Video reveals mass – and not very imaginative – Johnson bot/sockpuppet activity

Activity on a single social media post exposes scale – and lack of imagination – of Tories’ fake social media activity

Brilliant work by the excellent Prole Star has captured clear evidence of the industrial scale – and singular lack of imagination – of the Tories’ fake social media activity.

A post by Boris Johnson garnered huge numbers of responses – but whoever is behind the farms of bots and sockpuppet accounts couldn’t be bothered to automate a little variety into their programme:

As Prole Star rightly observed:

Boris Johnson’s bot army can spell ‘Brilliant Boris’ and ‘Support Boris 100%’ Loads of them. At the same time. Completely spontaneously…

The Tories can’t hope to emulate the mass, grassroots appeal of the Labour Party and the social media ‘buzz’ it creates – so they throw money and deceit at it instead.

They’re still not too good at it – but it dovetails nicely with their fake news in the traditional media.

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  1. Blair and Khan warn against election before xmass,well thats a green light for me for an election before Xmass,when have they ever backed a Jeremy Corbyn government. Black opps to stop a socialist government,get behind Corbyn for a happy Xmas and a great new year.!

  2. Have to consider the possibility of a double bluff though (if that’s what it’s called).
    The one where Blair, knowing he’s not trusted, recommends a course of action hoping that Labour will do the opposite.

    1. Yes – you can disappear up your own arse imagining all sorts of cunning plots.

      Me? I’ll trust my own judgement that this is not the time for a GE if you want a Labour win.

    2. David
      Perfect example of he who pays the piper calls the tune,
      Polls, social media, MSM and toilet papers create a mirage
      Labour most seats 5/1

    3. Bluff, not double bluff. Duh.
      Thanks for not ttp 😕

      OT I know, sorry, but been watching Catalonia demo’s on news and undecided who has the right of it.
      Does Catalonia wanting to leave Spain seem to anyone else like London & the stockbroker belt wanting to leave the rest of the UK so that they’ll be richer without us – or see it as a perfectly reasonable desire by a not-really-Spanish population for independence – and are there principles involved or just pragmatism?
      If, say, Labour rebuilt the deprived UK regions with huge new manufacturing bases built at vast national expense – and the regions then demanded autonomy to localise the entire benefit – would that affect your views?
      Unity and co-operation are my first choice but I recognise that regions can feel and be undervalued, bullied and ignored.
      I prefer to think that argues for better not separate government but ‘better’ being so rare I’d like to read other opinions.

  3. An election before Christmas would be a disaster.

    Labour needs enough time to re-think our policy i.e. no form of Brexit, no matter how strongly the dinosaurs such as Lavery object and then we need enough time to sell it in the media and on the doorsteps.

    Failing that and not necessarily in this order, a referendum on the dangerous clown’s deal or Remain.

    1. That about sums it up. Before anything, the Toad needs to be forced into s proper procedure for the consideration of his ‘deal’.

    2. Neither of which is Labour policy – and fortunately so. Labour would tank in most of the north on either of those

      1. Skwawkbox. “Labour would tank in most of the north on either of those”

        Only if MPs such as Ian Lavery keep trying to protect themselves and don’t combat Farage’s lies and tell their constituents the truth. Which is there is no form of Brexit which will benefit the UK. We are on the Titanic, heading for the iceberg.

      2. Too late! Labour will tank in the north and midlands regardless of what we do now. The switch from ‘respecting the referendum result’ to demanding a second referendum has killed us with the electorate.

        Corbyn was originally anti-EU and should have kept to his anti-EU guns. He and Labour are now paying the price for this flip-floppery.

        First time round, the Party elected him leader despite his retaining a strongly Eurosceptic message in his leadership campaign. This should not be conveniently forgotten. Thereafter his easy retreat on the EU betrayed a lack of political leadership and agency. Instead of kowtowing to the PLP on the EU, he should have swept on with a heavily-redistributive interventionist economic programme against EU law, which would in turn have galvanised Labour Left Eurosceptic sentiment post-referendum.

        Instead we are left with gutless pursuit of BRINO-or-Remain and vague blah blah about a green new deal which is failing to inspire the electorate because it’s not concrete. Yet everything has to remain vague since the PLP don’t want to change anything much and EU law wouldn’t let us do so. The Labour Left sadly seem largely content to go along with this state of affairs.

      3. “The North” … “the electorate”

        Sounds like a pronouncement from the metro bubble about the undifferentiated masses ‘out there’ or ‘up there’.

      4. Danny “The switch from ‘respecting the referendum result’ to demanding a second referendum has killed us with the electorate”.

        You are assuming that in the three years since the referendum, voters haven’t realised it was sold to them on the basis of myths and lies. As we know four times more Labour voters have turned to Remain Parties than Leave Parties.

      5. ‘As we know four times more Labour voters have turned to Remain Parties than Leave Parties.’

        And what’s the glaringly obvious thing about that statment that’s missing jack?

        That’s right – They’re not backing labour, are they? And why? Because you and your fellow moronsquite happlily allowed the twats watson & starmer to act as they pleased, and in doing so bollocksed the public’s perception of the eu policy which was to repsect the referendum result.

      6. Toffee “And what’s the glaringly obvious thing about that statment that’s missing jack?”

        Toffee, if you’d put your brain into gear before insulting from the hip you’d have been able to answer it yourself, without me having to help you.

        Try “because Labour hasn’t decided that it’s a Remain Party” – as it was during the referendum and should be even more so now that the lies and myths of Brexit and your mates Farage, Cummings and the Clown have been exposed.

      7. Imbecile.

        It’s BECAUSE of watson& starmer’s shithousery (aided and encouraged by your laissez-faire attitude) that’s made labour the 2nd ref party that people are turning their backs to in droves.

        The party was all for an immmediate GE when the policy was to respect the referendum result. No coincidence it’s shied away from it since your shithousery got you your 2nd ref with remain option. .

        We all know where the blame for that lies. But, because you’re a shithouse like the other two (four if you include the other two morons on here) you’ll obfuscate, distract and deflect rather than accept any responsibility for the downturn in party support.

        YOU are the reason the ship’s hit the iceberg. YOU.

        And it’s not as if you weren’t warned this’d happen but you’ll still deny responsibility. And you’re STILL stamping your feet & trying to dictate party policy.

        And we’ll all have to suffer the consequences of your idiocy.

      8. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Toffee, true to form when down a hole you can’t stop digging. Sombody chuck him a ladder please…….No Toffee, stop, it’s a ladder, not a spade 🙂

      9. I’m not down any hole, squire.

        However, you’re so far up watson’s hole there’s only your boots sticking out. You DO realise watson’s LFI don’t you?

        Yet you’re on his side even though he’s causing more damage to the party over the eu than he ever had with his antisemitism claims.

        You utter quilt.

      10. By the way Toffee, I notice that apart from thinking power, maths is not one of your strong points either.

      11. Yeah, alright. And since WHEN was 17m LESS than 16m?

        The gift that keeps giving. Try again, nugget.

      12. Toffee, “WHEN was 17m LESS than 16m?” probably when a large proportion of the 17m realised they’d been conned by your lot!

      13. Desperation.

        I’ve shown you up as the hypocrite you are and now you’ve resorted to outright conjecture because you have NOTHING left.

        You’re not even a challenge. Go away and bore someone else on another site somewhere.

      14. Toffee “I’ve shown you up as the hypocrite you are and now you’ve resorted to outright conjecture”

        It won’t be conjecture when we have the ‘peoples vote’ of which you are terrified.

      15. Again with the ‘terrified’ bollocks.

        Nobody’s terrified, you colossal idiot. People are pissed off with the whole shebang which has been dragged out because whining little shits like you haven’t stopped stamping their feet.

        Have your 2nd ref by all means. And when you’ve lost that one then please fuck off and die in a ditch.

      16. I also noted you made no protest whatsoever about being shown up as the hypocrite you are?!

      17. Toffee it’s more than obvious now that you’ve no coherent answers to support Brexit so you resort to your fall back response of snarly, juvenile outbursts.

        If you hadn’t started digging you would not be in this self inflicted fit of anger now. Take a step back and think things through before you follow another trail going nowhere other than down that trap you’re excavating. How’s it coming along?

    3. As I get older I am becoming used to to being described as a ‘Dinosaur’. It started when Blair’s ‘New Labour’ propaganda machine weaponised language in ‘Modern’ Britain & described ‘Socialism’ as an outdated Dinosaur………..ah, the wisdom of age!

  4. Johnson wants or pretends to want a GE right away and JC doesn’t. Polls could explain that but I prefer logic.
    Both leaders and their advisers know far more than the nothing I know – both their positions though suggest they expect the wheels to fall off Brexit on the starting grid and so do I.
    We’ll all get over it but surely the best time for a Labour win is when storm clouds first start pissing on Farage and Johnson’s sunlit uplands?

  5. Hope some one is logging the Bot names and reporting them to Facebook. Facebook will then pursue the source as it amounts to hacking their network which is a criminal offence.

  6. 2017 wasnt anything special, it was simply the product of a level playing field, JC and and a progressive manifesto
    Cummings glove puppet has narrowed it down even further, he relies on Labour leave voters and the Brexit party having no effect
    One thing we have to close down is Conservatives having any credibility on the NHS
    Cherry on the cake is reminding the electorate Brexit is a cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess
    Fill yer boots

    1. “2017 wasnt anything special”

      Indeed. It was the third in a row that we lost.

      Sorry to be a party pooper – but let’s keep the bottom line real. We need to do *better* than that. Which also means being canny about picking the ground.

  7. Yes the message is simple, the first thing the Neo-Liberal Tories and Neo-Liberal Lib Dems did was to give tax cuts to the rich (some millionaires have had an extra £110k a year) and big business corporations TO PROTECT THEM FROM AUSTERITY!
    So Austerity from the Tories and Lib Dems was and is ONLY FOR WORKING PEOPLE I E YOU!
    We need to vote for a party that is for us diverse working people, that party under Jeremy Corbyn is Labour, the clue is in the name.

  8. Blair now recommending a General election and referendum on the same day….Does he never give up on trying to stop Corbyn and our brilliant manifesto commitment.He obviously thinks the membership and Corbyn are fools. No respect for ordinary people or the British public.. Blairism…the disease that keeps on giving..!

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