Nurses excluded from Tories’ pay deal – and details reveal NO front-line workers are being rewarded for pandemic efforts

Exclusion shows government is doing minimum recommended by public sector pay boards and adding nothing to reward efforts of front-line workers in pandemic

The Tories and their media allies are trumpeting pay rises awarded to public sector workers – with Chancellor Rishi Sunak claiming he was recognising their ‘vital contribution’ during the pandemic – but nurses are excluded from the deal and will receive not a penny more than they were going to before the coronavirus crisis:

In reality, Sunak has done the minimum he could get away with – and admitted that he had done nothing more than implement what the independent pay review boards recommended:

It’s right, therefore, that we follow the recommendations of the independent pay bodies with this set of real-terms pay rises.

Sunak’s admission

In other words, not a penny of extra pay as a reward or thank-you – to nurses or any other front-line workers who put their lives and family life on the line to serve us during the pandemic – just the least the Tories could get away with.

And not an extra penny of any kind to nurses on top of a derisory 2018 pay deal agreed long before anyone had even heard of COVID-19.

The Tories’ real attitude to them is one of contempt and complacency. This was already demonstrated by their failure to even properly count nurse deaths from the virus and their despicable treatment of student nurses who served on the front line during the coronavirus crisis – then were dropped like hot potatoes as soon as the government thought it could get by without them, leaving some unable to qualify, while those in earlier phases of study are excluded from a bursary plan.

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  1. Why?

    How can the tories’ class war be so obviously brutal and combative without causing them any embarrassment or damage?

    This can’t be allowed to happen.

    1. How can the tories’ class war be so obviously brutal and combative without causing them any embarrassment or damage?

      Simply because all you have to keep repeating is: ”It’s the right thing to do” and all the vacuous, ovine gobshites merely nod their heads and continue chewing the cud…

  2. And some doctors (GPs) too – on their £100k+ ‘salaries’ that they’ve been consistently complaining about not getting a ‘proper’ payrise…

    I’ve got no time for greedy bastards. There’s something wrong if you can’t live VERY comfortably on £2k per week.

    But once again, plod have been boxed off…No tuition fees for their six weeks training they require in order to start on more than a nurse who has to pay for their training AND earn less than when starting than our friends the old bill.

    1. Dr’s pay and exorbitant agency staff rates, don’t mention them Pike. I have heard whispers that someone stayed on his Dr’s secretary liñe for so long that by the time she was two calls from speaking to her doc the waiting time machine ended. What have the GPs been doing? Why have specialist clinics postponed long term services. Please don’t say that they are all stretched beyond breaking point. For once my housing association residents are in total agreement. I will let readers decide what caused the unionimity for themselves. No pots and pans shindigs in our manor. ☮️

  3. This to me is more evidence that the Tories want to destroy the NHS from within. They disenchant nurses so that lots give up and leave and the rest get bullied into coping with an impossible task.

    A recipe that will inevitably lead to Trumps deal taking over and the end of the NHS. The great white Knight Trump takes over, finishing off the last piece of socialism in British society.

    Wales Scotland and Ireland will then continue to be under-funded until they suffer the same fate.

  4. I agree about Trump and his pals will go for the NHS,but I really think the Rat pervert joe Biden and slick willys mob are just has bad Democrat or Republican Conservative or the Labour party all have their snouts in the trough.

    1. ”Democrat or Republican Conservative or the Labour party all have their snouts in the trough.”

      Correct. Isn’t one of them lives off their MP salary alone. Not one.

  5. Doctors in top 2% of earners in the UK not taking into account their massive pension scheme. Why don’t we run the NHS like the health service in Cuba where experienced medics on $250 per week and forbidden to leave or do private work? Cuba constantly lauded by Jeremy as the template for the NHS.

  6. Of course they are not going to give them a pay rise , there is no way the Tories want to lumber the incoming private Insurance Companies with any additional expenses to cope with .They want a clear run to give away our NHS , BUT then again that’s what the morons in the UK voted for this to get Brexit done yesss , just sooo important that one and only thing that matters

  7. I only realised last week that this tory government has been using private health services.No big fanfare, no details about what this COSTS. All falls within their intention to down grade the NHS and institute a private care system for those who can afford . Terrifying prospect.

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