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Tories planning to steal state aid power from devolved nations

Johnson recognises power for government to support industry is a key advantage of leaving EU – but plans to deny it to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Boris Johnson is planning a ‘power grab’ to deprive the UK’s devolved governments of a key economic power.

Johnson has acknowledged that the power for governments to decide whether and how to directly support industry and manufacturing is a key economic tool – but the Tories intend to force legislation through to deprive the government’s of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland of exactly that power, according to the Financial Times.

Johnson said that the ability to subsidise key industries is one of the ‘benefits which will directly result from leaving the EU’ – yet in what lawyers have said is an acknowledgement that the Tories have no legal right to make this power-grab, he intends to make state aid a ‘reserved power’ that the UK government alone can exercise.

Unite’s Howard Beckett continued a long streak of being on the right side of issues by drawing attention to Johnson’s manoeuvre and condemning the move as ‘the Tories holding the nations back’.

It seems independence from the control of an organisation you didn’t elect is fine for the Tories when it’s them exercising the power and the UK’s smaller nations having to bend over and take it.

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  1. EHRC Report
    The Labour Party has confirmed in a newly released statement tonight that the Equality and Human Rights Commission has sent to the party its draft report into allegations of institutional antisemitism.

  2. Forgot to add to list of chickens coming home for cheap and nasty Tory party
    No Deal will guarantee Scottish Independence and Irish Unity
    The Kingdom of Northumbria will declare unilateral independence, the Jordi tribe will negotiate a zero tariff arrangement with Scotland
    Mickey Mousers, Yorkshire puddings and Mancs will form a union with all of the above, with London becoming the new Hong Kong
    If I’ve missed anybody out from Tin miners to Norfolk Broads my apologies
    Tories will be shipped out to Trumpton

  3. All part of the Cummings plan to set black against white , old against young, poor against rich and now nation states in a very small highly populated island against , nation state.
    Nasty embittered vile hate filled country welcome to Tory Eng-ler-land , still all that mattered was .. getting Brexit done .
    The madness of King George has nothing , absolutely nothing on the insanity of the tripartite gang Johnson , Gove and Cummings .
    Meanwhile Farrage ( the xxnt ) and his mates Greasy Smog etc smugly smiling all the way to their tax havens enhanced by the new Freeports money laundering hotspots UK ,,, you stupid stupid English voters

    1. All good for clear red water party
      When the scale of corruption and snouts in troughs becomes apparent and it will then the backlash will be severe

    2. Rob, but also let’s not forget the few on the left who were narrow minded and blinkered enough not to notice that the plan was to split the UK from the EU and align us with the USA. They will now be able to sit back and watch how their assistance in driving Europe apart will not only be detrimental to us all but will hit those who can least afford it the most.

      1. Agreed, nothing more to add , time will provide the devastating impact of such utter ignorant and in some cases belligerent stupidity

      2. Interesting phrase Rob – “belligerent stupidity” does seem to be a growing phenomenon.
        TV and ‘educators’ for years have been dumbing down, encouraging the less well endowed to believe that their views – even their ‘facts’ – are as valid as anyone else’s.
        In my youth most of those with nothing of value to contribute to the discussion stayed silent but now they’re loud and proud – belligerently stupid as you say.

      3. David, in the USA, they are called ‘low information voters’.

        As has been said, “never under estimate the damage that can be done by large numbers of stupid people” Being kind, I would change it to ‘gullible people’. I like ‘belligerent stupidity though’.

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