Video: Defence Select Committee’s Francois threatens armed forces chief, “Cummings is going to sort you out and you won’t like it”

Extraordinary warning to UK’s head of military – that an unelected adviser will go to war on armed forces

Video from a meeting of the parliamentary Defence Select Committee has emerged showing Tory MP and committee member Mark Francois threatening the chief of the UK’s armed forces that Dominic Cummings will ‘sort you out’.

That’s an unelected adviser – and one only recently disgraced in the eyes of much of the population – essentially going to war on the armed forces personnel of this country – and Francois shows no sign that he is being anything less than serious:

This is a clip that in all likelihood will become a definitive moment in the history of excessive and anti-democratic power in the UK.

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  1. I wonder what the response will be from that Armed Forces bigwig (can’t be bothered to look up his name) who threatened a mutiny if Corbyn reached No 10…

    1. There will be no reaction of any significance: the Armed Forces recognise the right of the ruling class to give them orders. The problem with Corbyn was that he seemed to be opposed to that ruling class. And by no means committed to keeping the armed forces in the manner to which they have grown accustomed. They may not like Cummings but they understand that he loves conflict, supports authority and hierarchy and will look after them.

      1. Yet the armed forces lost 180000 personnel
        Under the Tories yet they pander to them
        Strangely I would have thought a labour
        Government wouldn’t have been able to get away with so many

      2. The armed forces are “the ruling class” ,just ask anyone from Sandhurst.. !God save the Queen??…comrades

    2. It was quoted in many MSM “ news”papers as an anonymous senior serving general. The Tories, The senior heads of the armed forces, Security services, Civil service plus of course the knight of the realm and his cabal are all underlings of the elites so we could expect a muted feeble response .

  2. “You wait ’til I tell my boyfriend” said the French tart to the gangster with all the guns.

  3. The armed services are like the NHS Everyone loves and resects them but at the end of the day they are paid servants of the Government, the people who we elect to make the important decisions and deploy to carry out their orders. Remember that it is ultimately the government that decides if and when we go to war, and who the enemy is.

  4. ‘Manky franky’ francois harping on about Nimrod disaster in 1986….And what party governed then?

    Also, what happened to our early warning programme the second they got in, in 2010?

    That’s right…

    As a result it means we had a better airborne early warning system in the 1950’s than we do today. We have destroyers with engines that completely cut out – stone dead – once their defence systems are switched on. We have aircraft carriers without aircraft (F35’s have been delayed again, apparently) nor the pilots trained to fly them. And we have ‘hire purchase’ nuclear missiles we have to ask the yanks’ permission before we can fire off, and who’s guidance systems are so suspect they might even have to stop and ask the bleedin’ way!

    So to be honest, I don’t really give a flying one who they get in to sort it out – as long as it gets sorted out. And by BRITISH manufacturers instead of being tendered out all over the bleedin’ place.

    You seen (Chief of defence staff, Gen Carter’s) grin when manky franky ‘threatened’ him. Small wonder. Defence procurement is too big a money spinner for the spivs for some skinny little runt like cummings to come along and bust up.

    All’s that was for code for ‘Our mate dom wants a kickback’.

    1. In its understandable desire to have a go at the horrible Francois , Skwawkbox rather missing by a mile the real , potentially explosive, long-term, scandal, and open goal for the Left here – ie, the rampant incompetence and generations long corruption in UK defence procurement. The ghastly MP, Mark, Francoise, is actually correct on this one – for all the reasons and much more that The Toffee describes. No doubt the smug look on General Carter’s face is because he knows the ‘revolving door’ corruption behind defence procurement decisions (including most ex Defence Secretaries of State too of course – all now working for the arms lobby), and expects to get a remunerative job with this industry in a few years time too !

      For those interested (and most of the semi-pacifist ‘Left’ simply isn’t – despite the huge money-squandering scandal defence procurement is – with the Blairite Labour Right very, very, deeply implicated too) , I covered all this scandalous stuff in considerable depth in a long 2017 Left Futures article –

  5. Decent article, that, JP.

    I’ve always been in favour of massively increased spending on conventional forces, paid for by a hugely reduced spend on a downsized nuclear deterrent. You’ll notice for the 2 or 3 nukes that kim jong un is supposed to possess, it’s been enough to make president charlie bigspuds clam up & look towards countries without a ‘deterrent’ instead. (Venezuela, for example).

    But even then it won’t get rid of the bribery & corruption that’s nigh-on absolute within all spheres of the MoD. Tbh it’d be the hardest department to completely sanitize.

  6. Which part of Trident is neither a deterrent nor independent do you not get
    You can keep the money but it needs to be spent on personnel, housing and civil defence

  7. Knowing smiles all around!

    Just how DO these vile, odious cnuts keep getting voted in, election after election?

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