Major UK political party/leader backed by Russians. It’s not Labour or Corbyn

The mainstream media and Establishment politicians have been working overtime this week to attempt to portray Jeremy Corbyn’s measured, statesmanlike stance on Britain’s response to the Salisbury attack and the likelihood of Russian state involvement as disloyal – with right-wing rags descending into outright libel and even the BBC using altered imagery to try to link Corbyn and Russian in the UK psyche.

Corbyn, accurately, has pointed to enormous donations from Russian businesspeople and people connected to former Russian government ministers.

But there is direct, irrefutable evidence of Russian state backing for a UK political party and its leader – and it’s not Corbyn or the Labour Party.

In the final stages of last year’s General Election, the Russian embassy took the unusual step of putting out a message of overt support for one party and, by using a catchphrase explicitly – and ultimately hilariously – associated with her, for its leader.

The Tory party and its ‘weak and wobbly’ leader, Theresa May:

russia ge17.png

The deep and unhealthy links between Russia and the Conservative party are a matter of record – with Boris Johnson’s admission on the BBC’s Marr programme that he did play tennis with the wife of a former Russian finance minister, for a donation of £160,000, merely the icing on the cake:

The Conservatives are serious about cultivating profitable links with Russia – serious enough even to have a society set up especially for the purpose:


No Labour equivalent exists.


The Conservatives have not learned any lessons, nor distanced themselves from such donors – the same woman, Lubov Chernukhin, recently won an auction to dine with Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson for £30,000.

Yet the Establishment is straining every sinew to lodge Corbyn in the public consciousness as too close to the Russians.

Wonder why…

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  1. Tory Party members are so thin on the ground that they are willing to accept support – and cash, from anywhere.

  2. They’re wretched disgusting stupid ugly bloody racist human beings!

  3. The following is an excerpt from an article by Nafeez Ahmed entitled ‘The UK government is manufacturing its nerve agent case for ‘action’ on Russia’, posted on March 14th:

    The actual history of Novichok shows that out of the countries discussed here, Russia is the only state to have been certified by the OPCW as having destroyed its chemical weapons programme, including its nerve agent capabilities. The OPCW found no evidence to indicate that Russia retains an active Novichok capability. The same is not the case for the US, Britain and Israel.


  4. If I remember correctly, it said in a news item last week that so far some 50,000 tickets have been sold to England football fans for the World Cup (I think it was actually 52,000 and something), and I just did a search to ascertain the prices of tickets, and they’re about $200 each on average. I have no idea how many had been sold to French or German football fans at that point, but I would be surprised if it wasn’t a similar amount.

    I also did a search to ascertain what new stadiums have been built for the event (or rebuilt or refurbished), and I can only assume that hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent in the process.

    Does it seem remotely plausible that Vladimir Putin would jepordise it all for the sake of trying to bump off a former Russian intelligence officer who they released from prison eight year ago and has been living quite openly in Britain since then? I think not.


  5. Good stuff and perhaps Putin has played a Bougeois Blinder and I don’t know why he didn’t release the Election result in. Russa a week ago! This could have given government’s more time to make a considered response? Innocent until proven guilty but as the finger of suspicion points at you know who perhaps the underlying reasons were twofold: (a) to enable Putin to bathe in Western criticism to aid his election campaign and (b) as Gary Kasporov (Guardian 17/3/18) suggested as a warning shot to Russian ex-pats considering testifying in the Robert Mueller investigation in the US over potential Russian interference in the US Election? But Jeremy Corbyn has played a blinder too with the Govt. taking up all his 5 suggestions, oh and the BBC were very magnanimous saying Labour was supporting the Govt. in taking action against the Rusian oligarchs in London; excuse me wasn’t it Labour who first suggested it whilst the Tories have facilitated a Wild West for Russian oligarchs in the City of London!

    1. Apologies Bazza, but you’re just unwittingly repeating black propaganda. Putin did NOT need any “aid” re his election campaign, and “Russian interference” is a Big Lie. I mean come on, really, whose side are you on!

      1. I’m on the side of working people in every country (as a Left Wing Democratic Socialist) including Russia unlike Putin! As Rosa Luxemburg suggested the best thing we as socialists should bring to the table is our independent crritical thinking so Mr Howard the question can be thrown back at you!

      2. Bazza: I wasn’t referring to Putin, I was referring to those that either deliberately or unwittingly repeat the propaganda, or those that see through it, And the reason I posed the question (to you), is because I think it is more than evident to ‘critical thinkers’ that Putin had nothing whatsoever to gain from trying to bump off Sergei Skripol AND his daughter, and a hell of a lot to lose. And if THAT’S the case, which it is, then why on Earth would he even think in the first place to do such a damaging thing (to the World Cup football just three months away, and more sanctions potentially, and a heightening of tensions etc, etc). It doesn’t make sense of course and, as such, is totally implausible.

      3. Firstly you state Putin didn’t need “aid” to win the election.
        (a) He and his cronies nobbled his strongest opponent so he couldn’t stand. (b) P & co have gained total control of the Russian media – hegemony. (c) They have ruthlessly smashed any opposition groups including human rights groups and LGBT citizens (d) Do you really think they were free and fair elections – the disbarred main opponent has said any Western Govt. that congratulates him is giving him legitimacy and perhaps we could have probably been told the result of the election a week ago, they perhaps needed a ‘plausible’ score but I think 73% on a 63% turnout is still only 48% of the total eligible Russian electorate so perhaps Mr P is still not as universally supported as he would wish even on dubious figures? Another oposition leader suggests the Skirpil attack in the UK was a shot across the bow for any Russian ex-pat who may be thinking of testifying in the Robert Mueller investigation in the US against possible Russian interference in the US Election?
        And bathing in Western criticism (opposition leader – you gave P what he wanted) would have done Mr P no harm as May et al in there way also try to beat the national drum to distract from their mess! Of course some old CP members may think P et al (billionaire oligarchs) are crypto ‘socialists’ but we never had ‘socialism’ it was bourgeois socialism – top down, undemocratic elites, secret police etc – trying to tell people how to live their lives (still evident in China, North Korea) with leaders taking the power for themselves (oh and Stalin was a murdering B and Trotsky would have taken power for himself too) but perhaps socialism was always meant to be grassroots, bottom up, participatory, democratic, with us telling leaders what to do -in short – Left Wing Democratic Socialism.
        Tony Benn once said we needed a teacher but was only half right; we perhaps need leaders who are also facilitators of power and in the UK JC fits this role perfectly – perhaps an example to the World including Russia!

      4. As I said Bazza, Putin did NOT need any “aid”, as you yourself have just pointed out and confirmed. Thanks for that!

  6. the beast from the east at every BBC weather forecast grovelling gits.

  7. I had to laugh this morning as the BBC was advertising its feature on how children can spot fake news!

    It is important to bear in mind, of course, that RT is merely a propaganda channel.

  8. sorry folks, the police have found the passport of Mr V.Putin at the scene of the crime in Salisbury

    1. when questioned by Police Putin was said to have replied
      “just shut up and go away “

  9. How Ironic would it be?

    If the Tories came out of all this, smeared in their own lies, excrement and bullshit!

    In their haste to bring down JC and the Left of our party, by hook or by crook!

    Putin, in my estimation is a contrived smoke screen, put up by the far right and the Tories along with their cronies?

    This is not to write, that the father and daughter were not poisoned!

    Until there’s outright evidence and proof, instead of, the ifs and ands, there’s every possibility, it maybe, Putin, along with the State of Russia?

    Then I, along with those who are thinking similarly, don’t believe, a word the Tories and the RIGHT WING MEDIA are pedling!

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