Unite’s Beckett slams ‘disgrace’ of Labour’s abstention on ‘Windrush’ Immigration Act – pays tribute to 6 MPs who stood against it and pledges to renew their fight

Only six Labour MPs stood up against racist 2014 legislation. Senior Unite official praises them and the contribution of UK’s Caribbean community. Labour must stand strong against all racism

Unite assistant general secretary Howard Beckett issued a video yesterday, a day that marked the Windrush scandal, in which he condemns Boris Johnson’s comfort with racism – and Labour’s timid abstention on the 2014 Immigration Act that enabled the appalling treatment of Caribbean-born citizens.

Beckett goes on to praise both the contribution of the Caribbean community and the courage of the six Labour MPs who defied their party to vote against the legislation:

Beckett is absolutely right – especially against a background of renewed Labour weakness against discrimination against the UK’s black, Asian and other minority communities, including attacks on its own black MPs, made all the more unconscionable when the ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests are taking place around the globe.

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  1. Unite’s Beckett slams ‘disgrace’ of Labour’s its the greedy once more who are in power until they outed nothings will change under stammer

  2. I am sad to say I don’t recognise my party any more under this regime!! They aren’t socialist, they are not democratic and the leader is a Zionist????

    1. Pat
      JC legacy is the membership and the manifesto, never confuse with Cockwombles who think they are in charge
      Give it 12 months but be ready to challenge if required

      1. Do you believe that the party is saveable? An earlier post named the flaws perfectly. You will soon experience a night of the long knives, but people should be safe as long as they don’t mention Palestine. ☮️

  3. It’s a winning betting slip you keep in your back pocket and cash it when you need the money
    I’m sure Yvette Cooper blushed when she was reminded of the fact on Sky news
    Red Tories Blue Tories Red Tories Blue Tories

    1. Cynicism and Warmongering

      ‘As I noted yesterday, the BBC drama appeared to show Charlie Rowley fishing the perfume bottle out of the charity bin at least two months ahead of when this really occurred, to make it more plausible that it had been dropped in there after the alleged attack on the Skripals. The question of how it had managed to sit in a charity bin for three months, when that bin was emptied regularly, was thus dodged.’

    2. The following is from a BBC article re Panorama interview with Nick Bailey (in November 2018):

      Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, were found seriously ill on a bench in Salisbury on the afternoon of Sunday 4 March.

      That night, Det Sgt Bailey and two colleagues were sent to their home, in a quiet suburb. Clad in full forensic suits, they were tasked with making sure there were no other casualties.

      Now why would they think to wear ‘full forensic suits’? What possible reasons would they – and their commanding officer – have had for thinking Bailey and the other two should do so? And is it normal standard practice for ordinary police officers to enter a property (or wherever) that is deemed to be potentially hazardous and, as such, wear full forensic suits? Of course it’s not!

      It also says the following in the article:

      It took two weeks of painstaking investigation for scientists and police to work out exactly how the Skripals and Det Sgt Bailey had come into contact with Novichok.

      When they eventually discovered the nerve agent had been sprayed on the Skripals’ front door handle, Det Sgt Bailey said the news helped him.

      Two weeks? Funny then, isn’t it, how it was reported by the MSM after three weeks – ie three weeks after Bailey and the Skripals were supposedly poisoned! In the Real World of course, the chemical weapons experts would have been at the house within hours of learning that the Skripals had been poisoned by an ‘unknown substance’ – ie within a couple of days of the Skripals supposedly becoming ill at the very latest, and the very FIRST thing they would have checked is the front door handle before entering the house.

      And needless to say, there is absolute zero chance of two people – who came into contact with a nerve agent some three hours earlier – becoming ill AND incapacitated in exactly the same moment. Absolute zero!!

      1. It was in fact on March 28th, 24 days after the three of them were supposedly poisoned, that the media reported that Novichok had been coated on the front door handle (and that is how all three of them came in to contact with it). It’s rather odd then – to say the least – that the Sun reported on March 17th that Sergei Skripal’s pets had been removed from the house – ie the guinea pigs and the cat. And this was some two weeks before the guinea pigs were found dead, and the cat was in such a bad state that it had to be put to sleep!

      2. PS Needless to say, in the Real World Nick Bailey and his two colleagues would have removed the pets from the house when they went there THAT night!

        None of it adds up of course!!

  4. The six rebels were Diane Abbott, Jeremy Corbyn, Mark Lazarowicz, Fiona Mactaggart, John McDonnell and Dennis Skinner – on the right side of history again.
    Lily-livered Miliband.
    It’s true that there was an anti-immigration mood in the country, including in the so-called ‘Labour heartlands’ hijacked and exploited by UKIP – but the duty of leadership in Labour is to lead on principle not populism – to explain that such thinking has to be resisted because of what it can lead to – rather than meekly tag along behind Tory racism.
    If we ever get another opportunity to rid ourselves of the cowardly, panties-pissing so-called ‘centrists’ we shouldn’t hesitate.

    1. I have no axe to grind with the social injustices imposed on many ‘Windrush economic migrants’ & believe a great social injustice has been done…….but I do not accept the dominant narrative continually reinforced by the same journalists & MSM that manufactured anti-Semitism designed to destroy a Socialist Labour Party. When Emily Maitliss closed ‘Newsnight’ by thanking the ‘Windrush Generation’ for their contribution & service in rebuilding post-war Britain I wondered how MS Maitliss could possibly have remembered the invitation by Enoch Powell to come to the ‘Mother Country’ to do the jobs that ordinary working class people didn’t want to do……like drive buses & trains.

      In post war Britain, large numbers of working class men returned home from war with a vision for the future. Churchill & the Tories were removed & Labour created the NHS, much to the annoyance of the bourgeoisie, particularly doctors. A politically motivated working class continued to frighten the bourgeoisie as British culture changed & the ‘angry young working class man’ took centre stage. The Home County luvvies replaced by gritty northern realism. The Times they were a changing but……….’ never had it so good’ accompanied by severe post war austerity made life difficult. Perhaps Enoch Powell’s invitation was altruistic, but the first rule of economics is ‘supply & demand’……a surplus of unskilled/semi skilled labour had the desired consequences as the cost of manual labour collapsed. Not a time of peace & harmony in southern inner cities.

      The working classes are still well aware of what a surfeit of unskilled labour can & will do to a community, but it is the Blairite globalist Labour Party, along with their Tory chums, who continue the construction of ‘the gig economy’ & a cheap labour economy.

  5. Unfortunately we have been trying for over the forty years I was in the Labour party and only a fool or a person with mental health problems continues to make the same mistakes.Fortunately the Chris Williamson and Corbyn fiasco has finally been the dose of reality to not renew my membership in the end of this month.

    1. I wish that I could convince myself that LP will ever be a threat to the Tories again. It is time to have a rethink. A weekly paper would be a start. People are going to really suffer and they need to have a defence system in place. Best wishes to all of the Skwakies.

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