Video: #ICantBreathe in France – nurse dragged by hair, slammed against tree and ground then knelt on by brutal police as she pleads for inhaler

Scenes of further violence against medics pleading for resources as the French right tries to justify police actions

Although the issue has been widely ignored by UK media – following a pattern set by non-coverage of the ‘gilets jaunes‘ protests against cuts – French health staff have been protesting against the collapse of the country’s health services under so-called ‘moderate’ president Emmanuel Macron.

Also largely ignored by this country’s media has been Macron’s use of violence against protesting doctors and nurses, with tear gas and baton charges unleashed just yesterday.

But even more horrific scenes of violence have come to light, as police were filmed dragging a woman around by her hair and throwing her against a tree and then the ground, before kneeling on her in scenes appallingly reminiscent of the murder of George Floyd – as she cries out that she is a nurse and needs her inhaler:

French right-wingers have tried to claim that the woman had earlier been seen throwing rocks at the police. However, footage of the stone-thrower shows an apparently older woman wearing a white tunic with a blue badge on the front left chest – while the woman being brutalised by police is wearing a plain white tunic:

The SKWAWKBOX wrote yesterday that the line between centrism and fascism is a narrow one. At least in France, run by the man who was for so long the darling of UK ‘moderates’, it seems to have vanished.

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  1. The France of Vichy still exists with its old Imperialistic impulses as strong as ever. It never went away. Paris police were chucking protesters in the Seine in the 1960’s where many hundreds drowned. They were largely Algerian and nobody made much of a fuss. Like England, Nothing Changes in France and Nobody is ever to blame.

  2. Reports on French news that she freely admitted throwing stones at police. Released with warning. 2 wrongs don’t make it right.

    1. Very few people in a French police station act ‘freely’. You don’t get a lawyer, there is no tape recording of interrogations, the Higher Courts routinely dismiss numerous allegations of violence and intimidation together with the ‘confessions’ alleged. It’s more like the UK in the 1970’s. Trial is usually by the Judge in the case who is instructed by the police and very much involved in the investigation. The conviction rate is over 95%.

  3. The following article is from a couple of weeks ago:

    ‘White supremacists pose as Antifa online, call for violence’

    A Twitter account that tweeted a call to violence and claimed to be representing the position of “Antifa” was in fact created by a known white supremacist group, Twitter said Monday. The company removed the account.

    The revelation of the account comes as President Donald Trump increasingly blames left-wing activists for violence occurring at protests across America.

    On Sunday, Trump tweeted he would designate Antifa a terrorist organization…..

    The phenomenon of people on the right creating fake Antifa accounts predates the current wave of protests. The takedown Monday is not the first time a fake Antifa account linked to white supremacists has been suspended by Twitter, the spokesperson confirmed.

  4. Also came across the following just now (from June 3rd):

    FBI finds no evidence “indicating Antifa involvement” in DC protest despite Trump’s claims:

    The FBI found no intelligence “indicating Antifa involvement” in violence surrounding Sunday’s protest near the White House despite President Donald Trump’s attempts to cast blame on radical leftists, according to an FBI situation report obtained by The Nation.

    An FBI source told the outlet that other situation reports, produced daily by the FBI since the weekend, have similarly shown no evidence of Antifa involvement.

  5. To anyone that followed the Gillet Jaunes protests this is no surprise, Macron’s goons have shown how violent they are towards protesters for over a year, old people attacked, eyes shot out, excessive tear gassing… on and on including deaths. I don’t recall much outrage back then I am sorry to say.

    1. Yes, I followed the #jiletjaunes protests which lasted from 2018 until the start of the Pandemic. There was so much brutality by Macron’s Stormtroopers (same in Spain against the Catalonians who voted for independence.

  6. As a schoolkid in the 60s living in Australia I attended an anti-LBJ demo when the US president was visiting. As our crowd grew organisers pointed out know police “agitators” in plain clothes. As LBJ’s motorcade drew near we as a crowd were pushed out onto the road causing chaos- you have no choice in a crowd when pushed. Later organisers identified half a dozen plainclothes cops who did the pushing. Naturally the media were brutal.
    They’ve done this for decades but I’m sure they have become far more sophisticated these days. I never believe media reports of demonstrators acting badly but now we can film everything which people must do,

  7. There is no visible injuries to her until after they put her in cuffs. Then she is bleeding from a forehead injury. There is absolutely no excuse for violence against an arrested and restrained suspect. Facist Stormtroopers

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