Video: Beckett pledges to support every worker, every strike – and points to his track record to prove it

Unite’s assistant general secretary Howard Beckett, who is standing for selection as the United Left’s candidate for the union’s next general secretary election, has made a powerful promise to its more than a million members – and has pointed to his track record to prove his point:

Beckett has also received a string of video endorsements from senior union figures, local organisers and its grassroots members – including, dramatically, from Unite legend and former Labour general secretary Jennie Formby (video) – testifying to the part he has played in defending jobs and pay, as well as in promoting and encouraging members.

The United Left hustings and vote take place on Saturday.

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  1. He’s making the right noises, and his track record stands up to scrutiny….But still donors to stammerite labour.

    1. Sorry, was meant to read: ”(Unite are still) donors to stammerite labour.”

  2. Jeremy Hunt just made the case for Socialism on BBC News.
    Plague, madness – aren’t they something to do with the Apocalypse?
    ‘Signs’? ‘Seven seals’ or some such shit?

  3. Mr. Beckett seems like the kind of (righteously) angry man I’d like to see leading Labour.
    I don’t know enough about him but don’t see anyone else worth a punt.

  4. Len will be a very hard act to follow but Howard seems to be cut from the same cloth. Good luck Howard

    1. McCluskey let us down when he scuppered Open Selection, supported the IHRA definition and had a standup row with Chris Williamson. Please to see the back of him.

    1. Which was twice the Cockwombles mandate at the GMB
      Twas those fuckers what gave us our new General Secretary
      That’s democracy for you, the least worst option

    2. As a lifelong lay Trade Unionist I can assure you Steve H that a mandate of 6% is unfortunately not unusual. Members are not that interested in who runs the Union . Most are not Trade Union activists All they want is protection when things go wrong for them either individually in the case of disciplinary action , grievances etc or collectively in the case of redundancies adverse changes to the terms and condition etc. The shop steward is “the union” for most people. So please don’t put Len down because
      most members don’t vote.

  5. First principles are united left slate, dont care who gets it
    Next is the TWatson/Lansman/Hodge doctrine, how do we get rid when they turn

      1. Why have left slate only got 6 and right has 9
        My head hurts

      2. Doug – Apparently the strategy is to ‘concentrate the vote’ under the STV voting system.

        I think it’s madness, but I don’t have the ‘benefit’ of an Oxford PPE degree.

  6. Luke Akehurst: “I recommend also voting for Baxter, Paul, Payne, Singh Josan, Tatler, and Black, Griffin, Sherriff.”
    As an ex member I can’t vote anyway but if Luke Akehurst recommends them… a list of who not to vote for is as useful as a list of who to vote for.

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