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Exclusive: only female council leader in W Mids about to quit live on video at 3.30pm today accusing New-New Labour of bullying her out?

Yvonne Davies – currently the only female council leader in the West Midlands

Rumours are flying around Sandwell Council that council leader Yvonne Davies is set to quit her role and the Labour Party at the beginning the council’s cabinet meeting this afternoon, accusing the Labour Party of bullying her out.

Ms Davies went on the record in 2018 to accuse former local MP Tom Watson of ‘ma[king] my life a misery‘.

She has already been exonerated by the party once after right-wingers in the heartland of the Watson-Spellar-Labour First clique – attempted to stitch her up, with Steve Trow – who subsequently and briefly held the role of council leader – accused last year by local councillors of falsifying the minutes of a council meeting to incriminate her. Mr Trow made no response to the accusations when asked for comment.

In 2018, Davies also reported that she was forced out of the council chamber by right-wing councillors and then-leader Steve Eling, who banged his stick on the table at her as other councillors yelling at her to get out. Mr Eling denied doing so. The Labour group’s chief whip at the time declined to comment but did not deny that the incident took place.

Ms Davies confirmed to the SKWAWKBOX today that she is making a speech at the beginning of the council meeting, but did not wish to elaborate.

The cabinet meeting is scheduled to be broadcast at 3.30pm and can be viewed here. Will the council conveniently develop ‘technical issues’?

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  1. Sad, like.

    But stammer’s not arsed anyway, and he’ll have it brushed under the Axminster.

    ‘Another one less’ is how he’ll be seeing it. He’d be even less arsed if Davies was BAME.

  2. What is it with these prats who think they can bully anyone they don’t agree with? They wouldn’t do it to anyone who they thought might give them some back. A pity someone take his stick away and start yelling back at him in a threatening manner. I doubt he’d have been so brave them.

    I remember the NF coming to march through our town many years ago, all full of it. They saw a crowd of skinheads and thought they had some supporters. How wrong they were when they got chased out with their tails between their legs. Proper skinheads weren’t into their shit at all, the fools just didn’t realise it.

    1. They do it because they can……..& rewriting Shane Meadows version of history? Proper skin’ead bovver boys wore industrial ‘Doc Martins’ for a reason. If you support Millwall or West Ham you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

      1. Dark deeds at the Den, treatment wore masks. Very prescient.

    2. Neat. I know that one shouldn’t mention such things in mixed company but there were a few gems in those kerfuffles. Talk about emotional upheavals, no one knew who was gonna come out on top. Latest reports; we won. Had to be done. Take care all. ☮️

  3. Just watched the webcast. What a powerful and emotional speech. I do hope this sinks the right wing of Sandwell councillors ever being in office again. It speaks volumes about our current leadership. More people will leave the party now and I maybe one of them.

    1. Cristopher I am a x-labour member I quit on the day Starmer was elected. I do have to ask what do you think your schive staying? Your just giving support to the New-Labour 2.0 BS party Starmer is building that has NO labour values what so ever. These are the same scum that have made sure we lost the last 2 elections, started this whole AS Witch Hunt and are infested labour like a cancer. No matter if you get another left wing leader and I don’t believe with all their changes and game playing that will ever be possible again! They will just play the same sick twisted games until there gone. I honestly see no future for Labour and I have been a labour supporter my whole life like my father & Mother before me. It now makes me physically sick to see the state of the party. So please consider dio you want to support new Labour 2.0 or consider we need really a new home. No big church BS fuck that Left wing only or GTFO and then see if people want to support that? I believe they will flock back if you give them a political home and proper hope again…

      1. Where do I donate and join. Heading towards 70 but I know that I’ll stand. Regards ☮️

  4. The LP now appears to be more rt wing than the Tory Party. SS and Co have no intention of creating an organisation fit to represent anyone except their friends in the corporate world. The rule book means nothing to them, or constitution. Suspended members are told they can’t discuss their cases, so seems like the LP won’t even follow the laws of the land. Judging by the racist, bullying, anti-Semitic attitudes and comments from the hierarchy, their hatred of accountability and democracy they’ll soon be making alliances with the likes of Farage as they have so much in common. What do we call organisations who wish to destroy democracy? Suggest people read up on the German SDP in the 20’s.

  5. ………Potatoclock dead right, apart from alliance with Farage. Starmer is a bourgeois ‘Remainer’ & will seek alliances with his natural home, the Liberal Party.

  6. Garage, Loxley, Hopkins and that bird from an unfunny numbers thing on the box. I know this is irrelevant but I can’t stand em. Just saying. I’m a left leaver so I’m politically homeless. Pip pip.

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