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Video: Shapps – Don’t judge on death total. Look at excess deaths. “You’re way up on excess deaths too”. Oh you can’t look at that for a year

Cabinet minister squirms and weasels when confronted by Tory guilt

Grant Shapps attempted to use the standard Tory escape line this morning when confronted with the reality of the government’s appalling handling of the coronavirus crisis.

A chart showing trajectory UK deaths worse than any but US – even on understated govt figs

Faced with a chart that showed the UK’s total deaths – even at the drastically understated government number – as third worst in the world and quickly getting worse, Shapps tried to deflect to the idea of ‘excess mortality’. ‘Excess mortality’ – how many more people are dying than would usually be expected – is a more complex concept and the Tories hope that would discourage the public from looking too closely or thinking too deeply about it.

But Shapps was then confronted with an excess death chart – and it made the Tories look even worse, because the UK, especially England, is far above other nations in the excess deaths the Tories have inflicted on the people of this country, even the catastrophes in Italy and Spain:

The Tories’ guilt on ‘excess’ deaths

Shapps’s response? Even he looked embarrassed as he suddenly claimed that while you can only judge the Tories on excess deaths, you can’t look at excess deaths for at least a year:

The truth is simple. For all Johnson’s bullshit about other countries looking enviously at the UK for its performance in the pandemic, he and his government have made us an international scandal and a case study for what happens when a government is arrogant, wilfully negligent, dishonest and acts ideologically in a crisis.

Huge numbers of our people are dying needlessly.

And the Tories response is to say ‘don’t judge us on anything you can see now, you have to wait until we say it’s the right time’.

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  1. Ladies with lamps would have shone their lights on this. What would Mary Seacole think of this state of affairs? Nightingale and Seacole would be horrified, filled with disbelief and saddened. Why so? Get this…

    April – Max 35… yes THIRTY-FIVE patients in Docklands “Nightingale” show “hospital”. Only NINETEEN beds were used on Friday, with not a single admission last week. Patients were REFUSED admission. No staff. No staff to treat patients.

    You see, show “hospitals” are only ok as film sets. Casualty donated a few working ventilators… More than this government. Great. Cummings, johnson & Dire Stoma may be hoping Casualty will donate staff and PPE also.

    The spineless “opposition” of Dire Stoma and Jonathan Arseworth say they are supporting the Cummings & johnson. Stoma & Arseworth cannot understand that hospitals without equipment and staff, are stage sets… designed only to pretend. Pretend to care. Pretend to aim to save lives. Were the spineless Starmer not just a failed kaput clogged stoma, then he would SHINE LIGHTS on these two questions. Which is greater, the number of patients treated at the SHOW hospitals OR the number of DESPERATELY unwell Covid-19 PATIENTS TURNED AWAY❓❓❓ But Stoma Starmer won’t. He lacks the ability. It would be 2029 before he finishes a question. Speaker Hoyle will beg him to get a move on. And even then, Stoma Starmer can’t. The duller than dull stoma can’t upset his masters. 🌹🌹🌹

  2. ps MORE patients were turned away than treated at ANY of the show “hospitals”, the so called Nightingales. An abuse of the lady’s name and legacy. 🌹🌹🌹

    1. Well, Boris is all about show business — no show, no business. The new hospitals he previously announced, are also show hospitals, but Boris hopes they’ll also do some business — probably with the Americans.

  3. What might be interesting is what other countries have to say about the UK’s “enviable performance.”
    I’d bet our EU neighbours haven’t been silent on the subject.

    1. ‘Dateline London’ on BBC News channel in half an hour, if it’s not a repeat, might have something on that.

  4. ‘I don’t agree with that for a WHOLE VARIETY of reasons….’

    When just a single reason was given, the unconvicted fraudster* michael green/seb fox/grant shapps or whatever he’s called this week, shits his kecks.

    ‘So,so,so**…as I say (lie) it’s much more complex than…’

    *We’ve got career starmer to thank for green/fox/shapps not being convicted of fraud.

    **Another gormless, patronising bastard that starts sentences with ‘So’ , dafuq’s up with people?

  5. To put the thing in factual perspective :

    2018 was the last comparable year with an epidemic spike in deaths (but with no headlines at all about it).

    As of Week 17 (the last available mortality figures – i.e. eliminating all the data uncertainties about ‘Corona virus deaths’), the current level of cumulative mortality is 4% above that year at the same point. The next set of figures are out in a couple of days.

    Check this out using a spreadsheet, a line graph and on-line data. Of course, the on-going pattern will only be seen a few months in the future – the important question being whether the current 4% excess over a comparative year (rather than an average) continues, or whether it represents a limited epidemic spike at this point in the year.

  6. Each Dustbin liner and each handkerchief have been counted as items of the billions of PPE Hancock announced. Each pair of gloves have also been counted as two items.
    RE: bin liners, In fairness to cummings, johnson, hancock and cheer pom pom girls – dire stoma & jonathan arseworth, staff in Northwick Park Hospital did out of desperation used BIN LINERS to wear as PPE.
    NB it was Northwick Park which issued a serious emergency alert but were then ordered to retract … by ❓❓❓

    1. That’s right Toffee. And “benefit of hindsight”. So lets knock that on the head pronto‼️‼️‼️ No more sitting on dossiers for FOUR WHOLE YEARS. No more thinking we can just passively moan or argue over words and meanings that no normal member of the public working three jobs cares about. When people are being shafted, we must put ourselves in their position. Were i one of them i would not care if the shafters were called Illuminati, Bilderberg, Trilateral this and that or Zionist this and that.

      I would want to know, who has answers to help me? Those who don’t i would want then to shut up and shove off. Keep their defeated irrelevant useless defeatism for themselves. If they can’t then ask themselves why the determination to tell people to give up??? Where do they find energy and time to urge people to give up???

      For starters, it is just a habit. Learned behaviour and sometimes nature but whichever way, not once stoping to ask themselves why they get satisfaction in shouting you’re doomed. Why not keep it private and go down to the allotment??? Ah!!! Nothing will grow there. Every green shoot was stomped on… pushed back into the ground. No growth allowed. Funny but VERY strange. Why the reflex to discourage others??? No green shoots… only moaning on those allotments. So all the other allotmenters must stamp down their shoots too and sit and moan??? Nothing positive allowed. WEIRD. Thats why Toffee the rest of us must do our positive best. Put our foresight on record here on AHEAD OF THE CURVE since 20?? 🌹🌹🌹

  7. The next one will be: ‘Well there’s no direct causal effect or evidence to suggest that these deaths might not have occurred anyway…They might’ve been hit by a bus, had they not caught coronavirus’

  8. Below, I’ve accumulated some inescapable numbers / statistics related to which areas of the globe are most badly hit by #Covid19-related mortality.

    The UK Tory government continues to meddle with the death statistics in order to gloss over the deadly impact of their catastrophic failure.

    The UK mainstream media continues to give them a nice, easy ride on the TV and Radio airwaves or within their printed pages, including the allegedly “left-wing” Guardian, a quilted toilet paper of superior quality, carefully designed to provide the user with comfort.

    In the UK, TWICE as many of those recognised as poor / vulnerable / elderly or otherwise struggling are now dying compared to others, due to Boris Johnson’s ongoing failure to get to grips with this foreseeable and avoidable pandemic.

    Remember how Johnson continued to allow global air travel into the UK and permitted many packed sporting events to proceed as planned despite being aware of how virulent the disease had become in China?

    Well, a large number of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the UK are now paying the price for the Tories’ abject failure, and paying with their lives.

    The UK has 11.49% of global mortality with less than 1% of global population.

    Whereas China – who NEVER saw the outbreak coming – have less than 2% if global deaths and a massive 18.48% of global population.

    This is one abject, deadly Tory failure and Boris Johnson should resign.

  9. A government that’s trying to ‘wing it’. Somehow they will hope to do a Trump and persuade their supporters that orange pigs can fly. Shapp’s brilliant statement today (Andrew Marr) that scientists only previously warned about a flu pandemic, and not a different viral pandemic, makes him the greatest comedian since George W. Bush. Shappsy is the only guy in the world who does not know that flu is (just about) under control via vaccine. I don’t know of any scientist that warned of a flu pandemic, but plenty warned of a virus like SARS and Ebola that would eventually take a hold on the world. Zero marks for Marr, who did not go for Shapp’s throat on this point, which indicates that the government were totally unprepared for this pandemic. However, the government is his paymaster and so…….

  10. The real reason for all the delays and inefficiencies… and deaths.

    Prof Allyson Pollock:
    … the government is outsourcing testing instead of rebuilding lab capacity in local NHS and universities. It appears to be building a parallel private service while destroying and decimating what remains of public sector. GP s and dentists bypassed@globalhlthtwit

    1. Prof Allyson is right. Check earlier posts. This govt DELIBERATELY bypassed the NHS which has even more capacity than normal as lots of other testing and procedures etc have been paused. FOLLOW THE MONEY‼️‼️‼️

      Also URGENT – Be warned, look out for the ghastly, nasty adviser to despots, the warmonger, war criminal, filthy vacuous DISGUSTING wind-chime WMD TONY BLAIR‼️‼️‼️ The VILE CREATURE, the LIAR of LIARS 45 Minute Tony LIAR BLAIR, will be trying to seep redundant obvious stuff it heard elsewhere… like wearing masks. I am so angry that Jeremy failed to help Salmond have the repellent slime worm answer for its occupation of George Bush’s rectum. At every opportunity every Twatson & turd were rescued. NO MSM MADE anyone do that‼️‼️‼️ We have choices. Other people are affected by our choices. WE MUST LEARN. We cannot keep repeating the same mistakes, acting in the same way expecting a different outcome. We must NEVER allow this sort of approach again. We need to ACT as if it is our last day🌹🌹🌹

      1. This is just a guess – I wouldn’t presume any insight into why Jeremy acted or didn’t act – but the “Stalinist!” jibe was always on the tip of the right’s tongue whenever the left put its foot down in any way.
        It was eminently repeatable down the pub or at tea break time by the intellectual who just read it in The S*n – because they all love to pretend they have a clue whether they can name three Stalinist things Stalin did or not.

  11. This is the biggest fraud in history, All roads lead to Rome, Bill Gates, the imperial college Ferguson, Fauci, who, CDC are all benefiting from funding including the UK government oh and the BBC, which get 2 million a year from gates Foundation.
    All corrupt and by the way the vaccine Bill own will net him 43 billion, not had for a computer geezer, you’ll see the children now get sick in the wigig schools, and many will die through oxygen molecule weapons installed in the, reference Arlington TX, about 3 years ago, these are all crimes against humanity, the whole thing is multifacited so no one thing by itself will kill us, all these deaths are miss defined if you die of anything your con vid 19, in the fall /autum it will be cvid 20, more deaths = forced vaccination.

    Wake-up call World

    Vic UK

    1. So, Vic, what you are saying is that the Tories are telling the truth:”Nothing to see here. Move on.”
      It is all made up, is it? An invented crisis, the whole world is in on, designed to make Bill Gates a few million dollars more. Is that it?

      1. Vic’s not sure what a Tory is – Vic’s in a trailer park in Alabama surrounded by Trunt posters, guns and a pile of pizza crusts three feet deep.

      2. More like tens, if not hundreds, of billions, Bevin.

        No, it’s not made up, but, as we saw with 9/11 and the ready-to-go Patriot Act, it was an anticipated event and our present reality was scripted, just waiting for implementation when the next virus hit. In 2001 the pay-off was the War on Terror. Today it’s ID chipping (most of) the population via nanochips in the vaccine. Incidentally, did you know Bill Gates resigned from Microsoft recently? Interesting timing.

        And, David, there’s plenty of people who detest Trump thinking the same thing…

        “The welfare of humanity is the alibi of tyrants” – Albert Camus

  12. There are many tricks and turns to watch out for in this governments deceit and Homicidal acts,but civil liberty’s is one to watch for the future development of oppression against ordinary subjects whilst using the virus for covert operations.against the majority population.

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