Video: Johnson does NOT appear to be wearing an earpiece

The SKWAWKBOX earlier published a still image that suggested Boris Johnson was wearing an earpiece during today’s Prime Minister’s Questions.

Analysis of video footage obtained since, which shows lighter areas as he moves, suggests that he was not:

It seems Mr Johnson’s poor PMQs performances are his own work, at least when it comes to actually standing at the Dispatch Box.

The SKWAWKBOX is happy to pre-emptively correct the record.

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  1. Jeremy Hunt questioning Dido Harding on the 20% of false negatives believed inherent to the current test… “Are the 20% being re-contacted?”

  2. Doesn’t matter when he only hears himself laughing at the public and the vulnerable The egomaniac only loves himself.A bet his old school of Etons not allowing the little darlings bsck to school.

    1. All we need now is for the Times to keep repeating 5 times a day for the next 5 years “Boris is alleged to have been wearing an earpiece” and “Boris has been severely criticised for failing to eliminate allegations that he was wearing an ear;piece” ad nauseum. Get it taken up by all the other papers and the BBC…

      That should do the trick….

  3. Well done on correcting yourself so swiftly – I sometimes do so, my term for such being ‘reverse tabloid’.

  4. Well, his ears appear to be filthy then, or is it the dark and empty void inside his skull?

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