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Video: UK government failing to disclose 90% of local positive tests

‘Pillar 2’ data being withheld for local areas, missing 90% of cases in Leicester area

The government is withholding data for the number of coronavirus infections at a local level, releasing only the number of positive tests carried out in hospitals. This means that around 90% of positive cases being detected in Leicester – itself a fraction of the real number of infections, as many people suffer few or no symptoms – are not being made available at a local level.

People enquiring on the government website about the level of virus in their area are being misled:

For weeks now, the Tories have also been withholding data on the number of people they are testing, as opposed to the number of tests issued. What started as an attempt to pretend that promises by Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock on testing had been met has now become yet another gross deception of the people.

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  1. The tests are unreliable as many many doctors, Professors, medical institutions around the world have stated as much.

    Moreover, the fatalities rate lies in 8 countries as measured by their local health of between 0.2-0.46% and the median age as measured by 8 countries lies between 80-86.The fatalities rate in the U.K. since 1991-2019 was between 0.2-0.6+% the present rate is way less than 1% . Despite the initial 3.4% from Ferguson and Imperial which he had to revise down to 1%+.

    As the graphs from the NHS showed on the 2.06.2020, 5% of the fatalities were solely from Covid19, therefore, 95% of them had 2 or more serious primary illnesses such as cancer, dementia, respiratory illnesses, Parkinson’s, dementia, heart disease etc. Not forgetting of course the fact the criteria of reporting a Covid-19 death has been changed which means that the cause of death in some cases reported as COD as Covid-19 never had a test to verify it.

    Whilst all this going on of course, recently nearly 2,000 people lost their jobs at an Airbus plant in the U.K., 734 pilots lost their jobs at a lost cost airline to add to the already 3,000,000 + unemployed and the prospects from the vast majority of the economists is it will become very grim indeed.

    Meanwhile the fallout from this “ pandemic “ will be greatly felt on the livelihoods and return to a hand to mouth existence for many people.

  2. Control the figures & control perceptions. The function of gov’t owned Public Service Broadcasting is to manage consent.

    1. You are quite right – and the publicity storm is all towards exaggeration of the figures. Skwawkbox’s help isn’t needed in this PR effort – the Beeb can manage pretty well.

      1. Just as an addendum, I’ve just come across this account from a Florida doctor that concisely captures the nonsense of ‘cases’ :

        “Having now been privileged to care for sick patients with COVID-19, both in and out of the hospital setting, I am happy to see the number of these sick patients dwindle almost to zero in my community – while the “case numbers” for COVID-19 continue to go up. Why is that?

        In marked contrast to measles, shingles, and other infectious disease, “cases” of COVID-19 do NOT require the presence of ANY symptoms whatsoever. Health departments are encouraging everyone and anyone to come in for testing, and each positive test is reported as yet another “new” case of COVID-19!”

        … but those who have an interest in keeping the fiction going (and who have been proved remarkably *wrong* over the last three months) pretend that ‘cases’ = ‘sickness’.

      2. … and another addendum :

        ““The death rate is a fact; anything beyond this is an inference.”

        William Farr (1807 – 1883)

        This is the bloke who worked out this much about infectious disease a long, long time ago.

        How come that the obvious fact of this virus following the standard curve predicted by Farr is flagged up as something it isn’t as it declines, and it appears that the threshold for population immunity (more good news being suppressed) is around 20% – and we’re round about that level ???

        Oh no – hysterics are prancing around exaggerating local ‘spikes’ and promising ‘second waves’. It an absurd satire on the ‘precautionary principle.’

        The chance of young people dying from a lightning strike is one in 700,000. The chance of dying of Covid-19 in that age group is one in 3.5million. And we locked them all down.


  3. This political choice by the Government is dangerous. It is choosing to give priority to political factors over the scientific principles.

    Firstly, the science which the Government should be respecting (and isn’t) and which is struggling to establish meaningful R0 numbers, infection and mortality rates that provide practical use to people, will be mistrusted and demeaned by people.

    Secondly, the Government and other powerful vested interests will use the resultant despondency to promote their agenda(s).

    Already we see the early results of the Government’s strategy: teaching unions and parents are demeaned and ridiculed for resisting school re-openings to protect themselves from the as yet unquantified risk of covid we, and the Labour Part’s new management is siding with the interests of business over the interests of people and their health

    1. He is highly recommended. Alas, your prognosis is correct the true believers will not listen to anything which contradicts the dogma of the “ pandemic “.

  4. RH, 11.33am. “Why???”. In order to get some perspective on the why it’s necessary to look at the who was pushing for the notion of a “ pandemic “ and who has gained from it or will gain from it. Certainly not the public or S&M businesses and in a number of cases large corporations so who will Cui Bono from the “ pandemic “.

    Well, from the non existent “ pandemic “ of 2009, based on our old friend Professor Ferguson plus Imperial estimations “ the International Pharmaceutical corporations and The Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation. Moreover, let’s look at who gained from the financial crash of 2007, the banks, hedge funds very wealthy investors etc. Who stands to gain from the latest “pandemic “ and economic meltdown, the same list of characters. There is a quaint notion that politicians hold the levers of power which is exactly what it is a quaint notion. Look at who gains and the why will come more into focus.

    1. So were all the subprime lenders and other financial institutions that got burned in ’07 just not in on the conspiracy?
      When they got scared of not getting repaid, panicked and caused runs on the banks, did the ones that lost fortunes do it on purpose?
      Were they manipulated into over-lending during the years it took for the crisis that broke in ’07 to build up?
      How could the banks that got bailed out be certain that the governments would agree, or that they wouldn’t be murdered in their beds by angry investors?

      It wasn’t conspiracy, it was stupidity. It was caused by Thatcher and Reagan’s deregulation and Brown’s stupidity in thinking he’d cured boom and bust – on the strength of a fucking bubble.

      1. The Federal reserve is owned by whom ? A. soley by the US government B.a private institution controlled by approximately 12 private banks or C. Mostly owned by private banks.

        The Lehman brothers went to the wall but many of the top Wall street firms and banks did very nice thank you from the bailouts from Obama whose top financial officials included many former Wall street and bank top executives. It’s called the revolving door. How many trillions of dollars did they get whilst hundreds of thousands lost their homes because of avarice
        Let’s, look at the story market and banks, city of London. They did very nicely from QE whilst public services and jobs were slashed to the bone.

        Let’s look at the last ” pandemic ” called on the basis of Prof Fergie and Imperials guesses.Who paid for the millions of unnecessary vaccines which profited the B&MGF plus the international pharmaceutical corporations billions. Was A. The banks. B. The City of London or C. The tax payers in many countries.

        Which brings us to the present ” pandemic ” Cui Bono. Certainly not the public nor S&M businesses. How many billions have been pumped into the stock market was A. Not many B. Quite a lot or C. An enormous amount.

        The 2007 crash was caused by naked greed and the fact that they would not lose out. To big to fail was the mantra. Look at the facts instead of fantasy!.

  5. ” the science which the Government should be respecting ”

    Getting away from the detail, there is a fascinating discussion including three Nobel laureates about the current role and functioning of science and the scientific community, and the need to understand relative risk and probability :

    The issue of schools and Covid-19 is very pertinent to this discussion, and illustrates how out of kilter are assessments of risk with the actual evidence. The problem with over-estimation of risk is clear – it leads to a sort of disproportionate agoraphobia and the massive ramping up of other actual economic and social costs.

  6. Indeed. You will gather that is was a rhetorical question, brianbotou – to which the answer has a few other strands to the answer. 🙂

    1. As with most rhetorical questions, the answers are always right in front of us.🍻

  7. Incidentally – the politically alert will notice how more and more detached from the reality of actual illness is the government narrative, as hospital admissions and deaths from Covid-19 fall to insignificant levels.

    Interesting that – just as the ‘local lock-up’ and ‘second wave’ scenarios are being implemented against the run of evidence, so the ‘terror threat is brought into play in order to keep the population compliant to authoritarianism by inducing irrational fear.

  8. Tonight 6.30 on the Resistance Channel, Facebook and YouTube:

    Chris Williamson discussing the intended annexation of parts of the West Bank by Israel, with guests including Miko Peled, Basem Tamimi, Ahed’s father and Tom Suarez, author of ‘State or Terror’

  9. I don’t trust government figures, and I believe the PCR tests are incredibly unreliable.

    This is a #Scamdemic designed to further remove human rights and advance towards a technocratic society.

  10. “In relation to Foreign Office advice, that is what it is, it is advice. It is for individuals to make judgments themselves”.

    The PM’s official spokesman uses ‘the Cummings defence’ when asked about Stanley Johnson breaking the rules to visit his villa in Greece

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