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Breaking video: Tories DID bury recommendations of report on BAME deaths – and inquiry’s black leader’s role was downgraded to hide his research

BAME report had no recommendations for action to protect black people – because government deleted them

The government’s ‘report’ on the far higher coronavirus fatality rates among black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people was slammed this week as a sham, because it contained no recommended actions whatever.

The report also attracted controversy because the Tories had claimed Professor Kevin Fenton was ‘leading’ the review, yet Public Health England (PHE) then stated merely that Fenton had ‘contributed’.

“The actions and inaction of Boris Johnson’s government have killed many tens of thousands of people – and he would rather hide that than fix it.”

Now it has emerged that the original report contained extensive recommendations, but these were removed by the Tories before the report’s release – and it appears that Prof Fenton did lead the review, but because much of the research and the resulting recommendations came from his work the government was deleting, his role was downgraded:

The government had already delayed the release of the report twice, the second time because of the Tories feared the anger of Black Lives Matter protesters.

And when they were eventually forced to release it, they deleted Fenton’s research involving more than 4,000 individuals and groups – and a string of recommendations for action – because Fenton’s efforts had highlighted massive:

social inequality and structural racism.

The anger at the Tories’ decision to hide the damage they have done to society and protect their own interests will rightly cause white-hot anger among those already outraged, not just by events in the US but by their mirror-image in the UK.

The actions and inaction of Boris Johnson’s government have needlessly killed many tens of thousands of people – and not just during the coronavirus crisis – and he would rather hide that than fix it.

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  1. But the toerags were mightily concerned when they thought alok sharma had come down with the bug…

    They just CAN’T be anti-immigrant, racist, or against the working class. After all, javid’s dad drove a bus, once.

    1. 20% false negative rate for all so call CV19 tests , so he may still be positive !
      Test the twat again !

  2. As the former ‘Workshop of the World’ asking why the UK can’t manufacture 500 million masks a week at 3 months’ notice – so that everyone can routinely use them – is a reasonable question.
    It’s more than Tory incompetence – it’s a structural defect of capitalism.
    No entrepreneur, business leader or investor can risk a fortune to satisfy what may be a transient need in an emergency of indeterminate duration.
    That risk requires a command economy that can mothball the manufacturing infrastructure for the next time it’s needed and turn the distribution infrastructure to other purposes.

    1. Thachturd grand plan was that she stripped and gutted UK manufacturing to hobble and destroy the working class power , and to hell with the consequences 40 yrs down stream , oh how I hope she is roasting in Hell and more and may twat Johnson soon follow

  3. There is the world of difference between a virus that emerged ‘natually’, and a virus that ‘escaped’ from a laboratory, and I mean that in the sense that there isn’t perhaps much we can do about the former, but there’s a heck of a lot we can do about the latter so as to ensure that it never-ever happens again:

    ‘Coronavirus began “as an accident” in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss’

      1. It’s all unknowable except it fits the Western narrative that whether a deliberate or an accidental leak from a lab, China should be punished, economically or militarily. It’s the New Sino Cold War so what Intelligence Bosses say is very likely to support that narrative. Politicians like that narrative too as it provides the scapegoat, always essential when you really mess up and as a diversion. It seems just as likely, if not more so, that the virus came from the meat market where bats are sold and consumed. China is still responsible and needs to fix that but I don’t think it means a major war is necessary – unless of course it’s considered the best way of escaping a major Depression?

      2. It’s all unknowable says Paul, who knows F/A and completely disregards the three articles I posted links to. What a complete and utter joke you are Paul! Oh, and then he spouts off AGAIN about fucking war with China! In case you’re not aware of it, the last time I posted a couple of articles saying much the same, guess who responded and started babbling on about war with China? THAT was over two weeks ago, and here he is again dissembling the same B/S.

        Yeah Paul, your bosses wouldn’t want for the masses around the world to organise and do whatever it takes to stop this from ever happening again. And as I told Paul the last time he ‘responded’, there have been numerous occasions when viruses have ‘escaped’ from labs all around the world. Not just in China!

        The guy is another fucking shill on here, who in this case is trying to undermine and dismiss not only those who are arriving at such a conclusion – ie that the virus came from a lab – but also the person trying to draw peoples attention to it – ie readers of skwawkbox. Me!

      3. Allan – One has to wonder why you are so obviously rattled by his comments.

      4. Dutch mink were first infected with coronavirus by their handlers in April. The government identified two cases in which humans had been infected by sick animals in May, the only animal-to-human transmissions known since the global outbreak began in China.

    1. ‘Coronavirus began “as an accident” in Chinese lab, says former MI6 boss’

      Given millionaire Sir Richard Dearlove’s involvement in the Iraq War and his subsequent enrichment in the oil sector it is difficult to trust anything this man says

      1. And the scientists who have researched the matter and come to the conclusion that the virus most likely ‘escaped’ from a lab? ALWAYS monitoring the site all day, every day, aren’t you Steve. I wonder why THAT is!

        And in true black propagandist fashion, Steve tries to depict me as ‘rattled’ by the B/S that Paul came out with. Now why would I be rattled by B/S steve?

        Oh, by the way, I know it’s getting on for three weeks ago, but just for the record, what was your reason for posting that clip from the Paul Waugh article in the Huff Post. I asked you several times in the following couple of days, and I KNOW you saw them, so why is it you’re avoiding giving me an answer. Could it be because you posted the clip for the reason I said you did at the time. Which turned out to be a falsehood!

        As for Paul’s B/S, the assertion he is making is that the US and Co are behind the narrative that the virus came from a lab in China so that it gives them the excuse to go to war with China. As if! Any war with China will very quickly escalate to a nuclear war, and it’s not going to happen for that reason. And just to reiterate my central point, if it can be established conclusively that the virus ‘escaped’ from a lab, then given ALL that’s happened, just about EVERYONE on the planet must campaign to make sure it never happens again.

        Yep, the shills often work together to try and undermine someone! How long is it now that you’ve been monitoring the site Steve and posting comments all day long? Must be two years now!

      2. Allan – “Yep, the shills often work together to try and undermine someone! “

        I remain to be convinced that we should take you any more seriously just because you are lonely

      3. Your estimation that a war against China won’t involve nuclear weapons is very optimistic when you have a lunatic in the White House.

      4. Shills surround you? I should take things easy, it’s never as bad as it might sometimes seem.

      5. Paul, you think his secret service protection squad will let him get anywhere near the big button?
        They’ve got families who can’t access government nuclear bunkers and those families probably live near Washington.
        One of them will blow his moronic head off.

      6. They’ve probably already drawn lots to see who gets the privilege 🙂 🙂

  4. Allan, you seem to go through cycles – being virtually absent for a period and then commenting furiously for a while – sometimes sharing interesting thoughts and useful links and other times ranting like a madman.
    What’s goin’ on?

    1. Oh, and I see that McNiven – as per usual – has now joined in! Yep, he ALSO just happned to come on the site and see my posts and the ‘responses’ (as opposed to monitoring the site and posting comments all day long and like his fellow shill Steve H). So how long is it now that you’ve been posting comments on here every day all day long? Must be a good two years as well!

      And like Steve H – who made the false assertion that I was rattled – McNiven depicts me as being ‘furious’. Funny, isn’t it, how about ten/twelve days ago I called out signpost (Cod rest his soul) for making stuff up so that he could then attack and smear Jeremy Corbyn and the left, and guess who came to the lying little shills defence. Yes, one ‘David McNiven’. He didn’t give a toss about the fact that signpost had invented stuff so that he could then slag off Jeremy and the left, and not for the first time, but again and again and again. But that’s of no consequence to McNiven, or Steve H for that matter.

      And just in case you missed it, signpost claimed in a post that the guy who spotted Cummings in Barnard Castle was taking legal action against Cummings, and praised him for taking ‘decisive’ action, and then slagged off Jeremy and left-wing members who attend meetings for not ever doing so. I knew that signpost was lying – making it up – and did a search and didn’t find anything to that effect, and it would undoubtedly have been in the daily papers if he had have been doing so for some reason. I then asked signpost in a post why the guy was suing Cummings (in a different thread), and signpost responded that he DIDN’T say that AND that I invented it, and finished by saying that I should seek professional help.

      Oh, and just for the record, our man in the Mecon Delta ALSO repeatedly came to signpost’s defence when I was calling him out for lying and fabricating and inventing reality. And by the way Joseph, why didn’t you just tell me where you were a councillor the first time I asked you – ie when I posted a comment asking you where you were a councillor as a friend of mine thinks he recognises the name.

      Yeah, the site’s infested with shills!

      Anyway, here’s a link to the tete-a-tete between signpost (R.I.P) and myself, where he denies that he said what he said:

      PS I don’t suppose McNiven or SH or Jo will have anything to say about it though! Willya guys!! And in actual fact, it must have been the time before – a few days earlier – when signpost made stuff up so that he could then slag off Jeremy that McNiven came to windchimes defence. But what the heck, signpost was a lying little shill who endlessly repeated his lies, and was doing so for eight or nine months!

      1. Allan – FFS get over yourself and give it a rest. You’re behaving like a needy child pestering for attention.

      2. Oh right, a ‘madman’ that managed to get elected president of the US. He may be many things – and a psychopath for sure – but Trump is NOT mad.

        And needless to say, Steve H – yet AGAIN – ‘declined’ to explain why he posted the passage he posted from the Paul Waugh article in the Huffpost. So why did you say you thought it would be of interest to me AND that it had been largely over-looked? What had been largely over-looked?

        Steve H will never-ever respond because the reason he posted the clip was to deceive me – as was Paul Waugh’s objective in saying what he said the way he said it – but I actually checked through the leaked LP document and found the relevant bit and, as such, ascertained that Waugh was lying, in effect – ie trying to mislead his readers, as was steve, me, by posting the passage!

  5. I hadn’t noticed Windbag’s absence until you mentioned him – I hope you haven’t jinxed it.
    Now I’m thinking how nice it is not having to scroll past all his confetti-littered dross.
    I don’t remember the occasion you describe but I think if I ever defended the irritating little punk it would only have been on a technicality.
    By “commenting furiously” I meant you were writing copiously, not “writing angry.”

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