Breaking: police arrive at Cummings’ London home

Pressure on Johnson’s handler/adviser rockets higher still. BBC has not yet covered

Police have arrived at Dominic Cummings’ house in London, according to images just received by the SKWAWKBOX. Boris Johnson has been under intense pressure to sack his chief adviser/handler after Cummings drove more than 260 miles to Durham with suspected coronavirus – and reportedly on a second occasion after his recovery.

The images of police at his front door will ‘ramp up’ (ironically) the pressure on Johnson still further – but so far, in spite of the presence of reporters, the BBC News channel has not mentioned the development so far.

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  1. I expect it is because those in the house
    have complained to the police about the chap with the placard standing at their gate.

    1. He’s setting up a “they’re intimidating my 4 year old“ story – which is why he carries him in his arms like a shield against the World.

  2. Let me understand this correctly are you saying SB that the twat has done this 260 mile trip on 2 separate occasions and not just the once for his Mum birthday party ???

      1. Rob. Yes. at least TWO trips. Plus a 30 mike drive to Barnard’s Castle AWAY from his parents’ home.

      2. Eff me then there is no way that Cuminge can possible survive and for this Govt to have any cred whatsoever with the public at large over respecting the lockdown.

      3. u would b amazed rob. all decent people will b amazed, but unless blue tory backbench mps increase their pressure, cummings will survive, this gov’t will suffer but could survive as sir stomar is vvv terrified of upsetting his paymasters.

        rob as u well may know, when big world money is warmly welcomed through a front door, even the most fragile microscopic dot of decency would have been crushed and flushed down dire sir kier starmer mucky tory toilet.
        but with starmer, big money had it vvv easy rob. not even a microscopic trace of socialist or any decency could be found near sir dire starmer to flush away. there is none there.

      4. Talking of money and donations nobody seems particularly outraged or even surprised that the Audit for Change UK the breakaway collection of odd beats (led from behind by CU) was unable to sign off on donations because somebody early last Summer deleted details of donors and email chains so it was impossible to see who donated or how much. The perils of coming a Ltd Company maybe? Computers can be forensically interrogated and ‘deleted’ material recovered but nobody seems keen to do that. Sorry to be off topic, I’m hoping we can see more of the famous Nando’s photo to remind us how DIRE British politics has become.

      5. Yes Paul, i read that about Chukka Ummuna, Luciana Berger & Soubrey etc CUKs TINGES or what other names they had. It is alleged they were in receipt of TONS of money. Super funded. MILLIONS. It is alleged they had more money than many other parties combined. Yes, Paul they claimed that ALL the records were destroyed… shredded etc. Sounds familiar???

        I will be surprised if they are investigated by anyone let alone the police. But times up re crystal clear similarity. At the MPs expenses abuse scandal, no investigations were pursued in one particular case. Guess yet??? All the records were also shredded. The 95% even some of an 4% of the top 5% MUST keep records. Not having them is not an accepted excuse.

        But Paul, which financial records were destroyed like the CUKs. Of course the slimy disgusting creature 45 minute WMD LIAR Tony Bliar. The creatures records re MPs expenses were shredded like CUKs. Me thinks the same big money which the creature served diligently, monied the CUKS. That is my FIRM belief. The CUKs and WMD liar warmonger are invited to put me right. 🌹🌹🌹

    1. Rob, Cummings drove 400km minimum at least twice. Danced plus visited bluebell wood. I kid u not. Outrageous but true. QUESTION: Which parent ill with Covid-19 would drive 400 km with a 4year old child, in a tiny enclosed space, not contaminate along the long car journey with a young child? Then dance? Then seen 30 miles away? Admiring bluebells? Having RAN from #10 when johnson got his +ve test?

  3. BBC will b last to cover. They r thinking how best to minimise pressure on their Tory tool. Cummings will b pushed into background after too late for print media and MSM social hours chat. Maybe wrong but expect him “gone” around 23:57 or 58. But not really gone. In background propelling same eugenic Tory ideology.
    Note well zero meaningful opposition from Dire kier Starmer. Stoma is pleased to support his masters and desperate to get his turn at fuller blown Torydom.

    1. Somehow, I don’t Cummins will go, since Johnson is lazy and needs Cummings to do the work. What Johnson would most likely do is to use fear to quieten down rebellious back bench Tories, who would like to have the Tory whip removed? any takers?

      1. Yes Maria Vazqyez, blojon needs cummins. he is notoriously lazy except for fun philandering & pathological lying for no expected reason. not like war criminal the liar wmd tony blair 45 minute liar to murder over one million Iraqis and thousands of others. bliar lies for money. blojon invents stuff just for fun. betrays women & his children just for fun. gets a kick out of it very strange.

        it crossed my mind this pm what a friend said some time after Christmas 2017. “with johnson, anything can happen”. i agreed then. to day that perceptive thought came back to mind. anything can happen with blobjon … anything. expect anything … except fidelity and the weakest remotest interest in truth.

        Our problem is made more serious as sir stomar will play the reliable establishment ploy. because of public pressure as on , forced to oppose, stomar will pretend by demanding an inquiry. kick the issue into the long grass inquiry.

        it is we who must provide intelligent pressure, MEANINGFUL public pressure not sir starmer’s pretence. Even MSM pressure, not BBC, will not die neither Blue Tory back benchers. Not PLP infiltrators of our party, they are desperate for directorships.

        BUT, Bless the teacher who claims he saw cummings, wife and child at Barnard Castle. Robin Lees, has taken ACTION. The EXCELLENT CITIZEN Robin, has reported Cummings to the police.
        A trillion tons of praise and best wishes to Mr Robin Lees. Every blessing & success🌹🌹🌹

  4. Johnson will b screaming “Where’s Laura, Wher the hell is Laura when you rally need her”. lol

    1. Lassie will never defect, keystone. Lassie, Peston, Robinson all of them r devoted to their rightwingery same old same old. they will never defect. they’v been devoted right wingers 4 too long since youth.

      plus, if u knew the billions involved u would b shocked. nb massot was offering a million here a million there to complete dimwits and losers. LOTS of money buys the integrity free, forever keystone. forever.

      alas so many people who mean well don’t see the vital… essential need to strengthen all defences. improve our game one trillion fold. ask how can we improve. that’s like an insult to some. so weird. that attitude does not exist in any area where concrete results are necessary.

      good intentions are not enough. being nice is not enough. symbolic statements are not enough… they are worthless … in fact they ate worse than that. with out effective action, they result in repeated failures that fertilises defeatism, defensiveness and passive aggressive frustration until they die. then from fields of suffering and loss, the hopeless moan, that was our last hope. no point hoping anymore.

      keystone, mistakes will always be made by all of us. but i realise that for many, there is zero appetite to correct them. were they boxers, they would be knocked out over and over by the same punches. they worship failed old methods by association. because a decent person made them errors, keep them errors.
      i’v tried all i know 4 now. need to find new ways myself. first step is to have a core of people who are determined to prioritise these basics.

      the basics have to be managed first in swimming, knitting, gardening, cooking, flying, doctoring, carpentry, plumbing, sailing, singing , crawling, standing, walking…

      why well meaning very intelligent adults, some past retirement, remain convinced that we can achieve our aims by good intentions alone, despite vivid evidence, puzzles and saddens. 🌹🌹🌹

  5. We should do well to remember the MS is embedded with the establishment, not necessarily just the Tories. Whichever version of neo-liberalism is in power will get the unabashed sychophantic idolisation from the mainstream media, as long as the revolving door of contracts,licenses, jobs, committees and quangoes keeps the money flowing within the establishment circles.

    To the MSM, Cummings is just as expendable as we are to him, if they realise he’s more of a liability than a gravy-train asset.

    I see all those people not socially distancing there outside Demonic’s door. Are they reporters or voyeurs? Oh dear….

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