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Hancock’s bizarre pink press briefing lighting trick usually used to pacify drunks or make meat look more appetising

Tories trying to distract from bad news and Health Secretary’s awfulness by using supermarket – or police cell – lighting

A bizarre phenomenon has appeared in a number of Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s recent appearances at the daily press briefing: he has been bathed in rose-tinted lighting.

Pink-tinted lighting is a well-known trick in supermarket grocery sections to make meat look more appetising – and is also used in ‘drunk tanks’ as it is believed to make the inebriated feel less inclined to aggressive responses.

The pink tinge is very obvious when compared to footage and images that don’t use it:

Same white shirt, same pink tie – completely different presentation

And it is not an error in the colour balancing used by an individual broadcaster, varying only subtly according to that station’s preferred colour:

the phenomenon is not a one-off. It was first noted back in April by SKWAWKBOX reader and Twitter activist @UKDemockery:

And in case the Tories’ apologists and sockpuppets try to claim the images have been misleadingly altered, below is footage of the BBC News and Sky News footage from Monday evening, with a clip of ‘normally’-balanced footage in the middle for comparison:

The Tories are trying to use visual cues and psychological manipulation to improve the public’s perception of and reaction to their abysmal performance – and the appalling Matt Hancock’s presentation as ‘enhanced meat’ has become a stand-out example.

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  1. The article shows a picture with a caption showing Hancock to be ‘normal’. I dispute it, he just as much a sociopath as his boss, Bozo the dangerous clown.

  2. Using every trick in the book EXCEPT the obvious and that’s one’s called, being competent !

  3. This heinous Government uses any trick to look good and promote itself. It is the proverbial “advert break” providing little more than “words from our sponsors”.

    “Is the purpose of the TV ad to make you an informed consumer?” asks Noam Chomsky. “The purpose of the ad is to delude and deceive you with imagery so you’ll be uninformed and make an irrational choice.”

  4. I noticed ch4 had a different (more natural) tint to the BBC (pink) when de piffle made his first restriction lifting speech the other Sunday so this isn’t entirely new to me.

    Wish I’d have mentioned it but didn’t think too much about it at the time.

  5. Although it wasn’t as obvious as the top photo. And it changed gradually over a few seconds, rather than instantly after switching channels.

    I thought it might’ve been the TV picture settings readjusting themselves at first, so I tried it 2 or 3 times more and the same thing happened… He went from ‘jolly butcher’ to ‘death warmed up’ in seconds.

    1. That’s more likely a channel-specific characteristic of your TV, Toffee – could be, but not necessarily, an early sign of a fault.
      Got one myself on channels 19 and 21 I’ll have to sort if it gets bad enough that I can be arsed reflowing or reballing whatever chip it is.

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