Now we know why political classes think C19 response a success: ONS confirms deprived areas hit over twice as hard

Nurses, porters, care staff, rail staff, minorities, unemployed, disabled – groups that face worst threat are disposable to our ‘elites’

Astonishingly, political elites have congratulated Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock on their handling of the coronavirus crisis.

This has continued in spite of the UK’s second place in global mortality rates, a slowly-revealed massacre in our nation’s care homes and Johnson’s continued refusal to follow World Health Organisation advice that has seen countries like South Korea eliminate the pandemic without even locking down.

And now the reasons for this bizarre and nauseating spectacle are becoming clearer, as the ONS has this morning confirmed that deprived areas are hit more than twice as hard by the virus than the well-off:

Those deprived areas are home to our nurses, porters, cleaners, care staff, rail staff, retail workers, minorities, unemployed, disabled, homeless – all the people most in the firing line of this deadly virus.

All the people that the government has spent a decade impoverishing, in spite of knowing the grim and even lethal consequences.

To the so-called ‘elites’, the deaths of poor people clearly matter less – to some they are even invisible or barely register on their consciousness or priorities. The NHS only started even to measure staff deaths this week.

A nation that is not outraged by this is not paying attention.

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  1. Cummings, johnson & starner, do not know of deprived areas. They do not care about deprived areas even in London, let alone outside the metropolitan bubble. Islington & Notting hill is their prime concern.
    Meanwhile Sweden’s authorities are sorry for their fatalities. They are very severe compared to Denmark, Norway and Finland. Sweden is v much a growing rampant capitalist cesspit as per Cummings, johnson, starmer & wmd blair. The Swedish authorities are also Stockholm obsessed. Same as johnson & starmer. Heard a MSM presenter say this morning that Starmer makes them long for Jeremy at the dispatch box.
    They were scathing of Starmer’s dull Dull DULL dirge of dross. Says lots when even a Murdoch outfit realises that Starmer is a rusty dull useless tool for their aims.
    REJOICE 🌹🌹🌹

  2. Why wouldn’t coronavirus hit deprived communities twice as hard?
    Everything else does.

  3. Five carers who lost their jobs in the past fortnight after raising concerns about understaffing and personal protective equipment shortages at homes are considering taking legal action, according to a charity that is warning more whistleblowers face being sacked before the end of the Covid-19 crisis.

    As the care industry struggles to grapple with the unfolding pandemic, Compassion in Care, a charity that runs a helpline for whistleblowers, claims the five carers came forward this month to say they no longer had positions after disclosing safety problems.

    The health workers are contemplating legal action after contacting regulators and authorities with concerns, the charity has said.

    1. From the Canary:

      – Now, Labour has revealed what ‘decisive action’ it’s taken against the MPs in question. Speaking on the Today programme, shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said:

      “[T]hey’ve been spoken to, I understand, very firmly about this… I think that the leader of the party was right to do that and to remind both the MPs of their responsibilities, and clearly no Labour MP should be sharing any platform with people who have been expelled from the party.” –

      If anyone had any doubts about the direction Labour’s going in under this shower, it all seems pretty clear now.

  4. Mourners in Brazil are being allowed 5 minutes to pay their respects at the shallow grave of their loved ones before they have to make way for the next 5 minute funeral.

    President Jair Bolsonaro dismissive as overwhelmed Brazilians dig mass graves
    Only small groups of family members are allowed inside the cemetery where more than 13,000 graves are being dug.

  5. The BoD is walking a very thin line.
    With populism and other viruses rampant over much of the world, this might be the worst possible time to screech “antisemitism!” at every imagined slight.
    The BoD know better than anyone that fomenting fear of ‘the other’ is easy, and easier still in hard times – but they should ask themselves again whether they’re absolutely certain crushing the left, if they’re successful, will lead to the outcome they hope for – an Israel free of any constraint or criticism.
    Each lie unscotched encourages all liars and those of the far right will be watching with amusement and interest as the BoD attack their natural allies and defenders on the left.
    I don’t believe most Jews will like a populist idiocracy of the right any more than I will.

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