Video: police chief to Trump – ‘on behalf of the police chiefs in this country, you’re putting lives at risk. If you don’t have something constructive, keep your mouth shut’

“This is not Hollywood, real lives are at risk. It’s about winning hearts and minds, not ‘dominating'”

Houston police chief Art Acevedo has issued a stinging rebuke to Donald Trump and accused the US president of putting young people’s lives at risk by inflaming the situation as people across the US pour into the streets in protest at the murder of George Floyd and the racism shown toward people of colour.

Acevedo was responding to Trump’s posturing threat to send in troops against the country’s own citizens if cities and states do not respond to his liking – and the police chief pulled no punches, telling Trump to shut his mouth if he can’t do better:

Acevedo went on to accuse Trump of ignoring “the basic tenets of leadership” with his interventions that ‘ruin’ what he and his colleagues are trying to achieve – and even went so far as to imply that those angry with Trump’s lack of concern for the “disproportionality” of US society should get to the voting booth and remove him in the next election.

It was a must-watch response that showed all the dignity and restraint that Trump so obviously lacks. Perhaps some UK police chiefs could take a leaf out Mr Acevedo’s book when it comes to responding to the nonsense of Boris Johnson, his ministers and advisers.

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  1. If he stood against Trunt for President he’d walk it – if the world ran on sanity and not money.

    1. Just watching footage on Newsnight of a column of HMMWV’s driving along Main Street USA and wondered what would happen if some brave soul stood in their path like the unknown hero of Tiananmen Square all those years ago.
      It’d shut Trunt the fuck up, wouldn’t it…

      1. They will be squashed David. The evidence is already out there.

        One man stopped a column of tanks in China. Two cars drove over a protest in America.

        Seen the family watching the military (police) march down the road barking to get inside. They don’t listen. “Light ’em up!”…
        For standing on their porch/verandah…

        Cop radio outbursts.

        “Kill those mother******s”

        “$100 for n*****s, $50 for Mexicans”

        It’s gonna get much worse.

        Oh, and fuck 12!

  2. I see Jacob Piss-Streak is trying to deprive members unable to attend parliament of their votes.

    1. Moggy apparently wants MP’s to vote using quills while dressed in frock coats and stove pipe hats.

    2. Somthing has got to give in the USA,theyve dealt with Tyrents before.The only question is ,whos the tyrant amongst the criminals of democats and Republicans They have a Constitution and the guns to back them up Joe public in the USA has power to take control.And in the UK for now joe public does what hes told but for how lo can the farce go on with criminals on both sides of the House.??No constitutional rights and no representation…=al long and bloody fight for socialism and democracy…

  3. How about some police chief challenges ‘dayglo don’ to play hardball down on the police front lines, and see how he gets on…

  4. Jonathan Cook:

    As US protests show, the challenge is how to rise above the violence inherent in state power

    Had demonstrators not turned out in massive numbers on the streets and refused to be corralled back home by the threat of police violence, the US legal system would have simply turned a blind eye to Chauvin’s act of extreme brutality, as it has done before over countless similar acts.

    Without the mass protests, it would have made no difference that Floyd’s murder was caught on camera, that it was predicted by Floyd himself in his cries of “I can’t breathe” as Chauvin spent nearly nine minutes pressing his knee to Floyd’s neck, or that the outcome was obvious to spectators who expressed their growing alarm as Floyd lost consciousness. At most, Chauvin would have had to face, as he had many times before, an ineffectual disciplinary investigation over “misconduct”.

  5. Its all very well and right that the Police Chief says do it via the ballot box and exercise your right to vote.The issue is that Trump and previous Presidents/State Governors have disenfranchised the poor and mainly black citizens from voting due to ridiculous rules on voter ID and voter suppression. When you are being killed by the Organs of State and the legal peaceful means to challenge that are removed then bloody revolution is the ONLY way forward . Many have and will die and those responsible will as usual escape , tho I live in hope that this time it will be different.

  6. ‘Being Black in America Shouldn’t Be a Death Sentence.’ What About Being Palestinian?

    A few days after Minneapolis, on Saturday morning, in Jerusalem’s Old City, Eyad Hallaq, a 32-year-old autistic man, was on his way to the Elwyn Center for disabled people. Border Police officers claimed they believed he was holding a gun – there was none – and when they called out for him to stop, he started running. The penalty was death. The Border Police, the most brutal of all units, knows no other way to overpower a fleeing autistic Palestinian except to execute him. The cowardly Border Police officers fired some 10 bullets into Hallaq as he fled, until he died. That’s how they always act. That’s what they’ve been trained to do.

    The Israel Defense Forces and the Border Police have a special weakness for the disabled. The slightest wrong movement or sound could sentence them to death.

  7. Just came across the following:

    ‘Local Officials and Trump Were Quick to Blame Out-of-State Agitators for Minneapolis’ Violent Protests. Arrest Records Suggest Otherwise’

    Government authorities, including President Trump, suggested Saturday that out-of-state agitators brought violence to this week’s tense protests over George Floyd’s death. However, a few officials have backed off of those early assertions and some of the arrest data suggest that might not be the case.

    Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz said in a press conference Saturday that he believes that 20% of Minnesotans and 80% from outside the state are responsible for inflicting the worst damage on Minneapolis, calling it the “best estimate right now.” Mayors of Minneapolis and St. Paul backed up the governor’s initial statements.

    St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter: “Every single person we arrested last night, I’m told, was from out of state.”

    Since then, Carter walked back his statement in a press conference later on Saturday, saying that the information he relied on was inaccurate.

    Jail records from the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, whose jurisdiction includes Minneapolis, show that of a total of 142 people were arrested for a variety of offenses from Friday through Sunday. As of Sunday morning, only about 21 of those 142 were noted as being from out-of-state. The jail log included individuals whose addresses were identified in neighboring states like Wisconsin, Illinois, North Dakota and Iowa, among others.

    The information he relied on was inaccurate? Hmm. No doubt the MSM in the US covered the ‘out of state’ story, but omitted to inform their tens of millions of viewers and readers and listeners that THAT wasn’t the case. I mean did anyone in the media inquire of Melvin Carter what the inaccurate information that he relied on was exactly? I doubt it somehow, and yet they all undoubtedly knew that he was lying.

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