Video: Tory MP praised Cromwell for sending people into slavery, as her colleagues chuckled

Can anyone say Scotland shouldn’t be independent with this shower in charge? But a Tory MP was joking approvingly about slavery

Pleased with themselves: Tories chortle at praise for enslavement

Tory MP Lucy Frazer made a Commons speech in which she spoke glowingly of Oliver Cromwell for defeating the Scots, forcing Scotland into a ‘protectorate’ – and transporting Scots as slaves ‘to the colonies’.

As other Tory MPs – including government front-benchers – chuckled at her ‘wit’, she quipped ‘Now there’s an answer to the West Lothian question’ – the debate over the issue of which MPs should be allowed to vote on so-called ‘England only’ questions:

Ms Frazer subsequently apologised after complaints from outraged Scots – and who could now blame or deny those who wish to be independent from government by such a party? As well as the horrors he visited on the Scots, Cromwell massacred prisoners in Ireland – calling it a “righteous judgment of God upon these barbarous wretches” – and persecuted Catholics.

But a Tory MP was praising a slaver, in Parliament.

To give the merest idea of its horror, here is a contemporary plan of how slaves were packed into vessels for transportation ‘to the colonies’. Around a quarter died in the voyage and often more:

An apology could never be enough.

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  1. Hardly surprising as she is from the same tribe that profited most from slavery

  2. Bears shit in woods , pigs don’t fly and anything other than this from any Tory would be cause for comment and raises an eye brow . otherwise ….. it’s normal for the bastards they are …. next !

  3. ‘Laughin’ boy’ behind her seems to find it the highly amusing, doesn’t he?

    I’d be made up if someone hogtied & blindfolded the fat fuck, bundled him in the back of a van, drove up to a full to capacity Ibrox park and booted him out onto the centre circle – with that footage playing on repeat on the jumbotrons.

    See how ‘funny’ he’d find it then…

  4. Right now the SNP is the real opposition to the Tories when it comes to defend workers rights. Let’s hope that the Labour Party under Starmer supports Gavin Newlands MP proposed Bill to end fire and rehire.
    The passing of this Bill would stop both Royce Rolls and BA in its tracks. Both companies plan to fire their workers and them offer to rehire them with worse terms with worse terms and conditions including huge pay cuts.

  5. Let’s hope that the Labour Party under Starmer supports Gavin Newlands MP proposed Bill to end fire and rehire.

    I can only expect people to be sorely disappointed. The starmerites (today’s latter-day blirarites) were instrumental in that kind of shenanigan pre – ’08 when they were allowing businesses to utilise agencies that used exclusively foreign labour to undercut and undermine indigenous worker’s rights, security and pay.

  6. It’s not irrelevant that the political party also known as the ‘Abettors of Capitalism’ know and celebrate that their hero, Oliver Cromwell, didn’t just beat the Scots, but also sold them into slavery.

    Capitalism would never have happened and developed its ferociously exploitative contradictory abuse on wages and human ‘resources’ had slavery (and usury) not been the norm. Brutal times.

  7. Cromwell not only reduced the population of Ireland by a third.He also instigated the transportation of thousands of Irish people as slaves to the Caribbean, chiefly to Barbados.

    1. Irish Sean….the havoc an slaughter of the Irish in Ireland was basically a lesson of religious bigotry that stretches from history to the present regime were British establishment of all partys have covered up the murder of innocent Catholic civilians and endorsed the murder by British forces of Occupation in ulster.The transportation of the Irish to Barbados to work on plantations was overlooked by historians as was the fate of many English Catholics who were disappeared and their property taken by the Crown.The winner always gets to ‘re write history and the British establishment are masters of the “ART”and taught the world the idea of Propaganda from the reformation to the present day.Look to how Corbyn had his history of fighting racism and bigotry re written to a rabid leader of a jew hating Labour party with the help of the current leadership of the Labour party and of course the establishment propaganda machine the BBC and a compliant MSM.

  8. Just the sort of comment you’d expect from these boneheads. They’ve been at it for years. Could it be that in their moment of triumph, these tittering twits could be swept away? The devil does not always look after his own.

  9. ‘Bad taste’ doesn’t quite do this justice. Utterly appalling for an MP to make such comments. Shameful. No excuse. I’m afraid no apology could ever be enough.

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