct of those who preferred the horror of continued Tory government to a win for their own party should be neither forgiven nor forgotten – and that an Establishment and media that have poisoned the UK’s democracy and political narrative rather than relinquish control should not be allowed lasting victory.

The attempts to bury Corbyn and the left look like backfiring, by rallying and galvanising the movement against the onslaught.

If you wish to support the crowdfund, or to see details of the many comments and donations, you can do so here.

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  1. Keep her lit Skwawkboxers. It’s an old saying from N.Ireland. In other words keep on keeping on for us all.

  2. It was fun donating under jeremy’s worst enemies’ names.
    I half-remember doing it once before – on some Tory thing or other I think – it’s a weird feeling for me because I use my real name everywhere.

    1. Oo-err, I could have written that better – by “doing it” I meant I was using fake names to take the piss out of the Tories or the Blairites, can’t remember which.
      What I definitely wasn’t doing was donating to the fuckers. (shudders)

  3. It’s been a long, hectic and bountiful day, so here’s a little something to soothe the old brain-waves:

    1. Check out Prince’s fingering and George Harrison’s kid’s reaction. I didn’t even know George had a son but saw the resemblance instantly. No mistaking that face.

      1. Pure and utter class
        And he always wore a hat well, Prince
        Looks like our mood has lifted somewhat

      1. God is dead by Clawfinger seems apt in the current environment

      2. @Tim. I cannot post links here, otherwise I would have. A Swedish friend got me into them. Quite easy to listen to compared to say, Slipknot?

        Thanks for providing a link

  4. The way the left, Lansman, begged the right to remain when they threatened they’d walk out, Why can’t Corbyn, et al force the same on the right, threaten to walk if not catered to, even if the right are bad faith?

    1. The difference is that Labour under Corbyn thought they needed right wing Labour MPs to stay in the party. I don’t think that under Starmer they believe they need socialist MPs to stay. If the socialist campaign group threaten to walk, the media will side against them and Starmer can probably turn it into a PR victory. The socialist MPs may even lose their seats if they do the decent thing and call byelections.

      1. Ben
        Would interesting if they withdrew the whip from JC and he stood against them
        Bottom line we want them to leave

  5. I reckon it will hit 250k just wish the numbers actually donating were higher, not that I am in anyway
    Criticizing the amount raised so far which is fantastic but it shows the strength of feeling of support for Corbyn.

  6. So, a question

    Can a leaked report (ie..not yet officially published) be submitted as evidence in a UK court of law ?

    I know in the US it has been allowed once (Chelsea Manning) in the form of leaked official documents but can find no information as to how this pertains to the use of unofficial information in a UK court.

    Anyone have any information please ?

    1. Reply to Sar
      I don’t know if the leaked report can be used as evidence but the content of it certainly can be e.g. if we have the email in which an individual is ridiculed and called a “smelly cow” then the email can be produced as evidence. I think this would apply to the thousands of insulting and inappropriate emails which were exchanged between staff during working hours. The party is liable for the actions of its staff and has a right to access these emails. The writers should have been disciplined for their lack of professionalism which may have caused real hurt to colleagues. They weren’t and therein lies the real shame.

  7. Body Bag BoJo recently accused Jeremy Corbyn of taking money from ‘Russia Today’, in a parliamentary debate about withdrawing the RT license to broadcast as submitted by Sir Keir Starmer & Jo Stevens. RT denied that Jeremy was ever paid to appear. If BoJo is so sure of his facts, perhaps he would like to repeat the accusation outside of parliamentary privilege; then he could be sued.
    Begs another question as to why Sir Keir is so keen to close one of the few broadcasters that provide an alternative narrative to usual right wing MSM.

    1. Interesting to note Boris’s silence about his own father’s appearances (plural) on the same RT show Corbyn appeared on (Going Underground)…

    1. Press Gang case looks worth backing
      Just by offering to use these funds should make it go away
      John Ware will not sue JC, they dont want any case to be heard as it blows AS Scam out of water, questions Israeli interference and further bankrupts far right conservative Jewish toilet papers

    2. The cowardly scum will pick on those who they think can’t fight back as cowardly Zionists always do.

  8. Hilarious piece in today’s MSM “The second lesson is personal. The Corbyn leadership is what happens when you take the most stupid person in the building and put him in charge. Public life can only take so much stupidity. Bereft of intellectual weight and with nothing much in his head, and painfully conscious of the deficiency, Corbyns options were to lean heavily on unctuous self righteousness, or when that failed, to lash out. Unable to provide good reasons, or any reasons for his decisions, he simply acted with erratic impunity and got instantly testy if anyone questioned his authority. He was always a rather pathetic figure, if briefly quite a dangerous one. Meanwhile his entourage of sycophants, the Milnes, Murphys and McCluskeys, went out to argue for a man they always regarded as a useful idiot.” How can they misunderstand this saint , adored by the British public, who during the election Skwawk told us was ‘hitting it out of the park”, whose policies will deliver us into paradise? Or are we on this website missing something?

    1. 2017 GE denied us by Quislings and Bad Actors
      600,000 members 12 million supporters manifesto 10/10
      Fighting fund £270,000 at least
      JC not going anywhere, legacy and demographics all in our favour
      Dont confuse yourself with the temporary embarrassment that is Keir Starmer

      1. Doug, you were right and your wise counsel prevailed. I stayed my hand from taking scissors to my card and this amazing crowdfund justifies your cool-headedness! Thank you.

      2. We have the numbers, a lot is going to happen over next 12 months, then we will know which way it all goes, in meantime enjoy the campaign as JC put it

      3. ….so who in the Labour Party voted for Sir Keir Starmer & why are there so few ‘Socialist’ MPs?

      4. And how do we get rid of Pantomime Dame
        It was never a problem for Blair, who can forget Tristrump
        And it doesn’t look like Temporary embarrassment has a problem with
        Say it again we are soft as shite
        JC was only half a ticket to socialist heaven, the other half was a horrible bastard to do the dirty work

    2. Hate to rain on your parade, but this is not a Luke Akehurst Tribute Site, so the only stupidity on display is by the Poster himself – and please don’t leave your coat on the way out the door.

    3. Jeremy Corbyn is a thoroughly decent human being and a man never sacrificed his principles over many years.You are basically a disgusting person who has veiws that have brought the country to its knees… . Plain Stupid and bitter .grow up …!

  9. And Steve H…you can run butr you can’t hide.You will soon be redundant and off the knights payroll.

  10. How many of the current Shadow Cabinet could gain support of this degree ? None of them and Starmer should realise ,,that no matter how much he wants rid of socialists, we are not going away and he should keep looking over his shoulder.

  11. Staggering News from the guardian…..Labour coffers running low?Maybe jeremy could help out the knight after the knight opened the door to class actions in the Great British AS Scam.Smoke and mirrors and the king(knight)with no cloths drives the party too destruction.Unbelievable that so much damage by the few that voted for the establishment PLANT.Maybe the PLP might wake up to their own jobs are at risk?…..

      1. Timfrom…..I rarely look at the toilet paper,we dont use it here in Cambodia and basically jet wash.I have checked the guardian online and can’t see it.Although I read it early on today it would have been yesterdays news on your time Zone.I think the propaganda was blaming Jeremy for the AS scam and the lack of money in the coffers.ITs a wicked world and a jungle out there so I am told. Regards comrade.

    1. I can’t blame them really. The word is out that Keir has handed out £600K of Party funds with almost no questions asked. So you would be daft not to get into line if you have even half a chance of getting a decent little pay out from the Labour Party. In fact I am considering contacting my learned friend myself on one of those “no win no fee deals” with a misuse of Party Funds caper. I am sure the LP can afford it.

    2. Class action will bankrupt them unless we get our heads together and sit down with them and make them an offer they cannot refuse

      1. I like your thinking, Doug! Quite a few juicy possibilities there…

  12. Blair on Sophy Ridge on Sky blames the Labour left for Scotland wanting to leave the Union.
    This from the wanker that took Scotland for granted for so long that the SNP won in 2007.
    Labour shandy, anyone?

  13. And absolutely nowt to do with the SNP being THE anti-austerity party in Scotland since 2008…

    God, but that freeloading war criminal boils my piss, so he does.

  14. I’m getting bored…Is ware gonna sue or not? I think that those contributing towards Corbyn’s (potential) legal costs ought to be informed. My guess is that some of those contributors could really use that money for their own needs.

    So, john ware – are you suing, or not?

    As everyone’s (least) favourite gobshite – john mann – would say: ”Put up or shut up”.

    1. Mr Ware his waiting for his instructions from Nuttyyahoo. Who, in turn, is wondering can he afford another blank cheque as he may have to pay some money back locally in the immediate future.

  15. Plain thinking. If JC was as they described here I’m guessing there would have been no need for the massed ranks of the MSM the security services the CIA the Israeli Govt and Integrity initiative to mount a vicious vitriolic abusive campaign of sustained malice against to prevent him from being elected. He obviously posed a serious threat to their cosy zionist vested and establishment interests.

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