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Video: when people talk policy, Labour wins. Here are 70 in 108 seconds to raise awareness

Just a small selection, but powerful – and vital information to counter MSM silence

Labour’s focus on policies has seen the party climb in the polls, in spite of desperate Establishment slurs – desperate because the Tories cannot hope to match Labour on policies, vision or hope.

When people talk about Labour’s policies, we all win.

But the corporate and Establishment media are following a clear policy of underplaying and often entirely ignoring Labour’s incredible policy platform. Below is a 108-second video that shows seventy of Labour’s more than two hundred outstanding policies:

If voters are aware, Labour wins – and the country wins. Share widely.

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  1. “Where will Labour get the Money from!?”
    “The Money Tree!? Wharff Wharfff Wharfff!”
    No actually there are Great Forrests of Money Trees in the form of Dodgy Drug Prices, Contractor Friend of Friend Deals, Hundreds and Hundreds of these Mainland Forrests!
    But then there are also the Fast Forrests on Off Shore Tax Havens, all those Money trees are comming home! You’ve had your Fun at the Expence of the ‘Ordinary”Man’
    Here are some or YOUR Favorites!
    Located in Western Europe between France and Spain in the Pyrenees Mountains.

    The Bahamas
    Located off the southeast coast of Florida.

    Located in Central America on the Caribbean sea between Mexico and Guatemala.

    Located east of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. No income tax, capital gains tax, capital transfer tax.

    The British Virgin Islands
    Located 60 miles southeast of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

    The Cayman Islands
    Located in the western Caribbean just south of Cuba.

    The Channel Islands
    Located 40 miles north of France and 110 miles south of UK in the English channel.

    The Cook Islands
    Located between Samoa to the west and French Polynesia to the east in the south Pacific.

    Hong Kong
    Located south of mainland China on the South China Sea.

    The Isle of Man
    Located between Ireland and England in the Irish Sea.

    Located in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar.

    Located in western Europe bordered by Switzerland and Austria.

    Located in western Europe on the French coast of the Mediterranean sea.

    Located between the North Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean sea.

    Located in western Europe.

    St. Kitts and Nevis
    Located west of Antigua in the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean Sea.

    All those lovely little places where you stash Tax, Laundered through a Charity Money, Owing Inheritance Money ALL THAT will not Pass John McDonnell’s nose! He WILL Sniff you OUT!
    Jeremy Corbyn is the Allotment Gardener, but John he looks after the Great British Money-Tree Forrest both on and off shore!

    1. Well done HateHate. If we are to have a proper socialist redistribution we MUST have exchange controls to stop money disappearing out of the UK. End to freedom of travel to stop people saying they’re ‘holidaying’ abroad, buying holiday homes, timeshares etc. It will be necessary to nationalise the media and place it under party control. There is far too much ‘wasteful choice’ in goods and services in the UK. In tax policy a top rate of tax of 95% on all salaries above £100k pa is a good start.

      1. WOW! You REALLY know very little of Democratic Socialism! Or Socialism and Communism! Things are allowed to change since the original Manifesto you know! It is only a Document not a Law! People can do with their own earnings what they like, but their 20/25% Tax goes to the Tax Man NOT the Bahamas via a “Good Deed” donation to a Charity, let’s see those Good Deeds come from their OWN Pockets! If I pay 20/25/etc% tax I expect every rich man and poor man to pay theirs the same! NOT shave some off here for this and some more for that, because ‘my’ tax Comes to £millions, NO! Full tax please! Just like all the people who MADE THAT MONEY FOR YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!
        I think the Highest tax payers are the Danish at 45% and they are very happy to pay that much tax because it includes Housing, Health Care, Transport, Child Care, Education, Higher Education in any Country of Choice etc, etc, etc!
        Plain Citizen I think you need to stop watching and Reading MSM! Next you will believe Johnson is on a pink flying pig landing at Buckingham Palace!

      2. 95% tax deducted from a £200,000 salary would only leave £10,000 to pay the bills.

      3. Who needs more than £10000 or indeed £5000!?
        Tee Hee Hee!
        At least the shits would have less time,energy and will left to connive, steal, plunder and dodgy deal the poor and already destitute!
        Sadly Jeremy Corbyn is neither a Communist nor a Socialist so 95% is NOT going to happen! Democratic Socialism is a Balance between Capitalism and Socialism, Best of both worlds to some BUT Best of this CURRENT World by a Long shot! We need this Gentle transition, hopefully this will revive Socialism and Communism and their policies, Much Change needed there too!
        Wouldn’t it be wonderful if JC’s Labour Party was The “Right Wing” Party of Parliament in the next Elections! “The New “”Tories”””

      4. HateHate, in your list of tax havens you missed out the newest and most dangerous – South Dakota, USA.
        Other US states are now racing to change their own laws to compete with SD’s low tax and privacy to try and get some of the “investment” for themselves before South Dakota hoovers up the wealth of the whole world.
        Seriously. It’s big.

      5. David McNiven Thank you for that, there are so many all over the world that it is impossible to list them all. I dread to think what is lurking in the ME! But the good news is John McDonnell has a Sharp nose for sniffing out Contraband British Forestry and I trust he will be bringing those Money Trees home by the Boatload! Solar powered Boats of Course Built by the British Green Shipping Company, :):):)

  2. The cost of replacing Trident is £205 billion (CND estimate). The effect of replacing Trident on the enemies of the British working class is SFA. I could build a citizens’ militia for a fraction of that sum and with far greater deterrent effect to our real enemies.

  3. “climb in the polls”

    Being brutally realistic – it’s more a slow crawl in relative terms.The current gap is around 10% – the return of LibDem votes is welcome, but seems to be matched by Brexit votes returning to their previous natural home.

    It is to be hoped that doorstep campaigning can gain momentum, and that new registrations reflect the rise in membership. Stuff like the Arcuri scandal won’t cut through, I fear – as with Trump, Mr Toad’s patent unsuitability for any real job just doesn’t register. If you’re dim enough to vote Tory, you’re probably unable to make the sophisticated judgment that Mr Toad is a literal and figurative total tosser.

      1. It’s only one poll. Hpwever, even disregarding YouGov, the latest run of results isn’t good.

  4. The People who own the Polls are the very same People who own the MSM or are at least are very heavily connected!
    There is ONLY one TRUE POLL Election Day! Even that I do not Trust I would like to see volunteers chained to the box until it is emptied on the counting table! 🙂

  5. 1010 phone polled in a mix of landline and mobile.
    I think the mix might be significant.
    To oversimplify: (a lot)
    The wealthy have both landlines and mobiles and vote Tory.
    The elderly have only landlines and vote Tory.
    The poor and the young have only mobiles and vote Labour.

    My suspicion is that if you phone a landline the odds are high that you’ll be talking to a Tory – higher than they are that you’ll be talking to a Labour voter when you call a mobile.

    I don’t trust any of the polls despite Survation’s record.

    1. Those Pollsters have their finger on every demographic they need to get the results they want. They can group us by time, colour and consistency of our morning poops all thanks to all those “free” gifts, like Alexa et al 🙂 from BT, Sky, Vodafone etc!
      Just look at the difference between the footage of the Corbyn Campaign Tour compared with Johnson and Establishment friend Swinson, etc!
      What worries me is that people watch and read MSM Propaganda, see the polls and try to vote tactically, ending up voting Establishment AGAIN! Then we’re all screwed for another 40 years of Establishment NeoLiberalism! Only this time the NHS will be gone for sure!

      1. As they say – just because they’re out to get you doesn’t mean you’re not paranoid.

        Again – it’s not in polling concerns commercial interests to baldly manipulate the results. AS has already been pointed out – despite not predicting the precise outcome of the last election, the polls were pretty accurate in showing Labour rapidly closing the gap with the Tories just before the vote. No sign of manipulation there.

        Just whistling ‘Zippety Doo-Dah’ with closed eyes isn’t going to produce a win. All that can be said at present is that the best available evidence suggests that movement needs to be greater.

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