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Excl: Watson’s former office manager will make bid for Labour GenSec spot – and denies racial bullying of former subordinate

But Baroness Alicia Kennedy does not deny bid when approached

Right-wing Labour peer Alicia Kennedy – Tom Watson’s former MP’s office manager – is to make a bid to become the party’s new general secretary, following the decision ofJennie Formby to step down from the role.

Kennedy was embroiled in controversy last year when Watson’s former employee Sarah Goulbourne lodged a complaint against the Labour Party, after she had been dismissed, alleging racially-driven bullying and discrimination by Kennedy:

No conclusion of the case appears to be mentioned online, but when approached for comment by the SKWAWKBOX about the suitability of the rumoured application, a spokesperson for Ms Kennedy said that the case had been ‘resolved’:

The complaint was against the Labour Party not Baroness Kennedy, and has since been resolved. Baroness Kennedy completely refutes all allegations related to her, which were untrue and highly damaging.

Although the enquiry was specifically about Kennedy’s application for the general secretary spot, the spokesperson did not deny that Kennedy was going for the role, which appears to confirm her intention.

Kennedy is a former Labour chief of staff and deputy general secretary. Her husband Roy is also a peer on the Labour right.

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    1. All part of her personal image makeover. Compare with photos of her taken a few years ago.

  1. UNFORCED, these dodgy creatures aware allowed to run wild and free. UNFORCED they were allowed to destroy the precious hopes of at least half a million people. Half a million people. I with them believe change is necessary and possible. UNFORCED, we were betrayed. We were all let down dreadfully. The NHS, the key workers and 50,000 who died unnecessarily in a dreadful horrific manner.

    1. How bad does it have to get before you realise that a Socialist Labour party will never be allowed to govern. Surely it’s time to at least consider alternative options? For those who decide to continue to fight in the belly of the beast I wish you well. However, you are too honest to be as successful as the tapeworms. Best wishes.

  2. Your right
    Until we force them out and then let them form this mythical centrist GE winning machine
    The Labour party is ours not theirs

  3. Of course she will refute anything. People like her have skipped the bit whereby you accept and face up to the consequences of your actions. The inability of living in the real world just goes to show that Red and blue tories are of the same ilk.

  4. You cannot defeat an enemy unless you clearly identify them and concentrate all your efforts in the attack. The ‘left’ failed to do this and instead, a vocal minority went after others on the left because they wouldn’t accept their fixation with Brexit. Cummings and the right exploited this split and as a result, they now have the spoils.

    1. So what’s the problem with what she had to say ? They seem eminently constructive suggestions do they not ?

    2. More mealy-mouthed Blairy-fairy bullshit. Like an anthology of 1990’s focus-grouped soundbites.

    3. I note she plays great emphasis on Neo-Liberal ideology team working, and Starmer being the team leader. Anyone that thinks taking orders will inspire thousands of members to rush out on to the streets campaigning, is surely out of touch with reality.

      Those that think chasing Tory voters is the way forward, forget the millions that don’t vote saying all politicians are the same.

  5. JLM evidence to EHRC

    Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL) rebuttals destroy credibility of the vast majority of Jewish Labour Movement’s (JLM) claims

    Allegations of antisemitism mis-state facts and draw false conclusions

    Leaked report on Labour’s Governance and Legal Unit undermines JLM allegations

    Procedural failings unjustifiably attributed to antisemitic bias

    Calling for due process and natural justice, for accused as well as accusers, is not antisemitic

    Hiding the names of accusers and the evidence they presented while publishing the names of those they accuse of antisemitism puts the reputations and even the personal safety of those accused on secret evidence at risk.


  6. AS Scam is a busted flush for those who exploited it,
    Vexatious claims will come back and haunt right wing conservative jewish community, MSM and toilet papers
    Rub their faces in it and expel them, more ammunition for the left
    Never again

  7. Nice to see Labour “The party of the working class” recruiting more peers and gong addicts to the knights motley crew.The Labour party I served in has become an even bigger laughing stock than under Tony Bliar.Whilst the countrys going down the plughole the knight is busy appointing more out of touch titled clowns like himself.

  8. Her article in yesterday’s Labour List is a shameless pitch for the job.

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