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Video: US police officer caught opening fire with ‘pepper bullets’ on journalists BEHIND the lines reporting on riots – right-wing bots immediately deploy

Video shows man clearly repeated firing away from rioters at reporters behind police lines – even reloading to fire again

Shocking video shows a police officer in Louisville, Kentucky, intentionally and repeatedly firing on broadcast journalists – even pausing to reload before continuing the assault.

The journalists, wearing high-visibility jackets, were behind the police lines, so the officer had his back to rioters and was firing away from them – clearly intending to hit the reporters and doing so successfully:

As the footage went viral across the US, large numbers of right-wing bots and sockpuppets were deployed in the now-predictable attempt, seen on both sides of the Atlantic, to try to discredit the footage and the journalists:

More signs of the right’s determination to crush dissent and avoid scrutiny that should worry people in the UK, too.

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  1. The narrative of the President encourages the agents of law and order to take aim at the purveyors of ‘false’ news, misinformation and anti-American liberalism?

    The earlier CNN footage suggests to me that this is maybe not happenstance, this could be deliberate.

    Perhaps it’s an intentional test to see how much the covid lockdown has de-socialised and desensitised some of us and whether it is sufficient yet for the President’s neo-fascist instincts to be let loose?

    After all, the Billionaire-elite would like the global coronavirus emergency to provide them with opportunity for more than just a Disaster Capitalism power-grab.

    1. Good point, A lot of these actions are testing the water to see what they can get away with.

  2. There’s an easy way to tell truth from lies, because its plain to see if its in black & white. Strange how what we regard as truth changes with time as journalists were trusted & reputable, especially the BBC. Perhaps Judas had a point?

  3. The USA is not a civilised country. They are warmongers. They treat African and Native Americans appallingly up to and including state murder of them,they check for insurance cover before they give medical attention to seriously ill people and many people who have long term health problems end up penniless and homeless. They elected a lunatic president. He falls out with everybody, the latest being the World Health Organisation -and this is the country we pin our hopes on for trade deals and with whom we boast of having a special relationship with. Disgusting.

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