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Video: Tories claimed BAME death review was led by black prof. It wasn’t. Now leading BAME medic says report ‘whitewash’ and accuses Johnson of ‘total failure of leadership’

Professor Kevin Fenton was named by government as ‘leading’ its review into the prevalence of BAME people among coronavirus victims. The government’s claim was false – and health expert Dr Kailash Chand says ‘whitewash’ report makes no recommendations in 89 pages

The government has been accused of lying to cover the sham of its twice-delayed investigation into why the coronavirus kills a far higher percentage of BAME – black, Asian and minority ethnic – sufferers than white.

The Tories had claimed that the government’s review of the death rate was being led by black surgeon Professor Kevin Fenton, with minister Kemi Badenoch repeating the claim in a Commons statement:

But this has been exposed as completely false. Public Health England (PHE) has admitted that Prof Fenton only ‘contributed’ to the report, leading Labour MP Dawn Butler to ask publicly whether Badenoch lied – and to announce that she had asked PHE for more information on the professor’s involvement:

If 9/11 was a new chapter in world history, COVID-19 is a new book. The UK’s chapter in that book would be headlined ‘Total failure of leadership.’

Dr Kailash Chand

Now leading medic and health campaigner Dr Kailash Chand OBE has added his voice to those condemning the report as a sham, pointing out that in all its pages it makes not a single recommendation.

And he accuses Boris Johnson of a ‘total failure of leadership’ in the pandemic:

Not a whitewash. It’s a blackwash

Another senior BAME doctor told the SKWAWKBOX that he agreed with Dr Chand’s assessment – with one exception:

The report is a sham, an attempt to con people and distract from the government’s failures. Inflating Kevin Fenton’s involvement in the report to cover for its lack of substance is not a whitewash, though. It’s a blackwash, but they’re not fooling us.

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  1. A white-wash is when a man or woman steals their police uniform when leaving the force…sounds official doesn’t it, these figures, but really it is a covert attempt to hide the truth that many are dying of natural causes and not black people but white so they get more attention in the press.

  2. Off topic, but a must read:

    A call to the working class! Stop Trump’s coup d’état!

    The White House is now the political nerve center of a conspiracy to establish a military dictatorship, overthrow the Constitution, abolish democratic rights and violently suppress the protests against police brutality that have swept across the United States.

    The political crisis unleashed on Monday night—when Donald Trump ordered military police to attack peaceful protesters and threatened to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 and deploy federal troops to states to establish martial law—is rapidly escalating.

    Democracy in America is teetering on the brink of collapse. Trump’s attempt to carry out a military coup is unfolding in real time.

    Admiral Sandy Winnefeld, a retired vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote in an email published in the New York Times: “We are at the most dangerous time for civil-military relations I’ve seen in my lifetime. It is especially important to reserve the use of federal forces for only the most dire circumstances that actually threaten the survival of the nation. Our senior-most military leaders need to ensure their political chain of command understands these things.”

    The political situation is on a knife edge. Never in the history of the United States has the country been so close to a military takeover.

    1. The following article/review is also worth checking out, and kinda compliments the WSWS article I linked to above, but it’s pretty long (probably getting on for a fifteen minute read), so if you want to get down to the nut-roast and potatoes (I’m a vegan!), scroll to the end of the article/review, and then scroll up five or six paragraphs to where it begins: ‘We are at a dangerous tipping point’:

  3. Very trusting man, Trunt.
    Surrounded by highly-skilled armed men with families, some of whom will be suffering because of him.
    Nobody’s better placed than the secret service to organise a mercy killing and get away with it.

  4. Trump Cant just do what he wants,because of the Constitution,and the rule of law applys to him as well.Monarchy and archaic establishment does not rule the USA.America will bounce back because they have the industrial and Commercial nonce to do it.Look a little closer to these anciant Islands for real decay and a struggle for the survival of the people.The virus in this country has always been the establishment and the Monarchy that will and is leading us all to the rocks.We here in the UK have for many centuries led the world in greed and Corruption and continual “War”….That War has flourished under our system but in this century its finaly burning itself out.and its the UK we should be worried about ,not the most powerful nation on earth the USA.The Swamp across the water will not effect us and its the rotton system here that needs to go or we will go down with the establishment and the Monarchy in a rotten to the core system of anciant and archaic rule….God save the Queen ??

  5. Breaking News

    Covid-19 Track & Trace Mobile Phone App won’t be ready until September or October.

    1. If ever. How do the rest of the Tories stand the constant humiliation? Not blojob, he’s immune.
      They’re not all idiots – they voted for blojob thinking the jovial butt of jokes from hignfy was just an act. They thought he’d be an electoral asset – well he got them elected alright but now they’ve got to live with a buffoonocracy.
      I don’t suppose the fact he’s a fucking liar, a lunatic and an imbecile even entered into their calculations.
      How many are wishing now they’d lost the election I wonder?

  6. They believed they had to get better tools because they were outgunned by the criminals for a time.
    There were UZI’s, Armalites and AK47’s on the street and the cops only had .38 specials.
    Simple case of an arms race. In their situation I’d have wanted to be better armed.
    The basic problem is that nobody smart enough – i.e. smarter than the existing dumb cops – can be persuaded to do such a shitty and dangerous job.

  7. BAME Death Review says what? Are the causes genetic or environmental? Let’s get more ‘Diversity’ in our ‘Top Jobs’ that’ll solve the problem…….at least on paper. Quota Systems to the rescue.

  8. The colour of the person’s skin who leads the investigation is important because………..?

    1. Clearly in a grown up society it wouldn’t be worthy of mention, but the Tories are desperate to pretend they’re not racists.

  9. It would seem that Corbyn has two mistresses – Lord Tugenheim and Dr Bill Bruce-Jones and assorted others for he Jeremy has been installing teachers instead of paid professionals in Bath’s R.U.H. and in the Mental Health Department.

    This includes Danyte who has killed over 17 men and too, darling Bill who has killed 17 over ten years and 8 before that when training as he admits but no wrong doing apparently as he has never been tried for it and one wonders about the rest of the country….

    Then there is Declan Clarke and Tom Proven too.

    This is also a part of Jerry’s plan for he does not know it but he knows only too well that he is about to die in the incendiary I am about to light under his chair.


    Bruce Party Saunders
    et sum

  10. Yet again the Tory lip service to this issue has misread the public mood. They are so adept at this , the Cummings scandal being a glaring example, that we have to question whether they actually give a fuck about the public mood? They have a large majority and it’s a long time until there’s an election. When it gets to election year the usual pretence will kick off again, but for now they don’t even need to pretend. They have a monster in 10 Downing Street and a cabinet chosen purely for their fealty to said monster. There are dark times ahead. But Johnson is not an astute politician, and there is a glimmer of hope that his crass ineptitude may cause even the complacent people of the UK to become incensed and rise up. Already there is evidence of this. My 21 yr old daughter is astonishingly highly politicised right now by the Black Lives Matter protests, and talking about the corruption and misreporting of the media. But uprisings fizzle out. Only when they at last take a hold and become a permanent rebellion against the Tory fascists will this foul government be threatened. I live in hope.

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