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Exclusive: Starmer’s cynical actions lead to unintended consequences as left begins preparations for leadership challenge

Starmer’s sacking of Long-Bailey from Shadow Education brief – in reality because she challenged him on rushed schools return – hardens concerns about ‘posh, out of touch’ leader

Keir Starmer – and one potential favourite to challenge him

Keir Starmer today sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey – in reality because of a huge row between the then-Shadow Education Secretary and Starmer over Starmer’s support for Boris Johnson’s rush to send children back to school – after the latest figures showed a huge surge in school-based virus outbreaks.

Starmer had been warned by unions of the risks, but his proxies continually undermined Long-Bailey by pushing support for the Tory back-to-school plan in a string of media interviews.

But Starmer’s actions are tilting him further toward the unintended consequence of uniting left MPs behind a challenger to his leadership.

Since the 2019 general election there is a big enough pool of left MPs to trigger a leadership challenge at any point, but support for the idea has not been consistent across this group. However, there is now huge anger at Starmer’s action against the one left MP appointed to a senior Shadow Cabinet brief after his leadership victory.

Former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s quick public support for Long-Bailey is one barometer of that strength of feeling, along with a parallel show of support from Momentum founder Jon Lansman, in spite of Lansman’s recent enthusiasm for an accommodation with the ‘soft left’.

But the action goes beyond expressions of support for Long-Bailey – and the drivers for action go beyond her sacking.

Left MPs are now generating a list of supporters for a leadership challenge to take place next year, after the 2021 local elections, in the event that Starmer fails to shape up.

There has been real concern among northern MPs that Starmer is seen as posh, elite and out of touch, as well as a feeling that enough is enough after Starmer’s lack of resistance to Tory recklessness while he comes down hard on black women MPs and others of the left and conducts a ‘diversity-audit’ led by white staff. Those concerns have only crystallised today.

Who the challenger might be is still unclear, but there are several MPs in the frame who would receive immediate support from the grassroots in the event of a challenge materialising.

Starmer has cause to worry ahead of a meeting requested by the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs this evening. The news makes it all the more essential that Labour’s left grassroots retain their membership and their vote.

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  1. “Who the challenger might be is still unclear, but there are several MPs in the frame who would receive immediate support from the grassroots in the event of a challenge materialising.”

    ……….will you let us all know up when you manage to come up with a credible candidate?

    1. ……….will you let us all know up when you manage to come up with a credible candidate?

      Why? So you can once again pretend to agonise over the choice? The only reason everyone laughed at your excuse last time was out of derision.

      How about someone plots against stammer as openly he did Corbyn…would you support THAT?

      Would that make them ‘credible’?

      No – you’d be the very first to start crying about your democratically elected leader being undermined because you’re THE biggest two-faced shithouse this planet’s EVER had the misfortune to harbour.

      Now fuck off. Rodent.

      1. Toffee – Are we to take it that you can’t think of a credible candidate yet.

        As for a PLP coups against the democratically elected leader of the party then of course I would oppose it just as I did when they attempted to oust Jeremy. If you think that the majority of the membership would support a coup against Starmer you are living in La-La Land. 😗

      2. ”If you think that the majority of the membership would support a coup against Starmer you are living in La-La Land. 😗”

        You’re Goddamn right YOU and YOUR PRECIOUS 70% wouldn’t.

        Just like YOU and YOUR 70% kept schtum when stammer was conspiring with the fat fuck watson to oust Corbyn by hook and crook.

        Hypocrite. Coward. Rodent.

        Oh, and I’d rather people like Carden, Lavery, Corbyn, (The dearly missed and sold down the river by you and your shower of ratbastards) Pidcock, et al said ta-ta and fucked you rodents off altogether because there’s not one of you worth a carrot.

        Not a single one.

        Enjoy the toerag government you lot conspired to bring us and continue to conspire to bring us (in all but name) in future.

        It’s YOUR fault this country’s FUBAR.


      3. Take your abuse somewhere else. No one likes inadequates who make up for it with shouting

      4. – If you think that the majority of the membership would support a coup against Starmer you are living in La-La Land. –

        I wouldn’t be so sure about that if Lavery stands, SteveH, especially if many who chose Starmer and still remain members have become disillusioned with him. Or perhaps just chose him as the least worst option, as some on here have said, including yourself I seem to remember:

    2. Ian Lavery, Barry Gardiner, Sam Tarry or if he could be persuaded to throw his hat in the ring again Jeremy Corbyn

      1. It might take as little as the MSM deciding that Black Lives Matter trumps the antisemitism bollocks – because the two have now become oppositional to some degree.
        The Israelis teaching US police how to kill black people might be thought a teensy bit inflammatory – and the UK has vastly more black voters than Jewish voters.
        The MSM can always say “We Wuz Misled!” and put the antisemitism scam blame on the Tories, the BoD and the JLM – after all, why wouldn’t they trust such august bodies?

        A couple more whistleblowers might be enough.

      2. Clive Lewis, is the most credible candidate, no liked by the PLP and that makes him ideal, because he isn’t a polished politician and like Corbyn he can move a crowd.
        Let’s see the MSM come after Clive Lewis. He will connect with lots of Labour voters young and old, he served his country as a soldier, so his loyalty to the country cannot be questioned. He volunteered to be a witness for Marc Wandsworth so fat chance of him agreeing to the demands of the BoD. He is pro EU but at the same time can speak to the anxieties of Brexetiers.

      3. I voted for RLB but *No way* would I back “white working class” Lavery or the pompous clown Gardiner.

      1. SM – “Do your own research
        Research into what pray tell.

    3. Oh dear. We’re back to the dreamland that has consistently backed essential Tory policies like Brexit and Lock-Up and handed them power and Starmer on a plate.

      1. No help from you tho who sat on his hands rather than vote against Starmer , shut the front door ffs

    4. there’s no credible route but to leave the party as many thousands did in the fag end of the blairite interregnum; momentum, corbyn and 2017 were only possible because millions of natural labour members and voters returned to the party on recognising it had returned to its roots; the anti semitism smear and brexit did for this massive popular movement; the blue tories are still using the 2017-19 script. Leave if you want to send the message to the party and the country. extra political means and/pr joining the greens en masse is the way forward

      1. “Joining the Greens en masse” – interesting.
        The Commons library states that, as of last year, they had 48,000 members.
        I wonder how many of their policies we’d disagree with? I had a quick look just now and they seem a damn sight more socialist than Labour under its current management.
        I bet the Greens would just LOVE a massive influx of like-minded new ex-Labour members. Maybe a few MP’s might even cross the floor if the Greens suddenly have many more paying members than Labour?

        I’m not even joking.

  2. The news makes it all the more essential that Labour’s left grassroots retain their membership and their vote.

    Fuck me but it’s now starting to sound like a domestic abuse victim, thinking they can ‘change’ their abuser, if given the chance. All you’ve got to do is get them to listen – just once.

    There’ll be NO ‘change from within’, even well into the future. The careerist right have got that party well & truly carved up amongst themselves, have had since 1983. And you’re not getting a minute from them unless you fully submit to their will.

    Instead of falling into the trap of being found guilty of nothing more than legitimate dissent and having your name sullied by the twats and their allies in the media; starve them of both finances and support.

    They’re in no humour for listening until every trace of socialism’s removed from that clique.

    In other words, fuck them off altogether and from a new party. Let them stew in their own middle-class ‘prosecco & craft gin’ flavoured piss.

    1. Yes indeedy, The Toffee – all this bombast from a small grouping of the usual suspect old Labour PLP lefties about a ‘future Leadership bid ‘ is pure posturing hogwash .

      The PLP Left had its once in a lifetime chance during the Corbyn Surge Leadership years to build a mass , socialist politics-educated, mass activist base (it was called Momentum – remember that huge opportunity before it was turned into a Left Liberal careerist vehicle for the Lansman claque after Lansman’s Coup ) , It also had years to take ANY serious action at all against the large grouping of PLP Right saboteurs, and Party staff, who worked with the mass media every day to demonise Jeremy and destroy our election chances. Jeremy, McDonnell, Lavery, et all, did NOTHING to organise to deselect the worst saboteurs – but just constantly watered down their politics to try to accommodate to a mythical ‘Soft Left’ that doesn’t exist. For Fucks sakes, those supposed old radical Lefties , McDonnell and Abbott totally capitulated to the plot of the PLP Right to get Labour signed up to uncritical support for the neoliberal EU, and a second Referendum – and hence actually collaborated with Mandelson, and Starmer and co to destroy our voter support in our Leave-supporting heartlands in the disastrous 2019 Election !

      The Left now has no chance of securing a new Leadership Election, no chance at all, and has no chance of winning one even if one was called – lacking a believable candidate for a start in the current PLP. This Leadership Challenge bollocks is just empty posturing by a totally failed old PLP grouping , trying to recapture their Left Cred with the more radical (mostly just radical middle class Left Liberals , not socialists) membership – but a complete distraction from the reality that the Labour Party is now kaput , not only as a potential Left vehicle for resistance and progress, but even as a vehicle for government for the corrupt ideas-free neo Blairites around Starmer who now firmly control the Party and its key NEC organ and the Party machine again. Time now spent pursuing the fantasy of Labour as a potential future socialist Party, is time wasted from trying to build a militant, campaigning, UK socialist party – with deep roots amongst Labours old working class heartland voters – based on socialist politics and policies.

      1. From my feedback from those still clinging on,the membership along with genuine donations has started to bleed away like a stuck pig.So no surprise there then.Why didnt those who knew exactly what was going on at the heart ❤of the Labour party “keep stum” .Many of us rejoined thinking that we finally had come back to the roots of the party,despite having a weak leader who couldnt do the job of finishing the decaying right wing establishment inside the Labour party.Squawk box have tried to rally the troops whilst those inside the “Machine” carry on feeding off the body of a dying Labour party.and drawing on the membership fees and laying off staff to stop the inevitable consequence of hijacking a working class socialist movement.and becoming the establishment Labour party.I…IT will not Work because that platform is already overcrowded and the OPPOSITION is NoMore.We really were drinking in the last chance saloon.Secrecy keeping stum and false sense of hope,killed off a strong membership who could have put Corbyn in Downing street.ITs all very predictable and sad but we cannot support these Labour party parasites any longer,but I don’t blame anyone of the working-class membership for trying.but don t shout insults at those of us who frankly see another way of fighting for the working-class.and a different way of doing it…. “I never wanted to be in parliament,I wanted to do somthing” Bernadette Devlin leader of people’s democracy N Irland on being elected to parliament and who now helps out in Ireland to make the lives of the victims of Capitilism better.Thats real politics.She survived the thirteen bullets in her body covering her baby in bed curtisy of a gang of British soldiers and protestant militia that raided her lonely farmhouse whilst her family were sleeping.Those people still rule today in the Conservative and unionist party and now the Labour party I The establishment are now becoming desperate and it shows in the alleged government and PM to try the same !medicine to revive a country in free fall.Desperate times and getting worse .Not long now and the OPPOSITION will come,but not from the Labour party and not from a knight of the realm,but from the Streets..,and what about the Socialist revival?…..IT was all a dream that’s turned into a nightmare for all of us including the working-class in the UK.

      2. JPenny, yes, yes and thrice yes. That will stop the Greens recruiting drive in it’s tracks. We need a paper, desperately and our first point of attack should be the media. I can find nothing in the party which would invigorate the young and recall old school loyalists. Keep safe.

    2. …In other words, fuck them off altogether and from a new party. Let them stew in their own middle-class ‘prosecco & craft gin’ flavoured piss.

      Amen brother!

    3. Thanks for your post. We need a new party because the working class will be on the recieving end of some very viscious attacks. We have been left disarmed and leaderless. Some of the articles and comments from whatever is the left are beyond understanding. More deaths, less deaths, take a knee, bang a pot, start a coup, who is a real leftie that will lead us to victory and never trust the union tops. An honourable exception being the FBU and a few others. What we have is a pro Zionist bunch of career weirdos. It’s straightforward, a new democratic, member led party must be created. Forget what has gone on before and roll up our sleeves. I will never, ever forget election night but if people still won’t trust us there will be many more. I wish you all well. ☮️

  3. “…after the 2021 local elections” gives the chiggers time to dig themselves even deeper into Labour’s flesh.
    Everything else being equal – no way to know that – any new left wing leader will likely find them impossible to shift just like Jeremy did.

    And Amnesty confirms Maxine Peake was right.
    The truth cannot be antisemitism.

      1. Last comment on the previous post/comments thread.
        Or Google 🙂

      2. Yeah, there are links to photos of IDF using the technique on Palestinians.
        There’s proof of Israeli ‘professionals’ teaching US police both in Israel and in the US.
        There’s George Floyd’s death on video.
        In The Independent article of Maxine Peake’s interview they printed this after her accusation: (A spokesperson for the Israeli police has denied this, stating that “there is no tactic or protocol that calls to put pressure on the neck or airway”.)

        Lies, truth, who cares? Whatever works, eh, Benjamin? Eh, Keir?

      3. The only Amnesty US document dates from the summer of 2016. It is high on rhetoric, but short on actualite of training techniques. In the 4 years since, Amnesty US has been the subject of a purge after it was branded a “toxic employer” by caseworkers. I guess the recent comments come from the Middle Est Eye article, again shrill but no “smoking gun”.

      4. @David Walsh. And the photogaphs and the videos? And why does evidence from 2016 not count? When was the Torah written? The Bible?
        So Amnesty is toxic and MEE is shrill and everything in the garden is just lovely, right?
        You’d say an Israeli training manual was a forgery. Anything to avoid the truth.

  4. My immediate feeling is that there are only two credible candidates, Jeremy Corbyn and Richard Burgon. There are some promising new ones such as Zarah Sultana but I don’t really know enough about her and perhaps she needs more time to make her mark. Dan Carden is still inside the tent; it will be interesting to see whether that lasts.

    1. I like them both, but Jeremy Corbyn isn’t going to stand and the MSM will go after Richard Burgon big time. Second serving of the same we have with Corbyn, to fail once again. We need a candidate that the MSM will find difficult to go after without losing credibility big time and the ideal candidate would be Clive Lewis.
      Think about it, why do you think Clive Lewis couldn’t get support for the PLP? Because they didn’t want to risk repeating the same blunder that they did when out of pity they allowed Corbyn into the ballot. Clive is a pragmatist and realises that for Labour to stand a change of forming government after the next General Election, Labour needs an electoral alliance with the Greens and the LibDems and we need PR. Otherwise, we will never dislodge the Tories.

      1. They did not allow Jeremy onto the ballot out of sympathy they put him on the ballot themselves to try and embarrass him when he lost with virtually no votes, unfortunately for them it backfired when he won and then he went on to win again after made an attempt to unseat him and I have little doubt they sabotaged the last GE with the likes of Ashworth doing “banter#” with his Tory “freind” they would rather stay in opposition than be in power with a SOCIALIST leader.

  5. Dan Carden – Occupying the safest seat in the land I doubt would be any sort of insurance against being ousted by the rodent’s nest being rebuilt at Southside. They’d find a way, such is their mien

    And he’d only be replaced as LP candidate by fat joe anderson…arse-kisser extraordinaire. And being the safest labour seat in the land, the people of Walton would no doubt return the corpulent, grotesque political mercenary.

    Dear God, the mere thought of that ever happening creeps me out. 😱

  6. Waste of time!

    From some sweaty crack at the Huffpost…

    One Labour staffer on hearing the news of Long-Bailey’s sacking:
    “Alexa: play ‘Things Can Only Get Better’”

    You’re not going to beat a system that’s had decades to perfect and entrench.

    Start afresh. Lay rules and traps to catch the rats before they infest. Have the balls to speak the truth, and have prospective MPs with proven integrity, honesty, merit and more.

    Only the righteous will win.

    1. “Alexa: play ‘Things Can Only Get Better’”

      I’m definitely nicking that 🙂

  7. Ooooo fuckin Ray , great ,,, stage one starts followed by inevitable defeat and then move to much more serious stage 2 serious moves to form independent new DS Party … where do I sign up !

      1. Fuck the rodent unions. They’ve sold us out for years. Lining their nests whilst stabbing us in the back

        (Excludes the odd small trades unions who haven’t abandoned their ideals)

      2. …To those Cockwombles no longer in the tent, off you must fuck, you have no skin in the game…

        Years have passed and I keep thinking
        What a fool I’ve been
        I look back into the past and
        Think of way back then
        I know that I lost everything I thought I that could win
        I guess I should have listened to my friends

        Stay safe

      3. Which is why I excluded the smaller trades unions. The FBU are legends in my humble opinion. They’ve stuck to their integrity (which many haven’t), they put their members first instead of their interests and frankly, I’m gutted that we don’t have access to similar.

        The Fire Brigade being blamed for Grenfell was also total bollocks!

    1. I’d love to see Jeremy back, this time with the support he was so shamefully denied last time.
      Sadly I think he’d probably turn us down and I wouldn’t blame him.
      If anyone treated me the way they treated him I’d bury them under the rubble of the BBC and turn it into a car park.
      Everyone interviewed on the BBC today is planning for a no vaccine scenario, yet there are a number in the human testing phase.
      Yes, it’s necessary to plan for the worst case but it’s important not to deprive people of hope.
      Starmer’s boasting of having “the courage to support the government.”
      The absolute pussy.

      1. It takes courage to stand up for what’s right and arse wipe Starmer has NONE , …. fuckin arse licker

      2. Max Headroom is a vile person. He has no saving graces he just oozes from right to very right. Despicable man but he seems built to last. Reminds me of the Euros in the 80’s and the destruction of the CPGB.

  8. Any left wing candidate standing on JC legacy of manifesto and clear red water will sweep board, the cherry on the cake will be a statement on AS Scam
    To those Cockwombles no longer in the tent, off you must fuck, you have no skin in the game
    12 months minimum to recruit and consolidate challenge, after various Union and NEC elections
    Then clear out every last trace of red Tories and Quislings, starting with Blair

  9. I think Lavery is the man to lead. He’s solid and can be relied on. Others will follow. It’s asking too much of Corbyn to ask him to take it on, the Blairites would love that. But a leadership of the Left MPs would get massive support. Starmer has made the serious mistake of splitting the Party on his first voyage out. What Maxine said was NOT anti Semitic, it was a comment on Israel. To try and say otherwise and stake your credibility on it was crass and shows an amazing lack of judgement.

    1. Lavery was begged by those on the left to stand but he refused , not sure why , so why would he now ?
      Agreed he’d make a good leader but question marks over his desire to take the hot seat ,and who can blame him . Until there is effective control and accountability to the membership of the bastards in the PLP then any socialist leader will struggle .That opportunity was lost when mandatory re-selection was destroyed by Len McCluskey and lansman who at the last minute pulled support for it at Conference .. the rest is now history , and any comments from Lansman over this , he can STFU.
      Times up…… Forward Momentum take the lead NOW , start the new socialist party NOW

    2. Your naivety about the lifelong Left-faker, and ex top NUM bureaucrat, Ian Lavery, shows you simply haven’t researched his dodgy career when leader of the last dying vestiges of the National Union of mineworkers, Paul. Lavery talks a good ‘ Left posturing’ game, but like most of the PLP Labour Left his career clearly shows that a key personal objective has always been his own self-enrichment. The huge dodgy perks he derived from the NUM, when it had few members left, but just Lavery and few mates in charge of its corpse, to give themselves lots of big pension and ‘redundancy’ and mortgage deals, is not just a smear by the capitalist press , and was indeed ,maybe formally , procedurally ‘legal’, but any serious trades unionist should recognise it as really just a form of insider claque looting of a dead trades union’s assets. So Lavery can fuck off too as a serious candidate to lead any Left fightback in the Labour Party – a fight which is utterly futile and doomed to fail.

      The Party rules will soon be changed by the triumphant Right anyway, to make a new Left leadership challenge to the Right impossible . Remember that Starmer got TWICE the vote for the supposed ‘Corbyn continuation’ candidate, Long-Bailey – a clear proof that the politics and insight of most of the Labour Membership is akin that of a flatworm, not politically educated socialists. The Trilateral Commission’s man, and ex DPP, Starmer, hardly hid his true neoliberal, Blairite, political identity very effectively under a bushel, his ‘I’ll continue Corbyn’s Left policies 10 pledges’ bullshit, was a transparent lie that only a pro EU middle class membership that wanted to be fooled, could have fallen for ! A new ‘Left ‘ candidate, would lose a Leadership election now, just like the hopeless opportunist, Long-Bailey did. Like Stasrmer, most of our membership STILL love the EU, and foolishly believe that Starmer, the ‘statesman’ given an easy ride by the mass media, is electable, unlike the demonised Jeremy. Their delusion will persist until the next (doomed to be lost) election and beyond – such is the middle class crap politics of our current majority of Labour Party members (most of whom voted for Jeremy as Leader and originally JOINED because of Jeremy !) .

      1. Its worth noting that although Starmer may have got twice the vote of RLB nearly 300,000 members ( if I remember correctly ) didn’t vote AT ALL, such was the lack of anyone in the small grp of DS MPs in the PLP to have the balls to take on the Socialist leader mantle.
        In any case arse wipe didn’t get anywhere near the % vote that Corbyn did from the membership .
        But do agree that it is time now for a new DS party but not until the structure is sufficiently in place and strong enough to stand the undoubted attacks . Hence Forward Momentum and it’s work within the LP I hope will form this new party

      2. Some background information on Ian Lavery’s highly dodgy , self-remunerating, years as leader of the defunct (by then, only 10 member) rump of Northumberland area NUM. What sort of a ‘Leading Leftwinger’ is he really, comrades ?

        Sensible Leftwingers need to do a bit of research on individuals they pin their political hopes on ! Why do so few – when it’s all there on the internet ? And this stuff on Ian Lavery is well known, not just a MSM smear, but based on verifiable facts, and the only outstanding issue is Ian’s motivation in taking £165, 000 in various mortgage and fake redundancy payment, wheezes from a dead trades union branch. Face it comrades, the PLP career Labour Left are NOT in the main ‘fearless socialist class fighters ‘, but really just a bunch of Left-posturing lifelong opportunist self-enrichers, little different to the mirror-image careerist opportunists of the PLP Right. Sad , but true, Get over it, and look beyond the dead-end playground of ersatz Left political ‘struggle’ in the Labour Party – to building a real socialist Party outside Labour and the middle class Left-Liberal bubble.

      3. J Penny: for once, I agree with you: Lavery is a thoroughly dodgy shyster and his record re NUM funds (if anyone’s interested) proves it.

      4. Leader of the NUM these days reminds me of the time Ms. Belos was called the leader of Lambeth Labour councillors. Meaningless. Cheers all.

  10. I think the saddest thing about the whole affair is that it has become clear that we are unlikely to see a united Labour party again for many years.

    All of those determined that their faction must rule the party, instead of facing down the real enemy are actively helping the Tories.

    Starmer has accepted the completely unjust idea that criticising Isreal, whether accurately or not, is considered anti-semitic conspiracy.

    I’m willing to bet that Corbyn would have sacked her too, to say otherwise and make this all about factionalism is selective thinking at best.

  11. Don’t be deflected by the voices that say we should calm this infighting to concentrate our energies on the real enemy. We need to become as ruthless as the right – inside & outside the party. Corbyn’s “turn the other cheek” meant that he & we got slapped regularly.

    I don’t want to have to become a Likud Party supporter just to qualify as a British socialist.

    What’s Chris Williamson doing – anything?

    1. You are spouting complete and utter nonsense, as do some of the shills on here repeatedly.

      So according to your logic, if Jeremy HADN’T turned the other cheek, the saboteurs/smearers would have all packed up and gone home. Yeah, as if!

      But pray, do tell, what would NOT turning the other cheek have amounted to in practice?

    2. So forget about the massive damage the Tories have done and are doing, let’s focus on our own petty grudges and temper tantrums instead?

      Forget about the Tories, you have to get your revenge and damage your own party.

      You are working for the Tories.

      Whether that is because you actively support their agenda or you just don’t give a damn about the most vulnerable people thrown to the wolves by them, is neither here nor there.

      You are worse than the Tories…

      1. Mark Lockett – there’s nothing petty about this.
        The Quisling Blairite faction in Labour deliberately destroyed Corbyn’s reputation with lies and by conspiring with foreign powers – and then deliberately and with malice handed victory to the Tories TWICE.
        No accommodations, no forgiveness, no surrender, no quarter to the neo-Tory Starmer, nor to his superiors or his acolytes.
        Hanging is too good for them.

    3. Likud party member etc. That was great but sadly true. A left wing coup, couldn’t make it up, Landsman is keen. What is going on for heaven’s sake?

  12. JPENNEY,
    Well said. the only sensible comment on this thread.
    I would not be surprised if Laverys ‘plea for unity’ was not a Starmer idea. Starmer needs help to restrain Labour’s ‘loony left wing’ as he eviscerates it. And Lavery is that sort of operator.
    You have to admire the start he’s made, regardless of whether you support him or not. RLB; gone in the blink of an eye.

    1. Thanks for the vote of approval, Richard MacKinnon, but since you are actually a rabidly anti Left, Right Wing troll of some long standing (who plagued the comments section of the Left Futures blog for years with banal Right Wing tripe) , I take no comfort in that bogus approval from you, laddie !

      1. jpenney,
        You don’t know anything about my politics. The truth is, I don’t have a political ‘position’. These days my interest in politics is merely that of an observer. I have to admit I do get an immense amount of satisfaction in watching others in their discomfort. I suppose that is what attracts me to Labour sites.
        Labour Futures, oh gosh, you bring back happy memories jpenney. Correct me if Im wrong (I know you will), but that was the site set up by, a Mr. Jon Lansman. ‘The Socialist’ , ‘Life Long Labour Supporter’ and the proud owner of a company called Momentum.
        Now that is why I visited Labour Futures. Its not because I’m a, what did you call me, a ‘Right Wing troll’ (what is it with lefties and their obsession with spatial metaphors, ‘right bad, ‘ left good’, ‘far left very good’). No, the reason I read Labour Futures was because of Lansman and Momentum. Who is Jon Lansman? What were his real motives? How can one man set up a business and then persuade thousands of people to give him money to ‘join the movement’. How did he do that? Why did he close the site when he did? Why did a mainstream British political party allow one man to do so much damage to The Party? These are the questions that interest me.
        It’s the same reasons why I read Skwawkbox. Its not because I care. Its because I am suspicious. I ask myself the same questions about this site. Who funds it and why? And the really interesting one: How long will they fund it?

      2. …I have to admit I do get an immense amount of satisfaction in watching others in their discomfort…

        Christ on a bike…

        You should try BDSM. Far more discomfort, far more visceral and best of all, the victims choose to be in their plight, unlike everyday folks.

      3. …I have to admit I do get an immense amount of satisfaction in watching others in their discomfort…

        Could apply to MacKinnon and/or Penney equally. The latter’s contributions, particularly, are always 100% negative snide.

        The living definition of a troll!

    2. Do you actually think that anyone here believes you are not a Tory trying to pour petrol on the flames of Labour’s squabbling?

  13. Below is the full (but rather brief) text of the Socialist Campaign Group statement.

    “The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs met this morning with Labour leader Keir Starmer.

    “On the sacking of Rebecca Long-Bailey from the shadow cabinet, it was clear that significant disagreement remains on this point. The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs made it clear that Rebecca Long-Bailey should not have been sacked and should be reinstated.

    “The imminent annexation of the West Bank by Israel’s government was discussed and the need for the Labour Party, MPs, party members and supporters to speak out against Israel’s illegal annexation and ongoing human right abuses by the government of Israel was raised.

    “Concerns were also raised about the party response to the review into leaks and the 2017 electoral sabotage and especially the treatment of black MPs.

    “This was a business-like exchange of views which took place in a mutually respectful manner.”

      1. itsmespeakingtoyou – Steve Hill?

        This is the second time you have posted this to me without any further explanation. I am a little perplexed why you would think I am in a position to help you with your queries (whatever they are). If you want to know about Steve Hill then I suggest you try Google.

  14. I’ve encountered a “Steve Hill” on another forum & the comments are simlar so I thought SteveH may be Steve Hill. Don’t worry, the police are not looking for you to help with their enquiries, though I would have grassed you if you were one & the same. Back to sleep.

  15. The Forensic one does not appear have healing hands , just inciting more division, he does not appear to do small print. Still gives MSM fuel so that they can help to preserve the inequalities in our societu

  16. Wouldn’t it be fun if we all had to comment under our full names?
    Maybe passport photos and job histories too?
    It’s a bit rich a commenter that even keeps its gender secret pressing for the real identity of another.

  17. My name is Jim Denham, sometimes James Denham. I urge all readers to google the Certification officer’s report into Ian Lavery and the NUM.

  18. I didn’t vote for Starmer. I have long held the view that he is an opportunist and a smart one too, and never saw him as a socialist from the get go. His biting attacks on BJ are just calculated ‘theatrics’ and probably gives rise to his acclaim in some quarters. Would he switch to the tories if given the chance to be Prime Minister ?… not impossible. I struggle to fight the urge to leave the LP. Yet Richard Burgon keeps . my attention now he is Secretary of the Socialist Campaign group of Labour MP’s. It riles me to pay subs to the likes of Lisa Nandy ( my MP, noted for her attacks on JC) and listen to the banal uttering of Liz Kendal.

    1. Norma – “His biting attacks on BJ are just calculated ‘theatrics’ and probably gives rise to his acclaim in some quarters

      …..and yet despite your assertions Starmer is proving to be quite popular with the electorate. It’s the first time I have ever seen Keir’s performance at the dispatch box described as theatrical.

    2. Norma – That’s the first time I’ve ever heard Starmer’s performance at the dispatch box described as theatrical. Despite your assertions Keir is proving to be quite popular with the electorate.

      1. Guessing your double post might be connectivity problems?
        Same here, having to click back & re-post so often I keep expecting them to disappear into the ether.
        I’ve started copying them to clipboard before clicking ‘post comment’ just in case.
        MBB is usually fine but probably getting short of bandwidth with everyone on line – no landlines or cable here.

  19. ‘Despite your assertions Keir is proving to be quite popular with the electorate’. According to who? Word on the street gives him a name associated with pedophilia, the class dismissed by the LP see the new fella as ‘just another suit’. I think the new leader is doing an excellent job….for his class.. .

  20. Why don’t we simply call it for what it is ?

    RLB gave Starmer a gold plated opportunity to not only get rid of a potentially troublesome left wing remnant of the Corbin era, but also a genuine means of establishing his anti racialism credentials all in one fell swoop.

    The guy is many things, but he is not a fool.

    As to RLB, she just once again proved she is not as bright as she and others seem to think she is.

    1. SAR
      If that was true then RLB’s replacement would have been a left winger
      You say tomato I say Tomatoe,
      Bottom line you cannot have a party with Quislings and Bad Actors who prefer Tory governments over Socialist governments, off they must fuck

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