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Forward Momentum slate sweeps board in Liverpool NCG nominations

In a well-attended online meeting this evening, the Forward Momentum north-west slate of Alan Gibbons, Tracey Hylton, Harriet Protheroe-Soltani and Charlie Bollaan won a clean sweep to secure Liverpool Momentum’s nomination in the elections to the national organisation’s National Coordinating group:

Check with your local Momentum group to find out whether it is holding nomination meetings in the contest. Voting in the elections closes 30 June.

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  1. Are you really supporting these brain donors?

    Frankly the whole kitten-caboodle can disappear up its own arsehole.

    If this, and the people they are opposing (Lansman’s mob) represent the full spectrum of opinion of the British left, then I’m afraid many working class people like me will say just yous all go and fuck yourselves and leave us out of you sterile debates.

    Hundreds will be away off to join the CPB or the Galloway fan club and ten times more will give up altogether and go to work in their gardens/allotments.

    1. The AWL represent the real bone headed end of Trotskyist sectarianism,they must surely be the recipients of CIA money.

  2. I’ve yet to find an organisation in the labour movement free of autocracy, and people in both sections of Momemtum fit into that category. The Unite ‘Broad Left’ praise Stalin and accuse the Left of being extremists. Interesting that the same so called extremists won the election for the EC, despite the campaign against democracy
    Many of these phoneys talk about democracy, but few believe in it. This includes the LP, which I’m still a member of. Many of the old guard are Momentum members as it’s a just a tool for their own political career.
    The latest witch hunt in Liverpool is conducted by people who can’t abide being in the minority, think that they have some divine right to be in control. It’s now a suspendable offence to politely question your MP. And then have your name and address published in the newspapers, details provided by the LP.
    My home was attacked by fascists in the 80’s when the LP did the same thing then, leaving those recently suspended with the same fears.
    The new Rt wing know that they don’t have the political arguments to win at clp level and I doubt whether Wavertree CLP will open again. Even if it does, seems as though the membership will have to follow orders, not mention the word socialism, or even expect democracy anymore. Little point in voting if the people in charge won’t accept being on the losing side.
    The Rt can only achieve control through bureaucratic methods, relying on ridiculous accusations of anti-Semitism and racism; one of the accused is the Bame lead. Racial bullying I think the charge says. You couldn’t make it up.
    I agree with the comment above re working class people. It was always interesting to see the noses turn up If I attended a meeting in my working clothes. In fact, there’s not many manual workers who turn up for meetings at all. Maybe the LP doesn’t attract many of the ‘untermensch’ like myself; I can’t think why 🙂
    My understanding of the word fascist is someone who opposes democracy, prefers dictatorship and autocracy, according to the dictionary. They don’t have to be racist, although most fascists are. What do we call people who pretend to be on the Left, pretend to abide by rules and democracy, until they have a position of authority?
    It’s about time we started calling these people out, the same way as the electorate did re Brexit when they wouldn’t accept the result of a referendum.

  3. Momentum……an unaccountable political Party within the Labour Party. Whose interests does it serve?

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