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Video: gasping Johnson stands by Cummings – but sounds like even he doesn’t believe his nonsense

Breathless PM can’t even convince the nation that he believes his feeble excuses

Boris Johnson has defended his chief adviser Dominic Cummings at his unscheduled appearance at this evening’s press briefing – but the out of breath Johnson couldn’t even manage to sound like he himself believed the feeble excuses he was peddling:

Let’s be clear:

  • Cummings did not and could not know that he and his wife were ‘about to be incapacitated’ when the virus leaves the vast majority of those it infects with mild to zero symptoms
  • Cummings did not have ‘no alternative’ – he reportedly has a sister who lives in London and an assistant who lives just a few streets away from his home
  • not by even the most blind Tory fan could claim travelling 260 miles was done ‘with the overwhelming aim of stopping the spread of the virus’ – even if they were foolish enough to buy Johnson’s spiel about acting ‘responsibly, legally and with integrity’

Johnson could scarcely have sounds more unconvincing – but he did sound convincingly like he knew he was pushing feeble nonsense.

Cummings must go – and Johnson’s lack of spine in doing so decisively even after police turned up at Cummings’s London home has exposed his lack of substance and integrity more than ever.

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  1. What a ratbag this toff is. Having decided that anyone coming to the UK will quarantine, Covid or not, he finds it OK that someone with Covid can roam the country at will, spreading the virus. Hard luck for anyone at Barnard Castle. Which head are you giving us Bozo, yours or Cummmings’ (or both)?

  2. Johnson has shot his bolt, I can only imagine Cummings has a huge back catalogue to unleash

  3. Funny he looks more I’ll now than he did just before and just after his life threatening bout of conservovirus

  4. Utter total and complete BULLSHIT ! Johnson , Cummings has a brother in LONDON ! why take the kids 260 miles away , when they themselves will no doubt be infected and dump them on his fathers/mothers doorstep , both in the so called vulnerable age grp…. just complete NONSENSE ! and a pack of LIES as usual spouting forth from his mouth .
    I can hear the laughs of derision from Landsend to John O Groats from here .

    OK Captain Forensic …….. step up now and do your forensic investigation and demolish this liar and his pack of complete lies , utterly insulting to anyone’s intelligence … hellllooooooo Eric …. you’re on ….. now is the time ,, yes now Starmer NOW !!

    fukin tumbleweed …….

  5. In defending the indefensible, Johnson has finally proved that he needs Cumming’s to tell him how to run the country. Without Cumming’s , Johnson is just an overgrown schoolboy completely out of his depth.

    1. Spot on Peter. I would bet that if you were within 20 feet of Boris’s podium you could have smelled the shit running down his legs! I would say he is cacking himself as he knows that without Cummins to tell him what to do he would revert to flailing his arms around in response to any question, like he did before he was pm.

  6. Johnson never had a ‘ bolt to be shot ‘
    Cumming’s runs the show. Johnson is a good time / good news puppet. When he can think his premiership is a jolly good jape!

  7. Seems that Boris is Mr and Mrs Cummings only friend. With absolutely no friends, family or neighbours prepared to assist in London what lonely lives they must have in London.

  8. If anyone thought Johnson would come out and condemn Cummings and sack him over his actions were either deluded or daft.
    Due to his laziness he is incapable of doing the job he’s craved (and paid handsomely for) nearly all his adult life. Cummings knows this and I suspect most Tory MPs know this too.
    Unless something develops over the next few days Cummings is going nowhere.
    If the expected second wave occurs what will happen if some of the population ignore government demands to stay home. It’s a mess and all Johnson can do is defend him

    1. You got it. Cummings isn’t going anywhere. You have to give it to Johnson, he has the ability of surrounding himself with capable people that do his bidding.
      I don’t like Cummings one little bit but I have to recognise that the man is short of a genius when I comes to keep his man in power..

  9. As the Queen apparently refuses to become involved in this squalid matter surely its time for Mark Sedwill to take control and make these vermin look to the national interest?

    1. Mark Sedwill will never do that. Sedwill did notcget where he is by caring for the many.🌹🌹🌹

  10. It’s no real surprise that the weakest least talented Govt in literally hundreds of years of British history should collapse in ignominy the moment it encounters a serious difficulty. There was once a Govt called (something like), the Ministry of All The Talents; this one begs to be called the Govt of No Talent Whatsoever. It’s a crisis for the Constitution too; 5 years of elected Dictatorship by Boris Johnson is not something anybody wants; so what is to be done to stop it is now a pressing issue.

  11. I think the sign-language bloke was prolix. All he needed to do to convey BoJob’s message to the public was to raise his hand, back to the camera, with index and middle fingers raised.

  12. Well, obviously de piffle’s sense of smell is still present. Not that it ever left him; he’s been out the public eye for so long he hasn’t had to spout so much bullshit, so it’s no wonder he was gasping.

  13. It’s time this government fell. It’s beyond parody now. It’s a fucking disgrace, and we are being cringed at by every other country in the world.

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