Surge in new quarantines among Finnish teachers and pupils in first week after schools re-open – from a base far lower than that of UK

Finland has seen a surge in quarantines in the first week since schools there re-opened, with more than 150 new cases among teachers and pupils – mirroring the situation in France, which has seen an increasing number of schools across the country re-closed because of new outbreaks, just a week after the re-opening. While the incubation time of the virus can vary widely, 5-7 days is around average.

Finland’s statistics show 154 new quarantines in the eight days to 22 March – and the rate of growth is accelerating:

This increase occurs against a backdrop of Finland’s population of only around 5.5 million, 6,500 cases and 306 deaths to date – not much more than one in a thousand of the population infected – so a new surge of 154 quarantines linked to schools is substantial. The UK, by contrast, has seen almost 40 times as many infections per head of population – even according to the government’s figures, which are low because of the long-term lack of available testing for the virus.

The apparent ability of the virus to re-emerge in schools even from a very low infection base signals yet again why the UK’s teaching unions are correct to say that the UK government is rushing too fast to send children back to school when the pool of infection in the UK is far larger.

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  1. Obvious. But the obvious is unfashionable. The obvious has no pull.

    Schools should NOT be reopened here. The pupils are silent vectors. Thus obviously more effective than people with obvious symptoms.

    We should have had from the onset – SCREEN, QUARANTINE test test test, isolate, test test test, track trace isolate test test test.

    The driver of this government is NOT saving lives. It is wilful neglect, extraordinary callousness and handing hundreds of millions of contracts to their chums and associates with ZERO scrutiny and ZERO competition.

    Almost anyone could do better that this lot Starmer & Co worked night and day to hand power to them. WMD Tony Blair openly endorsed Dominic Cummings & boris johnson before the last election. Starmer & Co are guilty. They helped cause this unbelievable level of fatalities and scandal. Starmer & Co are GUILTY. NEVER forgive them.

  2. How many of these pupils have very mild symptoms? How many have mild symptoms? How many have severe symptoms? How many have been hospitalised? What percentage of the total pupils are affected in comparison to those who are not affected.

      1. Hmm, according to medical studies, children who are infected, and it has not been established whether its very mild, mild, severe or requires hospitalisation, just like in the minute percentage of adults who have and by a very large majority likely to die from it when they are over 60+, have serious primary illnesses such as cancer emphysema Parkinson’s dementia blocked arteries etc, it has only a small chance of affecting adults.


      1. If you notice, the infections are not given with a breakdown in numbers. Eg they don’t show the percentages of pupils who have it as a total number of pupils. They don’t indicate whether of the severity of infection as the chief UK medical officer stated most people won’t be infected, some will have mild symptoms they don’t even know they have, some will have mild symptoms, some will have severe symptoms. In pupils there has been very little evidence to indicate that adults will be infected from them. Finally, if you look at the latest off-guardian coronavirus fact sheet, it provides at detailed breakdown on age, area and mortality from Corona virus-19. Overall, its averaging about 0.2% with scarcely any fatalities amongst children but, as you would expect, the highest rates are in the 70-90 age group with the over 80s having by a long way the most deaths which considering the primary health problems that these age groups have. Propaganda is being used to whip up fear, hysteria and impose economic plus social misery on people.

  3. Ps the Labour party is OUR party. Those who realise that, must fight to regain control of it. Those who can’t neither need read, reply nor apply. Form an alliance with defeated defeatist and pipe dreamers. Of course those expelled unjustly cannot vote at NEC etc. That is obviously why the rest of us must remain to put that right. Still the expelled, as all of us, should ask ourselves, what can we do better? What can we do differently? Have our priorities, manner and methods been effective? If no, then try something different. It’s obvious. If someone corrects me re anything, eg the Toffee i think re Mccluskey some months ago. I am grateful. Two heads are better than one. Surely.

    It is extremely odd to call people stupid or idiots or accuse them of lying because they have expressed a view different to yours. THAT is neither collective, intelligent nor effective for ANY human enterprise. Straight talk yes. An idea may be less than perfect but in my opinion very very few people are stupid or idiots. People have different experiences and gifts. We see things from different angles and express things in our own unique way. A different way does not make the person suggesting it stupid.

    And finally, there are trolls. But they cause me little if any distress. To me they provide a free service. You can practise rebuttals and develop resilience to their sinister well studied “arts”. But for me it is those who claim to be on our team yet scream defeat… enraged that the rest of us have not given up. They attempt to insult because we are determined. They take their time to do that. How odd??? Maybe some are sophisticated paid infiltrators. Maybe they are genuine. But logic is my guide. If i thought a project was hopeless, then i would pursue other interests. I would not use my time and energy turn up at the match to scream at my team, YOU CAN’t WIN‼️‼️‼️

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    1. More plastic crap from your friendly new-labour 2.0 BS Signpost crap. Yeah fight for what we don’t know! But talk twaddle yeah that will scare em’ Total dad’s army plan of keep the easily lead to stay keep them subs and numbers of members up and convince them next time will be different…

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      Lets see elect a left wing leader and the bollocks from ever single MSM and TV channel will start again be it antisemitic or some other nebulous unprovable attacks. There will be consent anonymous briefing from the scum in the PLP against the leader. There will be consent pressure from the PLP, NEC and right wing hidden party against the leader to marginalise them. Attacks on his greatest supporters and any dirt will be exploited even if we have to make shit up to late when your kicked out..

      SO no sir I won’t believe a total Tory or new Labour BS merchant like you with your weekly CLP meetings shit there monthly and that according to the book. I suggest if your going to lie and make claims you read the membership manual. It’s online and don’t make up easily disprovable shit, like weekly CLP meetings with no agendas.

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      1. Who asked you??? I made it clear you were not asked. Need not read. Need not reply. Need not apply. Whats your aim. This is the last reply to you. Best wishes in all you do. You have done your best. Good bye🌹🌹🌹

      2. ps actually, i’m beginning to think u r neither a grandad or disabled, but one of the clever infiltrators like Reverand Cole’s brother who infiltrated the environmental protestors. It is just that the disabled people i know… and i know VERY many, and the grandads i know are without exception never the pumper outers of uninvited abuse to their team.

        So the combination of “disabled” and “granddad” may be a ruse. Of course i can’t be sure. But that over-gilding of the Lilly … over icing of the cake… polishing a turd can be seen eg, when the police kill someone, within minutes it is reported on the MSM eg Jean Charles de Menez that the person is not just an X, they are p, q, r, s, t as well. Every random slur… they appeared to have a weapon etc etc… they showed super strength resisting arrest.

        Your nom de plume now strikes me as a reverse of that a double positive icing or polish. Cuddly lovely grandad and disabled too, so don’t rebut sweet little grandad’s attempt to discourage. Well i may be wrong but politics even i can see is a complex business. But in case i’m wrong, my posts are not meant for you. They are usually long so why bother read them. This site is to build our control of our party nor to to discourage that building.

        I certainly, based on this and your recent posts, would not wish for you to be part of any positive enterprise. If even your next post were positive you would return to type. Grandad’s are usually old. Thus you are proving that you are set in your negative failure to learn ways. You believe a better party floats down from the sky by some magic. The members must sit about moan and “wait for a decent leader to turn up”. That is a lazy uninspired passive approach.

        Plus you are not a follower. You are a discourager. The world has enough of those and they are always in the wrong place. So to use the language you understand judging from your language above P*** OFF with Berry, Lockett and your lot!! You know SH it is his bits to whom you should be posting. Post to each other. Or try harder. Be more original we need to practice on specimens like you so we can manage when we meet them on MSM🌹🌹🌹

      3. In case you’re wondering what disabledgrandad is referring to, allow me to explain:

        In a post three days ago, having mentioned the first CLP meeting he attended, signpost said the following:

        ‘Rest assured though, this very day, this very week… every week since that meeting, theory and learned chat has remained atop all agendas.’

        The following is my ‘Reply’ to signpost (which I posted yesterday):

        And when you say (in relation to the first CLP meeting you attended) that ‘every week since that meeting, theory and learned chat has remained atop all agendas’, can you give some examples of the theories and ‘learned chat’ you claim happens ‘every week’. I wasn’t aware that CLPs held meetings every week, and as far as I know it’s usually once a month, and it really doesn’t sound plausible that a CLP would hold meetings every week, and so, much like Izzy Lenga who claimed in the Panorama hatchet job that she was subjected to A/S abuse at meetings every day, I have no doubt whatsoever that, yet AGAIN, you are lying, not only about the weekly meetings of your CLP, but that those attending meetings spend every meeting discussing theories etc.

        As ALL members know – whether they attend meetings or not – they are sent an email PRIOR to meetings listing what is on the agenda for the forth-coming meeting, and are usually mainly comprised of discussing local issues and problems.


        PLEASE see through signpost. He is a total fraud, and of COURSE he posts lots of comments to convince readers of skwawkbox that he’s one of us AND to ingratiate himself with readers. THAT is all part of his MO, whilst interspersing his ‘populist’ comments with trashing Jeremy (for his ‘jellied weakness’ etc, etc) AND the left in general AND left-wing members of his own (alleged) CLP and the left-wing members who attend ALL the hundreds and hundreds of CLPs and branch meetings across the WHOLE country. Yes, they’re ALL endlessly discussing theory and reading books etc, etc, etc!

        And isn’t it odd how often in recent weeks that signpost just HAPPENS to be the first person to post a comment, and within several minutes of skwawkbox emailing subscribers notification ot the article. Yes, signpost is continually monitoring skwawkbox AND the moment new articles are posted he skims through the article and then writes/types a ‘comment’ and posts it, so that he can be the first person to comment……. but OBVIOUSLY he can’t do THAT every single time as readers would soon pick up on the fact, so he does it 25 to 35% of the time so that no-one will cotton on. And prior to this – as I’m sure many will recall – it was his ‘habit’ to Reply to the FIRST person who posted with mammoth great long posts, pushing in front of other posters comments apart from anything else, and he did it dozens and dozens of times. But since I ticked him off about it, he’s changed tact and now posts FIRST as often as he can without people noticing that he is! And it’s all about keeping a high profile and continuing to ingratiate himself with readers.

      4. Regards my above post, I was going to point out something else as evidence that signpost is monitoring the site and the comments all day long, but then decided to leave it and wait to see how long it takes for him to respond to my above comment, and you can be ABSOLUTELY certain that he was aware of it more-or-less as soon as I posted it. The fact that it’s been nearly two hours now and he hasn’t responded to it yet is a deliberate ploy on his part – ie to have readers believe that he DOESN’T monitor the comments all day long.

        But just look at what happened in respect of disabledgrandad’s post:

        At 3.12pm disabledgrandad responded to signpost’s 9.09am post (some SIX hours later), but signpost responds to HIM within TEN minutes and then AGAIN thirty-one minutes after THAT with a longish post that no doubt took him a while to ‘compose’ and type out. Oh, right, but according to signpost, disabledgrandad is the imposter, the infiltrator, even though he didn’t ‘respond’ to signposts post until some six hours later, and that HE – signpost – is the real deal, despite the fact that he responded almost immediately.

        As I learnt in the many years I was going head-to-head with the anti-camera propagandists, they nearly ALWAYS ‘reply’ more-or-less immediately as they don’t want too many people to read your comment before THEY post a rebuttal or a put-down of whatever it is you’ve said, but signpost’s dilemma is that to have responded to my post more-or-less immediately would just be more evidence that he is continually monitoring the comments!

        Anyway, it will be interesting to see if he keeps posting the first comment in threads as often as he has been in recent weeks now that I’ve drawn readers attention to the fact.

  4. Only !54 cases of the presence of this virus (not illness) in a group not under threat and in a situation where immunity has been suppressed?

    No shit, Sherlock!

  5. How does Skwawkbox think this virus will be “beaten”? Like it or not, the only way is through herd immunity. A vaccine may speed that, but we may be waiting years for that. 30 years on, there’s still no vaccine for HIV and the illness (AIDS) that it causes has killed twice as many this year as Covid19. There is still no vaccine for the common cold. Quarantine the vulnerable, let the rest of us out and about. Stop trying to score political points.

    1. Really Reallyoldhippy and do you know the body count on that? Plus do you really understand herd immunity not the BS the tory party tell you real heard immunity can ONLY be done with a vaccine do you honestly think 100% of the population that includes you should roll the dice on live or die.

      There is no confirmed as far as I know and I read these reports conscientious on if you can’t catch this shit again. So we can roll the dice live and then re catch it and die next time nice plan. I suggest you check the reality of a situation rather than talk Tory bollocks and work out what 2-6% of the total UK population really is?

      That you want to die under this plan and that’s only using current guesstimate numbers! Because no one the fuck knows anything really. But hay because some eugenics tory scumbag tell us to do this lets all go die. Fuck that!

  6. Whilst the reproduction number may be below 1 in adults, in younger schoolchildren it will be far higher in a classroom situation – and at home with the family in most cases I’d guess, the dear little virus vectors 🙂

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