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France’s health workers win €8 billion pay rise after weeks of protest. Over to you, Johnson, Hancock and Sunak

France’s health workers have forced the Macron government to agree a huge pay increase, after weeks of widespread and unapologetic protests – and in spite of appalling violence unleashed against them as Macron tried to force them off the streets.

Better still, most of the increase will go to lower-paid staff – apart from €450 million reserved for doctors working exclusively in the public health service.

The long and determined protest saw Macron send riot police using tear gas and batons against crowds of doctors and nurses – but the so-called ‘moderate’ president has been forced to back down:

But the health workers would not be cowed – and have now faced down a government that treated them like cattle.

When asked whether the Tory government would properly reward NHS staff for their efforts and sacrifices, then-stand-in PM Dominic Raab weaseled out of a response – but the Tories then announced yet another public-sector pay freeze:

It was a revolting slap in the face to those who have given so much to the nation’s wellbeing in spite of being ‘led by donkeys’ in Westminster.

Now that Macron has folded to the obvious rightness of the French health workers’ cause, it’s over to Johnson and co. Will they see sense without the need for mass street protests here?

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  1. A cause many more people than the usual protesters might march for.
    Might even be a wedge issue unless Starmer fucks it up.

    1. Open goal, Tory A team can hardly say they dont love the NHS that much
      Tory B team need to get their triangulation in first

  2. The trouble is there are the front line clinical staff who are great and in the back offices the bureaucrats known for bone idleness and loving the cushy life while revelling in undeserved hero status from the work of their clinical colleagues. Bit like a few other institutions I can think of.

    1. Ah, the bureaucrats. Those people who arrange the operations and source the equipment that is so sorely needed.Not everyone can be a doctor or nurse, cleaners auxiliaries and yes office staff all play there part.

      1. good to know the cleaners, the porters, the care workers are getting a decent payrise. They are just as vital

  3. I new we would have to have an attack on the NHS….divide and rule tactics from the Plain citizen of the Conservative and unionist party….The French had a unique way of dealing with the establishment on Bastille day …(madam guillotine)which certainly stoped the mouth spiling bile…!

  4. The French once again showing the way it’s done. A reminder that the people have the power. Kudos to them.

    Britain take note…


      1. I favour the steamroller myself – far more efficient.
        “Revenge… REVENGE!”

      1. labour are the opposition though.

        Coulda fooled me. They look more like junior partners in coalition at the moment.

        Has Starmer said he supports payrise for the health workers ?

        I’ve heard or seen nowt to that effect of late..

      2. “Junior partners” in the sense of tweety-pie hanging around waiting to grab a few scraps when the vultures are stuffed full.

    1. The only Forensic I would wish for the knight would be an examination of the body after he choked on his own vomit.That vermin and his rodent supporters that voted him in will have helped this government to destroy thousands of people and brought poverty to millions of working-class people. “A pox on him and all his houshold” .

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