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Hancock’s panic-buy of 400,000 gowns from Turkey confirmed unusable

Tories blurted out lie about PPE arriving on a Sunday – but they hadn’t been ordered until that day. But panic order to save government blushes is still in warehouse

Last month, a Tory minister blurted out that 400,000 protective gowns for NHS staff were arriving the following Sunday morning from Turkey, as Health Secretary Matt Hancock and his boss came under increased pressure for leaving front-line staff exposed to the deadly coronavirus.

It was a lie – the order was subsequently shown only to have been placed on the day of its promised arrival and the gowns arrived days later.

But it has now been revealed that those gowns were the wrong type of gown and are unusable by hospital staff – and sit impounded in a warehouse. Now that the blunder has been exposed, the government has admitted that the gowns are useless.

Hancock’s panic buy to cover his incompetent backside left NHS staff still exposed and desperately trying to improvise their own protection or forced to wear inadequate aprons – and wasted public money on tonnes of useless plastic.

Meanwhile, the Tories continue to lie about their PPE guilt – claiming that there has never been a national run-out of any PPE item even though it is known that stocks of gowns were at zero.

Approaching 200 NHS staff have now died after becoming exposed to the virus.

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  1. Any competent organisation has goods inspected before despatch or pay on landing especially if a new product from new suppliers. This government are so lacking in backbone they are scared of any type of criticism justified or not so they panic and say anything to take off any pressure no matter how brief that respite will be. We saw it at PMQ’s yesterday when Bojo blurted out his 200,000 tests a day, we saw it with Hancock, we saw it firstly with Gove and his craven obedience to the crackpot ideas of Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion ( if you want to know what their policies look like, Lockdown conditions are the natural result). Starmer, who was not my choice, is taking Bojo and co apart. They are running scared.

    1. Oh the Irony , Turkey the country quoted many times by the Tories / Fartage as one of the many reasons for Brexit , “ooohh we’d be swamped by the Turks all waiting to join the EU” , and now hahahah , they are sucking o the tit of Turkey for help . Tories just utter shite as politicians , people , and humans !
      and the utter dick head Brits voted for them ….

    1. Plain Citizan… have the ear of the Torys and you should know….So thats an opening for the knight then

  2. Other lies: the load that appeared later in the week was only half what had been promised (47t IIRC), & the initial delivery was described as sufficient to last the NHS a couple of hours! All that fuss. Great PR stunt & good to see the BBC helping out but forgetting the mention facts that matter.

  3. That’s what happens when you put an incompetent tea boy in charge of the NHS and put Fred Scuttle in no.10.

  4. Told you so – the stuff from Turkey was always going to be useless.

    Norman Lamont says this am that our national debt could go as high as 150% of GDP because of CV19 lockdowns etc.
    I think Earth should tell Mars to fuck off, we’re not paying.

    1. I was hoping that the government would just keep on borrowing so much money that it could NEVER be paid back, thus resulting in the collapse of capitalism.

  5. I suppose it could have been a fire sale buy from Johnson’s relatives in Turkey…Also noted Johnson’s pals at the Bank of England have voted a extra one hundred billion on top of the billions in quantitative easing for the banks and accomplices..Nice trick to prop up the banksters again using our money from the magic money tree for the oppressed wealthy.and cancelling support for the peasantry as soon as lockdown is finished.No worries about the emergency powers,they will stay and the culling of selected money saving targets such has elderly ,disabled and all disposable people.will carry on…..God save the Queen?

  6. More good work from the Sqwawkbox. Keep a careful record of all this stuff, because we’re going to need it.


  7. I think they must have sneaked Fayling back into the mayhem. It reeks of Grayling’s touch.

  8. Not a good day for Tories, firstly even BBC reports tragically deaths UK worst in Europe and 2nd worst in World only to USA!
    Then news private company running voucher scheme for parents of kids on free school meals making a right balls of it, reported 20% of vouchers not being recognised at supermarkets leading to public humiliation for families and then having to go without!
    And thirdly this Tory Turkish Fiasco you could almost be amused if it wasn’t so damn important!
    And Bank of England warns of more austerity and it will be us working people they will try to make pay (last time the Neo-Liberal Tories first gave tax cuts to the rich and big business to protect them from austerity so their track record not good!)
    Meanwhile Tories have pumped £200b electronically into the economy (QE) and another £100b expected “Because they haven’t a clue what to do, it is only buying them time” (Streetk).
    Many open goals to demonstrate to the public Tory incompetence but with Right Wing Labour so weak it may be up to trade unionists and left wing democratic socialists to lead the fight!

  9. Our children’s children will say “Tell us what it was like when there was no austerity”.

    1. At this rate they’ll be saying only approved things and asking meaningless questions or their rations (UBI) will be docked.

  10. Must say that a number of ex pats I have spoken to and shown squawkbox to have been shook rigid at whats going on in the UK and confirmed by their relatives.ITs unsurprising that they are cautious about left wing blogs but the outlets like Squawk box and the Canary are doing the job of getting the truth about the right wing establishment the public.Why does the Labour party never get the message that being frightened of the media leads to loosing elections and perpetuating lies by either showing compliant leadership or running away will never win elections.Sadly weakness also means having your politics hijacked by the second rate Torys The knights mediocre bunch of carrerists and delussioned PLP IF we ever get another chance to form a government lets hope that we have strong leaders with a killer instinct and punch 👊

    1. Oh, I see you’re still peddling the same old falsehoods Joseph. Repetition eh! Funny how you and your buddy signpost trash Jeremy practically EVERY single day between you! As for skwawkbox and The Canary getting the truth out “to the public”, not only do such outlets have a very limited reach compared to the MSM, but the vast majority of people who subscribe to them or follow them are on the left, so it hardly amounts to the ‘public’, per se.

      So the ‘moderates’ smeared and vilified and demonised Jeremy, along with their MSM buddies who ‘enabled’ and conspired with them, but according to Joseph and itsme, it was all Jeremy’s fault because he ‘let the buggers do what they wanted to him’, and ‘Hodge is a classic example’. Needless to say, both Joseph and itsme conveniently ‘forget’ all the outrage and condemnation (albeit contrived) right across the MSM and beyond when the LP said they were going to sanction Hodge for what she did – ie what she said to Jeremy – and both pretend that the LP shouldn’t have backed down, when they both know damn well that if Hodge HAD been sanctioned, all hell would have broken loose AND been highly damaging to Jeremy and the LP under his leadership.

      And I suppose it’s all Jeremy’s fault that in a poll of around 1,000 people, on average they believed that 34% of LP members had been reported for anti-semitism, and if only Jeremy had refuted the A/S lies and smears everything would have been hunky dory. Yeah, sure, as if the MSM who conspired in the smear campaign were ever gonna give him space and let him expose THEIR lies and falsehoods!

  11. @Joseph: The strategy is “Don’t rock the boat & don’t make waves, & that way we can’t upset anybody”.

    This is one or two steps down from Jeremy’s view on life which involves having your friends close, but your enemies closer. He took this philosophy too far & let the buggers do what they wanted to him (& us by default). Hodge is a classic example.

    Turn the other cheek – I think not. Smack ’em before they raise their hands.

  12. Couldnt agree more itsmespeakingtoyou…..Christ preached turn the other cheek and they crucified him,Left wing firebrand and Hates the Condems will be the only source of light at the end of the tunnel.A good day would be to start ridiculing the BBC and selected excuses for journalists….Whats to loose now except the embarrassing Knightmare of the realm


    Health officials are withholding the evidence used by the government when it decided not to follow South Korea’s plan to tackle coronavirus with mass testing.

    In February South Korea had the most COVID-19 patients of any country outside China.

    But the country managed to stop the virus in its tracks with a hardline system of mass testing, contact tracing, isolation and surveillance.

    To date, South Korea has had fewer than 300 deaths from the virus.

    Former minister Greg Clarke, who chairs the Commons science committee, said the decision to reject South Korea’s approach “may be one of the most pivotal decisions made in this pandemic.”

  14. Labour MP – Nadia Whittome
    “Before becoming an MP I worked in a care home in my home-town of Nottingham, and going back to work in social care was the obvious thing for me to do when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

    But now, just over a month after returning to work, I have been effectively sacked: I was on a zero-hours contract and my employer told me not to return to work. This was not for poor performance or gross misconduct, but for speaking out about the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE) faced by workers on the front line.

  15. Lies upon lies, isn’t it? First we had four planes ready to go to Turkey, then only one actually flew out. Oh, then it turns out it was only half a plane load. Now they tell us the stuff was rubbish anyway. Strange that stuff has gone to the EU and US from Turkey, no problem. Tell us what the hell is going on Hancock — and by the way, you can tell us all about those Chinese test kits that were also no good. No hot air and bluster, just gives us the evidence, show us the paperwork. We know you lot at no. 10 would never lie!!

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