Starmer celebrates poll showing public thinks he more like Blair, Cameron and May than Corbyn – by copying their ‘power stance’

Was he being ironic or has he really believed the same PR adviser who told a string of Tories it was a good idea?

Keir Starmer appears to have welcomed a poll suggesting members of the public align him more with Tony Blair and Tories David Cameron and Theresa May than with his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn – by copying their widely-derided ‘power stance’.

The likes of Cameron, May, George Osborne and Sajid Javid all posed in the foolish-looking stance after some public relations ‘guru’ told them it projected power – and Starmer adopted it in a snap taken of him with friends or family. It didn’t seem to be an accident, as one of the others can be seen adopting it too:

The pose puts him in unflattering company, alongside people who trashed the country, created racist scandals, harried many tens of thousands of the poor to death and one who is considered by many to be a war criminal:

Image by @ukdemockery

Let’s hope Starmer was being ironic, but even if he was it shows extraordinarily poor judgment. Even to find a comparison with such horrors amusing shows a liberal lack of empathy with the millions whose lives they have blighted and ended that should not be seen in a Labour leader.

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  1. It was Omid Djalili who commented that the stance made people look like they had arrived on a little pony which had then run off just before the photograph was taken.

  2. ……’s the anything but a ‘Socialist’ arrogance stance, look @ #MeMe.

  3. At least Starmer is becoming honest, he’s becoming the moderate Torie we all suspected that he would be. Boris and Keir, two cheeks of the same arse.

  4. Good
    If he honestly thinks Red Tory is the way forward another race to the bottom which lost 5 million votes then he has less than 12 months in the job
    If you agree do something about it

    1. I don’t think that his cronies and the MSM will be asking for a change of leader. In Starmer, they have the LP exactly where they think it should be. Going along with the status quo. And that they will not want to change.

  5. Where I come from anyone looking like a pound shop chava would be filled in by one of our under 8’s

  6. Sorry – But it’s not lost on me, the irony of someone called ‘Mooney’ going on about ‘two cheeks of the same arse’…

    But I digress.

    If people ‘suspected’ he was a tory WHY did 56% the membership vote for him, and 70% go against the ‘socialist’ candidate?

    The only logical conclusion is that the party’s been taken over by (right of) centrists. Evidence it’s time to starve them of funds & support and form a proper, socialist party.

    Because you’re not getting one with that lot. You can ‘stay & fight’ all you like but you’ll just waste time AND effort AND monies doing so. They’re every bit as rabidly anti-socialist as the toerags and are no less unabashed at using the most shithouse of tricks to make sure socialism is eradicated from the party altogether…

    It is no longer a socialist party, representing the ‘blue-collar worker’

    People need to understand that, and act accordingly.

    1. Join the Greens mob-handed & elect Corbyn leader whether he likes it or not 😎

    2. Toffee
      Give it 12 months and I will join you,
      In meantime stand and fight, rejoin and vote, would rather go down swinging than give in
      There’s a huge legacy up for grabs and in current climate everything is still to play for

      1. Doug,

        AFAIC 12 months hanging on is 12 months lost. If anything, these rats are gonna consolidate their stranglehold and purge further to do so. It’s already happening and it’s pretty much an irretrievable position imo.

        You will get no succour from any quarter in the MSM and very little (if any) from the likes of certain blackleg unions.

        Like the much-prognisticated outcome of forcing through a 2nd referendum as policy – It doesn’t take a nostradamus to foresee that it ain’t gonna end well…

      2. Toffee
        Get NEC and Union elections out of the way then look at it
        Unison and GMB are up for grabs
        You know my argument we have the numbers and you are right about one thing, members and supporters have no excuse now the mask has come off Starmer

    3. I imagine that, at most, the party was “taken over” by well organised drafts of clients of the powerr brokers sponsoring Starmer. None of these “members” will ever canvass, speak at a meeting (they might vote or heckle as instructed) or pay for their own memberships.
      This is standard behaviour in Canada, where a candidate is expected to sign up and bring into the party his own members, who will simply vote as instructed. Membership fees are normally an expense covered by ‘campaign’ funds, raised by wealthy backers.
      Such ‘members” are never heard from again, couldn’t canvass if knocked down and, unfortunately, tend to be recruited wholesale from communities under the influence of preachers and ethnic leaders, ask Bernie Sanders about that one.
      People like Starmer and Blair do not want party members, who just get in the way of their cliques and professionals, and now that the Union Block votes are no longer available to crush the CLP left, they will be forced as long as socialists persist (for reasons, other than cussedness, hard to understand) in remaining in the Party to purge them, drive them away disfranchise them or, if pushed, crowd them out by gathering flocks of dependents on powerful figures and bringing them to meetings.
      That. the endless capacity of Labour party centrists to delude themselves and one Jon Lansman are the reasons behind Starmer’s election victory.

    4. Starmer only became by making false promises of “uniting” the party, and “continuing Corbyn’s legacy”. That 56% who supported him were the ones who were taken in by his promises, not those who support what he’s doing now.

  7. Looks like they’ve shit their pants to me…

    Or they’re a bit sweaty and chafed

  8. No idea if it happened in this case but smudgers and paps have a technique of asking subjects to take a step to the left or right and snapping them in mid-step.
    I saw video footage yonks ago of someone being caught that way. Sadiq Khan I think it was.
    When the camera’s on a tripod it must seem like a reasonable request – people nearly always do what photographers ask.
    I swear I didn’t ask that woman in Talbot Square to flash her tits on New Year’s Eve though – she followed me around and kept jumping in shot – every time I raised the camera she lifted her shirt, Officer.

  9. Of course the public think Starmer is like Blair and the others. That’s because he is.

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo and Owen Farrell yes!! the rest of the clowns are faux.
    BJ would look amusing with his abdomen protruding.

    What next shoulder pads?

  11. Tory tit.

    What’s worse are the unions and their well paid leaders, still happy to not rock the boat and hand over millions of members’ hard-earned cash to support his right-wing agenda in permanent feigned opposition.

    I’ve done my bit by resigning from Unite when Blair MarkII was appointed. What about the rest of you?!


  12. Join the dots:
    1/ Keith Vaz makes a comeback
    “…Inside the meeting, Vaz was voted in as the new chair on a show of hands. While his supporters said he had re-entered politics because the local party was in chaos, other local party members said the meeting involving more than 100 people should not have taken place and that his election should be declared void.
    “…John Thomas, the former chair of Leicester East Labour party and an ally of Vaz, said Vaz had stood because the local party was failing to function. “The local party is in absolute chaos. Some people have demanded that Keith get involved,” he said.
    “There was disquiet among some members because the constituency’s new MP, Claudia Webbe, was leftwing, he said. “The new MP is a Corbyn supporter but the party in Leicester is much more to the right. Keith knows the people here.”

    2/ Leicester Covid outbreak and ‘modern slavery’ scandal.
    3/ Will the NEC condone what appears top have been an unauthorised meeting?

    1. Ah yes, the ‘Keith Vaz’ who didn’t even appear to know what day it was when pressed to justify his decision to end Chris Williamson’s suspension. He melted like a coward and reversed it.

      Where were the ‘left’ when Chris was victimised? It was one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the Labour Left and just demonstrates how easy it is for malevolent forces in the Party and in the country to play the weak minded.

      1. Or perhaps the same ‘jimmy’ vaz that procured cocaine for rent boys?

        vaz – along with hodge – ought to be thoroughly interrogated about what they know about the sexual abuse of children within westminster and the London councils they ‘served’ at.

        Join the dots…

  13. Thought he’d retired following his suspension.
    Was it an agenda item ?
    Were all members invited?
    How long was a member of Parliament? and he had no knowledge of the sweat shops?

  14. The Nolan Principles:
    Selflessness. Holders of public office should take decisions solely in terms of the public interest.
    Integrity. …
    Objectivity. …
    Accountability. …
    Openness. …
    Honesty. …

  15. Consorting with prostitutes whether they’re LGBTQ, heterosexual or Martian should permanently disqualify any individual from Parliament or any other public office.
    Prostitution is a subsistence/survival strategy of people trapped in poverty – for a Labour politician to take advantage of that desperation goes against every socialist principle there is.
    Expel the corrupt fucker.

  16. Compare and contrast with Corbyn , this Tory wannabe is an utter twat , shallow , pathetic , unprincipled and dishonest ( leadership funding !! ) IMO

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