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New Times Radio gives broadcast job to race-resigner Rudd – and her daughter

Image of line-up also overwhelmingly pale

Rupert Murdoch’s new Times Radio station has announced its lineup for its launch later this month – and has created outrage by including not only Amber Rudd, who resigned as Home Secretary over the government’s racist treatment of the Windrush generation, but also her daughter.

Rudd has also been condemned by a court for the ‘inconceivable’ unlawful detention of and denial of legal representation to asylum seekers, for a later-abandoned plan to force companies to register the number of foreign workers they employed – and for referring to black former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott as ‘coloured’.

The show’s line-up has also been criticised by the absence of black faces in its line-up – which has been announced as protests take place around the world at the murder of George Floyd in the US and the ingrained racism it exposes:

The station has even put out a video tweet specifically promoting Rudd and her daughters’ involvement:

It’s not clear whether Times Radio is planning to showcase any other disgraced ex-Cabinet ministers. The station has been contacted for comment.

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  1. First thought on newspapers switching from print to radio – if that’s what’s happening – is that radio might be cheap enough for a left wing station to compete?

    1. David – You could be onto something there.
      It would help though if Labour HQ had a worthwhile media strategy, a media team capable of producing one would also help because the last 4 years have been dire.

    2. Why has a left radio station never been considered by anyone before? It surely can’t just be a lack of economic viability alone that prohibits it. Is there some extra political or legal barrier to such a venture, Maybe Thatcher’ vicious anti-trades union legislation is mirrored in broadcasting regulations and licensing? Anybody know?

      1. I’ve suggested a TV station in the past, but content and everything else is far more expensive.
        If the print media is going defunct and online and radio is replacing it – and I haven’t looked at circulation figures to see how bad they are – then I definitely think we should get in as soon as possible.

      2. Oh – and qwertboi – if there are legal constraints we do it ourselves separately from the Labour Party by contributions – like a crowdfunding thing. That’d be my preference anyway, now that Labour’s no longer left wing.
        Run it like a democracy, vote on policy, themes, whatever’s appropriate.
        Got to keep the right from trying to control it – as they will – but that’ll be relatively easy outside of Labour.
        If one of them accidentally gets on the air, vote online to turn their mic off.
        A running vote on management performance wouldn’t hurt. No secret votes – need to know who’s ours and who’s theirs.
        See ya, RH.

      3. I seem to remember it was something in contravention of a clause in The Post Office Act that closed down the Pirate Radio stations?

      4. Thanks David McNiven. Yes, crowdfunding would be energising and mobilising and would only be possible as an extra-party thing. And yes, although I’m not leaving the armrest Labour Party despite its new leader’s trilateral third-wayist instincts, I’d not want any emergent broadcast NLM to be constrained by any aspect of the party machinery. Despite Becky and Jeremy’s championing of the green industrial revolution, and pioneering socialist bodies like Labour Land, SCG etc, the left is bigger than any parliamentary political party can ever understand.

        Can it really be done??

      5. A “News from the Left” or “Sinister Radio” or “Politics Radio” or some such station, if not owned by or associated with a political party, I don’t think breaks Ofcom’s rules from my brief reading.
        Ofcom can be circumvented with “alternative broadcasting” anyway I think.
        Confirming that and finding out how many people would be interested enough to commit to helping fund it would seem to be the first hurdles.
        Hmm, do we know anyone with the contacts or followers to organise a big enough Twitter poll, who might also know a left-leaning barrister, and could get suggestions from people who actually have a clue…?
        Would internet radio work, and slash the costs?
        Would YouTubes be even better? I know of people with loads of subscribers contributing through Patreon – that would just leave the content I guess?
        Advertising by our friends on Twitter/facebook etc., or would that just be preaching to the converted?
        There’s a lot of independent left wing content on YouTube already. Hopefully most would like also to be ‘syndicated’ on a new channel?

      6. I bet a project shared by various NLM players could soon attract the celebrity personalities and a Michael Mansfield type lawyer to consolidate and energise the venture. NLM activists like Steve Walker and campaigners like Jeremy Corbyn and Chris Williamson might support the extra-parliamentary opportunity to develop a People’s Press-like people-funded radio channel.

        This feels like an idea whose time is arriving….

  2. Dominic Going would be pleased to see some British riots as it will enable the Govt to keep up with Trump and play a LAW ‘n ORDER card.

  3. Nepotism and the ‘revolving door’ apart, who honestly gives a flying one?

    I won’t be tuning in. Doubt anyone I know will be, neither.

  4. There is something seriously wrong with anyone whose morality is based on ‘quota system’ equality. The bourgeois elite depend on it to improve their own career prospects, as most poor people have only ever asked for a ‘level playing field’. No questions are ever asked on MSM about elite career opportunities with reference to public schools/oxbridge & senior posts, not only in industry; civil service; education; judiciary; politics et al, Bourgeois Feminism. similarly is only interested in promoting top jobs for bourgeois women, as nothing has changed in over 100 years; never wanting universal suffrage, only parity with their own class.

    Until each & every individual human being is assessed & judged on ‘who’ they are & not ‘what’, there never will be equality of opportunity. The only criteria that will promote equal opportunities for every individual must be based on ‘the best person for the job’……artificially imposed bourgeois quota systems will only ensure that nothing changes, apart from better career opportunities for an expanding bourgeoisie. Social mobility remains an idealised ideology only promoted in the 1960s… it is completely dead.

    So many social commentators like to shine their ‘liberal credentials’ as a badge of honour………..but have nothing but contempt for the poor, working classes who are often referred to as ‘Deplorables’ or ‘Racists’. Universities turn their backs on young inner city kids, preferring a more lucrative ‘international’ market for students. The class struggle is not over & has continued for generations……..the only problem now is many of the comfortable & privileged bourgeoisie aka the ‘liberal left’ like to refer to themselves as ‘working class’. & pretend to be involved in the class struggle. A real alternative narrative for those who have never been born.

    1. Equality of opportunity was, is and always will be a crock of shit if we believe in genuine equality.
      There are too many and too varied reasons countless numbers of people are unable to take advantage of, or even recognise, opportunities that may come their way.
      And then there’s the sheer dumb luck factor that the successful never acknowledge.
      I believe equality of outcome is what matters.

  5. Yesterday I submitted a post confirming that it could indeed be done, legally and not at great cost. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear to have made it through the system, so I dont suppose this one will either.

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