Butler coordinates parliamentary action against sale of riot-control gear used against US anti-racism protesters

Labour’s former Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary rallying ‘cross party’ response from MPs calling on government to end sale of tear gas, rubber bullets and other anti-riot gear to US

Labour star Dawn Butler is coordinating a response across the parliamentary political spectrum to the revelation that anti-riot equipment produced in the UK has been licensed for sale to the US, where it may be used against crowds protesting against the murder of George Floyd and the state racism that it represents.

Ms Butler announced the move yesterday evening, with a promise of a full list on Friday of MPs calling publicly on the government to end the sale of crowd-control equipment to the US because of its abuse against protesters:

A Department for International Trade report titled ‘Stategic Export Controls: Country Pivot Report‘ confirms that the UK has issued licences for the export of projectiles and other riot control equipment to the US. The licensed materials include riot shields, anti-riot guns, components for anti-riot guns, portable riot control electric shock devices, and tear gas/riot control agents.

Such materials have been used on peaceful crowds, including to clear protesters from a park near the White House so that Trump could walk through it to a photo opportunity at a nearby church.

There is still the capacity for opposition in the Labour Party.

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    1. Just came across the following article, and it’s complete and utter lies. I was watching CNN at the time it all happened (and had been for a couple of hours or so), and the people protesting in the park were completely peaceful, and then suddenly the line of police who had been standing about fifty yards back from the protesters for ages (with the White House behind them) walked forward and came right up to the protesters and just stood there for a few minutes, and then suddenly, without warning, they started shoving and pushing the protesters, and the next thing they were firing teargas and throwing flash grenades at them as they dispersed, and the following is a Big Lie in true Goebbels/Hitler fashion:

      Park Police say DC protesters cleared because they attacked cops, not because of Trump church visit

  1. Unfortunately, we have a fully bought and paid for lackey of the establishment which is participating in 7 wars around the globe. Including supplying weapons to an apartheid regime, a head chopping regime murdering men, women and children in Yemen who is also controlled by the oligarchs in the US that leads the democratic socialist Labour Party.

  2. It passed largely under the radar but there was an election last month for 4 Labour Party delegates to the NATO parliamentary assembly. There were 8 candidates and, in a brilliant display of where the PLP lies on the political spectrum, dinosaurs Kevan Jones and John Spellar were elected along with 2 newer right wingers, Feryal Clark and Abena Oppong-Asare. Neither Dawn Butler nor Emma Lewell-Buck were elected.

    1. Feryal Clark could proven to be a dark horse, she is Kurdish first and foremost. Hence, I would expect for her to push the NATO’s parliamentary assembly against Turkey in this issue.

  3. Dawn Butler…..Minister for Comfortable Elite Bourgeois Women; following in the footsteps of Blair’s chum Ms Harman. aristocratic Minister for Equalities? Jobs & career opportunities for the elites. Labour Star.

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