2016: anti-Corbyn MPs investigate Labour antisemitism claims. Here’s what they said


Allegations that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn suddenly became antisemitic are not, of course, new. They began almost as soon as Corbyn shocked the Establishment – in and out of the party – by his landslide first leadership election victory in 2015.

In 2016, the Commons Home Affairs Committee (CHAC) convened to investigate and report on the claims.

The investigating MPs on the committee were all opponents of Jeremy Corbyn – six Tories, one SNP and two ‘centrist’ Labour MPs, of whom one had called on Corbyn to resign a couple of months earlier and the other had resigned from the front bench as soon as Corbyn became leader, rather than serve the party under him:


Those MPs had no incentive to find Labour blameless. At least some of them positively wanted to find Labour guilty of an ‘antisemitism problem’ – and went to the media afterwards to try to ‘spin’ the committee’s findings against the party.

But in their official report – the formal record of their findings that they could be held accountable for in future – this was their conclusion:

Despite significant press and public attention on the Labour Party, and a number of revelations regarding inappropriate social media content, there exists no reliable, empirical evidence to support the notion that there is a higher prevalence of antisemitic attitudes within the Labour Party than any other political party.

Six Tories, one SNP, two Labour MPs with close connections to Israel – and they had to conclude that there was no evidence of a Labour ‘antisemitism problem’.

Of course, Labour has people with antisemitic attitudes among its members. Society has such people and Labour draws its members from it.

But no evidence that there is a ‘higher prevalence’.

In fact, there is significant evidence that Labour has less – the Campaign against Antisemitism (CAA) recently found that forty percent of Tory members hold antisemitic attitudes, much higher than Labour.

Yet the CAA is one of the groups now calling for protests against the Labour Party – not against the Tories.

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  1. A quick Google search reveals that the only time Chuka Umunna seems to be concerned about anti-Semitism is when he is using it as a weapon to attack Jeremy Corbyn. At other times he appears to have zilch interest.

  2. It is has become quite clear that supporters of the apartheid state of Israel are misappropriating the issue of anti-semitism to undermine Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition in the United Kingdom.

    This interference in the democracy of the UK is completely unacceptable.

    There is evidence that the state of Israel is involved in the coordination of this intentional undermining of the parliamentary structure of the British parliament.

    This behaviour by Israel is tantamount to an act of aggression against the UK.

    1. “This behaviour by Israel is tantamount to an act of aggression against the UK.”

      Yes, along with the Tories/Tory Government, the Blairites, and much of the MSM, and especially the corporate right-wing press.

    2. Absolutely and the UK Israeli Ambassador is Right Wing Netanyanu’s ex-spin doctor – someone seems to have the resources to trail through thousands of Labour members’ past social media posts. Time to turn the spotlight on the Tories too!

  3. This anti semitism scare probe into the Labour Party by a committe made up almost totally by Conservatives and two opponents of Jeremy Corbyn from Labour was coming together of Tories and Blairites to smear Corbyn. The idea that anti semitism is something that is encouraged by the Labour leadership is totally false.

  4. Since any serious people understand antisemitism smears is only tool for political purposes, i still wonder… How can any so called left wing, even moderate, not only side with the most radical right wing country in the world (israel) but also defend it with more dedication then their own without being questioned ? That to me is mindblowing

  5. Could this dangerous nonsense be motivated by Jeremy’s support of Palestine?

  6. Excellent piece SB and with your previous post highlighting a survey showing disturbingly that 40% of Tory Party members agreed with an anti-semetic statement perhaps we should go on the attack and not allow an open field to the Right outside Labour and within!
    I hope there is a counter demonstration today against the Tories.
    I have always felt we need to shine a searchlight on them – all together now “Tories root your racists out! Tories root your racists out!”

  7. It seems quite clear to me that the State Of Israel is at war with Labour and are utterly focused on overthrowing a democratically elected leader of the Opposition . The latest attack on the leadership has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and all to do with protecting the State Of Israel actions in oppressing the Palestinian people , they well know JC would question this should he gain power.
    There is ample evidence of the corrupting actions of SOI in undermining our democracy most recently with the Israel’s ambassador to the UK having to apologise after an embassy official was caught in an undercover sting discussing how to “take down” Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan ( not that I give a shit about him but the principle is important ) .
    The JLM and LFI have been , IMO, thoroughly corrupted by SOI and need to be removed or expelled from the Labour Party.
    There is a very good home for our Jewish comrades and that is the newly created Jewish Labour Voice free from the corruption of SOI .

    There are , as we know , powerful forces at work within Labour and the right wing elites such as Umunna , Ben , and all the other usual suspects want to keep the party as a neutered Tory Lite party and maintain the status quo.
    They do not represent the working class or ordinary folks , who so desperately need a true Labour Govt in power, but just their own interests.

    In respect of those Labour MPs who are party to this SOI interference I would say they are not some innocent naive players but well understand the intent and direction of SOI.They are dangerous to our Party and democracy and should be de-selected forthwith.

    To accuse JC of anti-Semitism is beyond credulous belief as his past provable record shows and when the substance of those accusations is analysed there is NO case for him to answer.
    Along with the results of the Chakrabarti report there is little for Labour as a whole to answer on anti-Semitism, although we should always be on guard against all forms of discrimination .The appalling shame is where there maybe genuine pockets of real anti-Semitism that must be stamped out , then the actions of these MPs and JLV/LFI with their constant crying wolf false flag accusations ensure that it is that much more difficult to sift the real deal from the crap, with people becoming hardened and cynically dismissive of what might actually be real

    We can no doubt expect more of this from the red Tories in our Party as the local elections approach.

    1. Well said Rob.

      What’s more, it is perfectly obvious that Jeremy’s attackers have the BBC, Sky etc., on their side by the very fact that not one pro Jeremy Jewish organisation has been interviewed by them to give their side of the story. Despite the fact that on social media, Jews who support Jeremy are making their feelings known, the BBC et al have completely ignored their opinions and have failed to give them a hearing.

    2. Ooops sorry correction to my comment
      ” The appalling shame is where there maybe genuine pockets of real anti-Semitism that must be stamped out , then the actions of these MPs and JLV/LFI with their constant crying ” Should read ” the actions of these MP’s and JLM/LFI “

  8. Jeremy has been scrupulously correct statesman like against a barrage of false news SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF TOPS

  9. State of Israel not long ago government led by Netanyahu was considered a dangerous extremist by MSN

  10. Any chance of you investigating when & if Berger Streeting & Mann condemned this mural on Facebook or Twitter?

    Might be interesting to know.

  11. BBC just now claimed it’s being said that this could destroy the Labour party – presumably that’s direct from Mann as he seems to be the mouth of the day.
    Imagine if that DID happen – the far right here and in the US would be encouraged to rise again and a minority of deluded Jewish activists would have incited antisemitism not seen in generations. The US would find it increasingly difficult to support Israel and Israel’s neighbours would take advantage of that.

    This all based on JC’s response to a mural – a cartoon effectively.
    Artistic freedom was upheld as far as I remember in the Jyllands-Posten and Charle Hebdo cartoon cases – and I don’t remember any “Jewish groups” defending Muslim sensibilities.

    As an atheist I’m opposed to society bowing to pressure from any religious group.
    I don’t support the proscription of religious groups but I could change my mind unless they stop trying to impose their will on wider society.

  12. I suddenly remembered Priti Patel and started to wonder if this nonsense has anything to do with her meetings in Israel…


    Oh Veritas shine thy brightest beam.
    And vanquish all evil stories.
    To smite thine great invisible foe.
    Then come ye for the Tories!


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