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Video: Unite’s Beckett slams Tories for dumping austerity fall-out of pandemic on working class – and takes Labour to task for weak response

Union figure exposes reality of Tory ‘plan’ – and calls on Labour to stop hiding and step up with an alternative plan to protect people and jobs

Unite assistant general secretary Howard Beckett continues to demonstrate what opposition looks like – and on this occasion has taken the Labour leadership directly to task, as well as hammering the Tories for returning to their business-as-usual,

where the elite get away with it and the rest of us pay.

Beckett reacted in astonishment to Labour’s decision to u-turn on its calls for a wealth tax to invest in the economy – and then issued a video in which he warned both Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer that making the working class pay for the Tories’ pandemic incompetence will not be allowed to pass without a fight:

Beckett pulled no punches in his message:

And no wonder. At the moment, left unions, back-bench MPs and the Labour movement’s grassroots are the only ones filling the vacuum of resistance to the Tories and their ‘mainstream media’ propaganda machine.

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  1. It just says it all when a Unite rep had to do the job of the opposition. Starmer the stupid doing the work of the establishment. More worried about ” reds under the bed ” than taking Bojo the clown to task for this absolute shower of s@#t governments bungling of the Covid crisis. More power to Mr Beckett’s elbow.

  2. I think we all know that those hoping for Keir Starmer to “step up” are going to be sorely disappointed. He and his Cabinet appear not to have a single oppositional impulse between them!

    1. I am not convinced that those that voted for him wanted the knight and his round table to “step up” ..I am convinced that the Labour party are basically 2partys that cannot exist together,The failed ideology of Neo liberalisation won through whilst the Democratic socialist labour party was asleep and Corbyn and our leadership were too weak to do the job of clearing out the Cancer that eventually destroyed the Labour party.and any chance of a working class movement.

      1. Yeah, yeah, yeah, nothing to do with the corporate media propaganda machine then!

        So how many times is that you’ve repeated the ‘weakness’ bollocks now during the past ten/eleven months since you first started posting on here? Fourty, fifty times?! Repetition eh, a subtle form of brain-washing!

        I can assure EVERY single person who reads skwawkbox that Joe Okeefe knows full well that the deep state were never-ever going to let Jeremy anywhere near the reigns of power. And Joe and Co spend much of their time on here smearing the victims. And Jeremy was the biggest victim of all!!!

      2. Joseph
        So fucking close, stop talking in the past tense, the bairns have grasped the nettle, they know this town ain’t big enough for the two of us
        Every effort from here on in is to clear out Quislings and Bad Actors, starting with Blair, all roads lead to a united democratic socialist party,
        What is truly shocking is how easily a major party can be infiltrated and how practically impossible it is to manage,
        Dont forget Tories have also been taken over by Brexit, National white Peoples scumbqgs, that cannot last either
        No Deal yet to come, it’s still all to play for, get back in tent, kidda

      3. Yes, the ‘broad church’ Labour Party is really two antagonist bodies which cannot coexistic symbiotically or constructively.

        This is why every left member, whether communitarian, primitive, collectivist, Trotskyist, Leninist, Marxist, or, like most of us, not sure which supposed cliques or sects we belong to, but convinced that a socialist direction of travel is necessary and beneficial, needs to STAY in Labour and FIGHT for our values.

        Jeremy Corbyn knew and knows this – and briefly succeeded and only failed because enemies smeared, misreported and confounded him; the neoliberal right know this and are trying frantically to make us run retrace and leave and most practical activists and members know it too.

        STAY, FIGHT AND PROTECT Labour from the bourgeois neo-liberals.

        Sir Keir is not the future and not Labour.

    2. Corbyn’s got more fight in him than this current bunch o’ toerag fannies combined….And Corbyn’s a pacifist ffs.

  3. The capitalists in charge work internationally, so the poor and bereaved of all countries will suffer similar austerity I think.
    Maybe an opportunity to internationalise the struggle might be just around the corner?

  4. ‘Trump hails Obama! How the US president has turned to his predecessor’s ugly methods of repressing dissent to tackle BLM ‘

    The US leader has called Obama’s model for crushing the 2011 Occupy Wall St movement “beautiful” and is using it to label even peaceful BLM protestors as domestic terrorists. It’s police state stuff.

  5. Dear UNITE the union and Skwawkbox,
    Labour will not help people, as Starmer’s Labour is even more a lackay of the rich than Tory Boris.

    We need Jeremy Corbyn to start his own party, with his small band of around 30 MP allies, as stay as sitting MPs in the jobs, that can actually hold the Tories and Starmer’s Labour to account.

    Right now we have no opposition other than the SNP, who can only talk for Scotland.

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    1. Once again when your labour hierarchy’s under critical scrutiny, you pathetically attempt change the subject and distract from the open and abject shithousery demonstrated by said hierarchy.

      Unfortunately for you, you’ve attempted to evade their spinelessness with a topic that further highlights your barefaced hypocrisy.

      You’re really not very bright, are you?

      1. Toffee – The thought never even occurred to me. Unfortunately we are not all as ‘clever’ and devious as you like to think you are Tory Boy.

      2. Toffee….judas is on the knight payroll,dont waste your comments on feeding the propaganda machine.Steve H will soon be on ovetime meaning more money.Don’t really understand why anyone would pay for weak distraction politics from him,…but then again the clowns voted for a knight of the realm so anything is possible in their right wing wonderland of makebelieve.

      3. And he calls ME ‘tory boy’ – while saying nothing about his beloved stammer’s latest capitulation to the toerags.

        Most definitely NOT the sharpest light bulb in the picnic basket.

      4. Well said Toffee,our Stevie has absolutely no shame,and will without pausing for breath go from praising “Keir” to lamenting Assange’s fate with not even a hint of shame.He really is a complete shit.

    2. Shame the melody of the verse section is lifted directly from Neil Young’s song Harvest. Try it and see…

  7. So come on stevey boy.

    How about you enlighten all us dissatisfied, disgruntled and disillusioned as to the difference between stammer and the toerags? You’re the (only) one telling us all to ‘wait and see’…but the rest of us are still waiting (And always will be) to spot the difference.

  8. Is light partly beginning to dawn at last? A bit late to recognise that this has been an artificial crisis manufactured partly to provide precisely this opportunity for ‘continuity austerity’ and a compliant population.

    International corporate big money still driving the agenda.

  9. Here we have a great Trade Unionist expounding the sort of views that I believe in. Yet every time I look at the comments on SB all I get is is a shower of idiots expounding their personal views which are completely off topic.I could count 12 people(or are they really 12?) who completely dominate conversations always and never discuss matters appropriate to the subject at hand.
    Frankly Im disgusted at all this claptrap.

  10. Another embarrassing moment for the LP. Can someone tell me what policies Starmer actually has. Even though he promised to keep the policies set out in the manifesto it’s clear as time goes on all of these will be dropped. Yet if anyone dares to criticise him we’re told to get behind him, but how do you get behind someone who was obviously electioneering and conning the members.
    Then again I’m not expecting too much from Dodds either, especially when she agreed with Morgan that Becky deserved to be sacked because she used an AS trope

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