As Corbyn defence fund approaches £160,000, woman who began it speaks out: he’s one among many and we’re fighting back

A legal defence fund started by a supporter of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn raised more than £120,000 in 24 hours and is now well past £150,000.

Carole Morgan, who began the crowdfund, has updated the page to explain why she did so – and describe her outage at the shameless and relentless abuse directed at Corbyn by an Establishment and its media allies desperate to bury everything and all the change he stands for:

Support the Corbyn fund – and the fight-back – here.


  1. More power to your elbow Carole. All you Skwawkboxers get behind this and donate. I have also. Let the fightback against the right wing start now. Never back down again. Fight fire with fire.

  2. Thank you. Those who are now moaning we are wasting our money on a millionaire I have been telling this is as much our fight as Jeremy’s. For supporting him we have been vilified, many of us after living decades of ordinary, peaceful and crime free years for the first time.

    I’m 61 I have never been called a racist before, nor a thug, a dog, rabble, crank and nutter, never been called a brown shirt, a storm trooper and more in my life until I expressed my support for a better fairer Britain as Corbyn offered.

    Today I got told if I deny I’m an anti Semite then I am an anti Semite. It’s gone far too far, will ultimately hurt our Jewish friends and neighbours.

    So yes I and many others see this as our fight back.

    Thank you again for kicking this off

  3. I have no doubt those who are behind taking Jeremy to court were probably hoping they bankrupt him. So much so he would have to sell his home. Even worse if they could get a serious conviction he could end up having to resign or being suspended by the party and him being deselected and forcing a by-election.

  4. I’ve begun to wonder whether Al Jazeera’s ‘The Lobby’ and other indirect evidence might mistakenly be declared not relevant to the substance of the complaint by the High Court.
    From the Supreme Court’s recent record I believe they’d overrule such a decision but being overruled would be of little consequence to High Court judges’ careers or incomes I think.
    I wonder if Ware’s lawyers might be banking on inconvenient evidence being excluded – and defending himself all the way to the Supreme Court being beyond Jeremy’s means?
    It wouldn’t be the first time cases have been bought not won.

    I think I might chuck another few quid in just in case 😎

    1. I believe the outpouring of support by donating to this fund, from decent people, many of us with little money to spare is the best protection for Jeremy Corbyn.
      Supreme Court judges with little to lose, would be reminded that JC isn’t alone, that their is a lot of us standing by him and willing to back it up with our hard earned money. This isn’t a case to be bought.
      Plus the BBC gets its funding through the TV license. I don’t think the BBC would somehow pay for John Ware legal’s costs as it would be opened itself for a Class Action by all of us as payers of the TV licence. The quickness in which over £150K has been collected is sending a strong message.
      Hence, David I agree with you, let us chuck another few quids to make sure, that the BBC and John Ware get the message.

      1. I am very much in support of this brilliant endeavour by Carole. I also wish I could do more

    2. Wasn’t Ware one of those who took over the bankrupt JC newspaper ? One has to ask where he got/gets his money from, maybe Mr Masot’s £1m.

    3. David McNiven
      Would be a monumental mistake to not back class action
      Unless the same party lawyers are behind our man
      Take a breath and talk to every party not least JVL and choose your battle ground

      1. Doug, where do you get this stuff? “choose your battle ground?”
        My point was precisely that the Supreme Court ‘battleground’ favours our side more than the High Court.
        If some constitutional means could be found for the Supreme Court to hear the case directly that would be preferable and appropriate I think.
        As the final arbiter the Supreme Court absolutely needs to judge the merits of the massively significant antisemitism issue.
        I’ve been saying for years we need to take the antisemitism scam to the real Courts, not let the 1%-owned media or the milksop EHRC or Blair dictate Labour’s (and therefore the country’s) fate – this is an opportunity to get the truth out, which is the one thing that would have saved both elections.
        I’d bet money that Ware and everyone else will back down rather than be exposed in front of people who are used to deciding things on evidence not hearsay, conspiracy or propaganda.
        Whether or not they back down I think Jeremy needs go on the attack and sue or counter-sue every last one of the Quisling bitches.

        Bring it the fuck ON.

      2. David – It does appear that the Supreme Court ha the authority to take over cases that haven’t yet been heard by a lower court. You may recall in Dec 2016 the SC decided to take over the hundreds of petitions that had been lodged with the High Court that were seeking to set aside the EU Referendum result. On this occasion when the SC heard the cases and the Justices ruled that they couldn’t pass a judgement because the result of a discretionary referendum didn’t have any status in law and whether to enact it, or not, was a purely political decision.

      3. The referendum thing was a constitutional issue for the SC in that it had to make certain the HC wouldn’t cross the line into what was a matter for Parliament I think.
        I assume given their ages and the small size of the pond judges know each others’ political views.
        I don’t see a constitutional issue here but I’m hoping somebody does, or that the High Court immediately sees the importance of the outcome for democracy – as opposed to mere politics – and kicks it upstairs right away..

  5. Clarity on the IHRA legal standing would be interesting, also Kenneth Sterns view of it’s current application.

  6. Many respects to you Carole. I hope this reaches a £million plus. We need to fight back at the right wing / zio sponsored greedy leeches who are constantly trying to undermine Jeremy.

  7. The decision to capitulate to John Ware’s legal action, with £600,000 of our money, is directly responsible for the former Labour leader being placed in this predicament.

    Keir Starmer should resign forthwith.

    1. I don’t mean to contradict you Brian, but there was no capitulation going on on Starmers part, and he and the Blairites were more than happy to stab Jeremy in the back one more time. And just think about it….. John Ware and the former staffers greatly assisted in bringing Jeremy down and the right regaining complete control of the party again. And given that Starmer and Co were advised that the party had a good chance of defending the libel case, then the very LAST thing they were gonna do is allow that to happen and, as such, Jeremy and the former leadership be vindicated on the one hand, and the denunciation of John Ware and the former staffers AND the Panorama program itself proven to be justified, in effect. Plus they knew that doing so would lead to a further exodus of left members resigning from the party in anger to the very people who lied and defamed Jeremy and the left membership and, as such, subverted democracy.

      Now that the party is back in the hands of the Blairites, there will be plenty of big donors to help fill the coffers again, and in the final analysis, the Red Tories really couldn’t give a flying fox if the Blue Tories are in power, but they will of course pretend they are the opposition so as to give the general public the illusion of a democracy, just like in the US.

      1. Nobody came out of that contest looking good did they?
        Not that any of them looked good before…

  8. Yes the thing to do now is to decide how we topple Starmer for what he’s done

  9. People need to complain about Starmer on the official Labour Party complaints form I’ve done so but wouldn’t it be great if the half million Corbyn supporters did just that

  10. I’ve recently had my benefits cut but I had 20 quid in a paypal account waiting for any emergency. It’s now in JC’s legal fund. Let’s take these bastards all the way to the cleaners, then the money that they will be required to cough up can be spent on making good either Labour’s finances under a new leader or a new movement’s finances, hopefully under Jeremy. “The people will win for the truth is in their hearts!”

    1. That’s terrible at any time, but more so in a crisis like lockdown. I hope you or the CAB gan get the cut reversed.
      Good luck with it and good luck to all the other unfortunate people who are going to be joining you.

  11. In what’s been a sh1t year, the past 48 hours have reminded me of the hope JC offered and the happiness I got from being amongst like-minded souls. Best money I’ve spent in ages. Solidarity 🙂

  12. Your a fucking anti semite and a racist
    I’m sorry you feel that way
    Never again

    1. Addressed to anyone in particular? Or are you a general purpose troll? It’s nor clear at all what you’re [sp!] trying to say UNLESS you’re [sp!] being ironic.

      1. Doug’s not big on punctuation, but it’s fairly obvious he’s quoting the celebrated Hodge/Corbyn exchange in the corridors of parliament.

  13. In other news

    Football hooligan James Healy, from Portsmouth, was sentenced to prison for 2 years 8 months at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday after attacking the Owen Jones in August last year because of his political beliefs and his sexuality.

      1. timfrom – The fact that you don’t care about hate crime and violent attacks against members of the LBGT community has been noted.

      2. I meant “in this context”, as you well know. Your comment was completely, deliberately off-topic. Just gratuitous distraction. Apologies, Owen!

      1. brianbotou – On the contrary you are the one, along with timfrom, making my comment into a distraction. All I have done is post an update on a story that Skwawkbox covered when Owen was brutally attacked. If the pair of you didn’t want it to become a distraction then perhaps simply ignoring it may have been a better strategy.

  14. This Morning Star editorial is well worth checking out:

    ‘Corbyn’s GoFundMe success is great – what can it mean for the movement?’

    The threat to sue Corbyn for maintaining his criticisms of the programme’s accuracy is effectively a bid to criminalise public disagreement with Ware’s conclusions.

    It is a logical consequence of an approach that, within Labour, has already seen people disciplined or expelled for disputing the guilt of other people: one that is alive and well, as we saw when shadow Wales secretary Nia Griffith claimed party members who expressed support for Rebecca Long Bailey after her sacking were guilty of anti-semitism.

    But it takes it further, beyond internal Labour procedures to the law itself. Stopping this mission creep is worth every penny.

  15. Now at 188k and Ive stuck my two penneth worth in .Come on all you SB socalists if you can then please do .It sends a clear mssge to the bastards ..FY !

  16. 11:00 pm and the fund’s hit £200,000.
    It’ll pay for a hell of a party if Ware packs up his tent and fucks off 🤣🤣🥴

  17. I hope Jeremy’s getting a kick out of this. I hope he’s enjoying the fake names some of the donors are using too…
    Nick Cohen, Laura Kuenssberg, Keir Starmer, Ruth Smeeth, Benjamin Netanyahu, Gnasher Jew, Margaret Hodge, Matt Hancock, Wes Streeting, Rachel Riley, Father Spodo Komodo…

    1. Brilliant, just gad to donate some more so I could use Jess gobshite Phillips….🤣

  18. I sincerely hope that Jeremy can & will sue both the BBC & John Ware for defamation, but my distrust in any establishment legal system fills me with doubt. Jeremy has been targeted & removed from office by a system that will never allow any Socialist into a position of power. Michael Foot was similarly ridiculed. Never trust the ‘Courts’; the judges have no interest in justice.

    1. Indeed, Steve.

      The cynic in me sees the barrister’s eyes growing ever larger along with the funding total…

    2. But they consider EVIDENCE, which is our trump card and which is why this HAS to be dealt with publicly once and for all and court is the place to do it.

      1. Jack – We should bear in mind that this decision came shortly after the Labour Party received a copy of the EHRC report. Is this just a coincidence or did its contents influence their decision to settle.

      2. Steve, until we see the full report we can’t tell for sure if the EHRC have done as some of us expected and taken the submissions of ‘evidence’ of Labour antisemitism at face value, without investigating or even considering the possible political motivations of our accusers.
        Neither can we tell if they’ve considered evidence from the accused – or evidence of Israeli interference from “The Lobby” – or considered the large number of published articles by highly-respected Jewish writers who’ve pointed to collusion with Israel and explained the reasons behind it – or considered the exculpatory evidence of a huge number of exaggerated, disproven or withdrawn claims that prove a determined, organised, large scale effort, the existence of which proves collusion.

        Taken together the above proves beyond reasonable doubt that there was a concerted, determined, international effort to destroy Corbyn, the BDS movement and socialism by fair means or foul – except that there were no fair means employed at any time by any of the fuckers.

        The fact that the EHRC has taken until now to report instead of arriving BEFORE the 2019 election at the inescapable conclusion that tha AS scam was a fit-up – simply confirms that the EHRC is a wholly incompetent pseudo-investigative and pseudo-judicial body, wholly incapable of reason – or that it never had the least intention of producing even a pseudo-honest report.
        Either way, THE EHRC IS UNFIT FOR PURPOSE.

      3. David – I’ll reserve my judgement until I’ve had the opportunity to read the report.

      4. Steve, is it even certain that we the people will even get to see the report in its totality?
        I suspect by the time we see it, if we ever do, it’ll be so heavily redacted in terms of the actual evidence as to be useless.
        I think we’ll probably be allowed to read the conclusions and little else.
        “To protect the innocent” of course…

    3. Countersue Ware and any joint complainant by all means but keeping it simple keeps costs down – 200k may not be nearly enough.
      The Supreme Court has proved its political impartiality and Johnson is thought to want to punish them for that with legislation – they’ll already know what’s happening with the AS scam because any thinking person knows bullshit when they see it – for the Supreme Court making correct decisions that stand the test of time is all-important, which is why I believe we need them to judge the case.
      Lawyers’ fees are an unfortunate fact of life in an adversarial system.
      Society needs good judges, not good lawyers – judges with the authority to order investigations into all relevant matters.

    4. I was told by a barrister not so long ago that you cannot put your trust in British Justice, it does not exist.

  19. Steve H. 25.07. 12.01 am. It appears you are using reverse logic again. You are the one who initially made the comment about Owen not I or Timform. The topic right at the top of this thread is about the only decent leader that the Democratic Socialist Labour Party had in a very longtime. It is marvellous that so many people still acknowledge that. I hope you agree.

      1. “…and yet here you are…”. To repeat the topic right at the top of this thread “ Jeremy’s Legal Fund”. Are you having problems again with reading comprehension? I also said that he was the only decent leader that the democratic socialist Labour Party had in a very long time and I said it is marvellous that so many people acknowledge that. I invited you to agree, yet, you refused to comment. Quite puzzling you refuse to recognise that fact!

    1. I know he is an irritating little shit bb but if everybody ignored him he would go away.Scum like him feed off the responses.

      1. His job is deflect, divide and be disingenuous. He pretended to be a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn, yet, as witnessed on this thread and other threads he patently isn’t. His Knight of the realm is in exactly the same mould. The point of not feeding the trolls is true but sometimes it’s difficult to ignore the brigade 77 tactics he has been trained in.

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