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The most damning pandemic summary you’ll read today

European death figures shame England’s shambolic and ideologically-driven government

A simple tweet listing the deaths in Europe by country is the most damning summary of the government’s performance in England.

Martin Keatings tweeted out the deaths in European countries published yesterday – and the UK’s position shames Boris Johnson’s appalling and catastrophic handling of the pandemic:

The UK saw almost four times as many deaths as former ‘hotspot’ Italy – and 162 times more than former disaster zone Spain.

But it is Johnson’s catastrophe. Because Keatings also listed the figures for the UK’s nations – and relative to their population sizes, England’s death total yesterday was 67% worse than Scotland’s, 9% worse than that of Wales – and infinitely worse than Northern Ireland’s zero deaths.

And death numbers, hospitalisation numbers and ICU admissions have all risen in the last few days, at a point that suggests they stem from Johnson’s insane decision to force millions back to work with no warning earlier this month.

Even the government’s own scientific advisers are now warning that it is far too soon to ease the lock-down, yet Johnson continues his mad haste and his disregard for its consequences – except for secretly tripling temporary capacity for storing the bodies of his victims.

The evidence for Johnson’s guilt is piling ever higher – but a simple tweet with a list of numbers is one of the most damning summaries you will find.

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  1. It is important to realise that Sir Kier Starmer alias Judas Iscariot and his disciples have to take a high percentage of the blame!

    1. why ? I know he hasnt said a lot. Lets face it anyone tries to say or do anything regarding what is going on they are shut up. If he said or did anything, the majority of this country would not believe him. Look at whats happened with Cummins ,how does Johnson get away with it. I see there is a poll that a million people have signed a petition demanding his resignation. What does Johnson do he says ask my advisers about it. He says to move on, what ??? However this other business is horrendous and frightening. I dont vote conservative, but good grief never been so scared . What is going on, is his own scientists advisers who stand with him going to speak up ? They told us some months ago its ok to let the children go to school. Johnson told it how it was planned, lose loved ones much younger and sooner ,take it on the chin and have herd immunity. that was the real plan. Miriam Margoyles said she doesnt like Johnson yet he was been decent and doing the right thing, Yes he suddenly changed again reverted back to type. and , now he is carrying out his original plan, Scarey, are the people are the people of England going to accept this ?

      1. ‘If he said or did anything, the majority of this country would not believe him.’

        The majority of the nation didn’t believe his 6 key tests for brexit could be met…But he went ahead and undermined Corbyn to renege on the promise to respect the referendum result, anyway.

        There’s NOTHING stopping the slimy bastard from doing the right thing and calling the government on on it’s genocidal incompetence and murderous neglect.

        Nothing except starmer himself. If this was in the run-up to an election, as opposed to just after one, he’d be mouthing off a-plenty because there’d be something in it for him.

        The slimy, spineless subvirate.

      2. Toffee – Why would anyone take the ramblings of a self confessed Tory Boy like yourself seriously.

    2. Transamtwo…..ITs all about an effective plan to Cull the Herd and immunity from prosecution …Austerity from the people that legalised murder because we are a compliant and conservative minded country. God save the Queen??

  2. The Tory Party had better deal with this Pol Pot very soon – or else! For sure they know that now. Everything he touches turns to dust. Next up: Brexit! Tariffs instead of a deal – except the shafting from USA Inc. And mass immigration of up to 3 million Chinese refugees from Hong Kong.

  3. Oh but don’t forget, it’s ‘difficult’ to compare one country with another. How many times have we heard that from our media, holding the coats of the mass murderers as they go about their grim business with only the mildest criticism?

  4. Perhaps BoJo will turn the Isle of Wight into another off-shore tax haven, with its own stock exchange & run by British passport holders from Hong Kong? I hope he doesn’t read this!

  5. And the devious Torys will be inviting rock solid conservative minded anti communist Chinese who are not like any refuges we have seen before..They definitely wont end up in the back streets of Bolton or Stoke,but probably leafy Surrey or the wealthy that fled the Iranian revolution with their “winnings” from the people..

    1. Like the East African Asian immigrants the Hong Kongers will come with capital and buy themselves into the middle class business community. Their right wing beliefs and readiness to cause violence might be just what the Tories will be needing next year, a bit of muscle.

  6. Rosie Duffield has resigned from her post as a Labour whip after being caught breaking lockdown restrictions by travelling to meet up with her adulterous lover.

  7. Why mention the ‘adulterous’? She broke the kickdown rules, that is all that should matter. At least she resigned.

    1. Sabine – I come across many things that don’t interest me and rather than expressing an interest in why they’ve been written I generally just choose to ignore them

  8. Sabine – Why mention the ‘adulterous’?

    Why not mention it? I’ve also reported elsewhere that her lover has now left his wife and that it is reported that Rosie and her lover are now happily shacked up together. I’ve simply posted the facts and if you or anyone else chooses to make a moral judgement about those facts then that is their (or your) choice

    1. Steve H, it just surprises me that it is mentioned at all. Not an issue of interest to me.

      1. I would suggest its not a matter of interest to most people Sabine. I’m not a fan of Rosie Duffield but her private life is just that – private.SteveH’s comment is unnecessary and distasteful.

  9. Hi Skwawky,

    Have there been any reputable studies about what details are obtained of those who have died of/with Covid-19?

    I mean, we get told that xxx died yesterday. Don’t know age, occupation, what other ailments they had etc. In fact, we seem to be told jack shit about these unfortunate souls.

    So, did they die OF it or with it? Were they a front line worker who contracted it at work?

    Covid-19 has a 5-9 day incubation apparently. So after 2 months of lockdown, these figures should be tiny. But they’re not.

    I distrust this awful government, but make no mistake- we’re being lied to by the WHO, Fauci etc. An effective medicine (Hydroxychloroquine) against Covid-19 that is cheap, effective, been used for decades and will negate the “need” for a vaccine is suddenly “dangerous” and ‘shouldn’t be used, but we’ll do a half-arsed study that’s scheduled to end in SEPTEMBER!!! Talk about set up to fail!

    This entire event has been politicised and the response is bordering on inhumane.

    We need to be looking further into what we are being told.

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