A response to United Left’s bizarre SKWAWKBOX article

Jim Kelly, Chair of United Left London and Eastern, attacked article saying Unite Ireland and UL regional secretary legend Jimmy Kelly had endorsed Howard Beckett as the left’s general secretary candidate

One of a number of bizarre aspects of United Left’s faulty process on Saturday to select its nominee for the next general secretary of Unite was that the selection hustings began with an attack on the SKWAWKBOX, which was neither participating nor voting in it.

That attack was matched by an article on the United Left website that attacked the SKWAWKBOX for “not mak[ing] clear” that Unite legend as the union’s Irish regional secretary Jimmy Kelly, who had resoundingly endorsed Howard Beckett for the nomination, was not London and Eastern chair Jim Kelly.

The SKWAWKBOX article named the legendary Jimmy Kelly as regional secretary. This site was unaware that the other Mr Kelly existed until he wrote his article, so was not aware that any making clear was required – but it was entirely precise in referring to the endorsing Mr Kelly as a regional secretary, not as a chair.

Regional Secretary Kelly’s video statement of Howard Beckett, which Beckett’s campaign pushed hard because of his legendary status in the union movement, unequivocally was an endorsement:

He also referred to himself very clearly to his long time as Unite’s Irish regional secretary.

The SKWAWKBOX offers its regrets to the London Mr Kelly for not having heard of him.

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  1. I also see the UL Website says “The United Left National Coordinating Committee (NCC) met on Wednesday evening (22 July) to review and endorse two reports that had been submitted. One was from the NCC officers on the conduct of the hustings and voting process and also a Scrutineer’s report by the independent ballot company that the NCC sourced to conduct our online ballot last Saturday. The Scrutineer’s report was put before the committee and endorsed overwhelmingly by NCC members. The NCC Officers’ Report confirming the result of the hustings vote was similarly supported overwhelmingly…., Steve Turner has now been confirmed as the United Left nominee for the position of Unite General Secretary”

    So that’s it then ?

    1. The only thing Steve Turner has going for him…He’s not a Lawyer unlike Beckey.

  2. Whilst I have been in Cambodia,I have struggled with the meaning of life on this planet.I stayed at a virtually empty 500 bedroom hotel in Boker Mountain I visited a lonely abandoned Catholic church sorounded by mist and prayed.There was no longer any doors to the church and some of the statues and windows had been destroyed.This part of Cambodia was were the Khmer Rouge ,.and PoL pot made a last stand.. stand against a invading Vietnamese army…The country survived the Khmer Rouge and have rebuilt even stronger than they were before PoL pot and the Khmer Rouge murdered the “intelectuals” and many of the elite.who built the grand buildings and abandoned Catholic churches and Casinos..I prayed once again and meditated at the Wat on the peak of the mountain facing the giant Budda looking down onto the Bay of Thailand and the City of Kampot and thanked God that I do not have to face going back to England or France who are part of the destructive evil Neo liberalisation that stalks the west and infects every waking moment of lives of the working-class…Confusion and lies are the weopons of the Elite establishment and like the Khmer Rouge are hellbent on destroying their own people….The answer to the establishment must come from the Streets and not the Labour party who are beyond forgiveness or redemption…!The time for the reckoning is near.

    1. Hi Joseph. Sounds like you’ve certainly had an experience. You’ve been following Political Potential? Shane you cannot post any pics. I watched that film as a kid, and that girl with the carrier bag haunts me still.

      The reckoning is nowhere I’m afraid… It just isn’t.

      The leadership are gearing up to remove the whip from Corbyn.

      Stay at the hotel Joseph. You have something many of us want. Peace and quiet. Stay safe.

      1. If they removed the whip what would he do? Starting a new party is long, difficult and expensive.
        I’d suggest he join the Greens but unless a whole lot his supporters join first I think they might reject him out of fear of that very thing – enough of his supporters joining to take control of the party.
        I can’t be accused of that – I already joined the Greens in anticipation 🤣

    2. You’ve forgotten to mention how powerful and easily obtainable the weed is out there mate

      1. Albert swift I do not believe drugs or excessive consumption of booze does anything other than making strong men(and women Weak).Thats why the establishment lasted so long in Ireland and were able to exploit and starve the native Irish catholics before they were shown the door..ITs a wonder that the Torys dont give it away.

    3. “The answer to the establishment must come from the Streets”

      Joseph okeefe
      from his 500 bed hotel.
      up a mountain

      1. Your point? I assume you believe a socialist should not stay in a hotel, bizarre.

  3. My point is; Joseph okeefe is a self righteous, sanctimonious, deluded , that has the ability to make me laugh like no one else. I can see him now, on his knees, in the little chapel on the hill, praying to God for the down trodden of this world.
    But you know what really gets me? Joseph has to tell us.

    1. Richard a little brightness to lighten your day, and mixing the message with a little factual comments from the other end of the world can only educate you….Sorry it upsets you?…..God bless you !

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