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Tory Whately tweets her applause for health staff – but she squirmed when asked about voting to block their pay-rise

Care minister’s ‘claptrap’ PR highlights Tory hypocrisy

Tory front-bencher Helen Whately tweeted video of herself – which she must have arranged to have someone record – clapping for front-line health and care staff last night.

But Whately is barely a week from a car-crash interview in which she squirmed as she was challenged over her 2017 vote to block a pay-rise for nurses and other public service staff – and the Tories’ cheers as they succeeded:

She must not be allowed to forget or whitewash her and her party’s real attitude to our front-line heroes.

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    1. We are seeing in high definition, CALLOUS Negligence and/or GROSS incompetence from Matt Hancock, Iain Duncan-Smith, Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson, The Tory Government ➕Starmer’s FAILURE with his Shadow Cabinet and his puppet masters WMD Blair, Mandelson & Arsetair Campbellend to ask questions of their Side A Tory chums, questions which have been asked here on since February.

      1- The Government has FAILED to test around 95 % of ALL social & health care workers in ALL settings. ie community, nursing & care homes, hospitals + health centres.

      Testing for other diseases & infections have been carried out for at least FOUR decades in hospitals AND the community INCLUDING private homes. Swabbing for MRSA etc is not complex. It could have been easily done AT HOME for MILLIONS of people here by posting out swabbing kits. Why this government’s inability to grasp the obvious? ie ALL healthcare workers, tested AT WORK. ➕ post swabs to those in self isolation?

      WHY waste BIG MONEY setting up UNDER USED testing centres MILES AWAY? WHY have people DRIVE for miles during lockdown, when they already work in environments where tests could have been carried out EXTREMELY easily? They are done EVERYDAY in hospitals!!!

      WHO is making money from all of this incompetence, complication or deliberate delay? ALL DIRECT or INDIRECT financial interests should be declared for ALL of the governments CURIOUS operations. eg:

      1- Understaffed and thus underused field hospitals at Excel & Manchester Arena.

      2- FAILURE to test debacle and test centres INCLUDING direct + INDIRECT payments for use of premises.

      3- FAILURE to take up UK offers to make and supply PPE. Thus almost HALF of ALL health care workers in ALL settings in and out of NHS hospitals, DO NOT have adequate and APPROPRIATE PPE.

      ALL CORRESPONDENCE / communication should be retained and disclosed.

      2016 OPERATION SICKNESS: We must have names of ALL in the chain of command who authorised GOVERNMENT’s DEFICIENCIES post operation to be hidden from the public.

      THE FULL REPORT SHOULD BE RELEASED IMMEDIATELY. We must know ALL the reasons why it was not released.

  1. She must have took off her pointy-black hat & put it with her broom off camera.

    1. OUTSOURCING: Why outsource TESTING when even a privatised by stealth NHS, has MUCH spare testing capacity❓
      Why has this government REFUSED to give the carrying out of testing to the NHS❓
      WHY has 111 failed and FAILING the public… even healthcare workers❓

      Who made those catastrophic DEADLY decisions❓ When and Why❓
      What and where are the precise detailed communication trails❓ Have any been destroyed❓
      What are the precise DETAILED direct + indirect money trails❓ Are any of the testing and field hospital outsourced contractors domiciled abroad or in tax havens❓

      Who, if any, are the groups and individuals, directly and indirectly, now or in future, benefiting or expected to benefit in cash or kind from the above life ending decisions❓

      Who made the above decisions❓ When and where❓ The “journalists” should have been asking these questions since AT LEAST February. Why have they failed to ask these questions. Why has Kier Starmer, his other jokers and tools like Ashworth, also FAILED to ask ANY of these questions❓

  2. HW show your appreciation by proposing an amendment to the Health and Social Care 2012 that repeals Section 75.
    Stop the forced tendering process.
    You might also consider returning nursing et al training to not having to pay university costs , since it’s introduction by JH has contributed to the longstanding healthcare vacancies.

    1. In the Midlands alone, there are makeshift morgues in carparks. Yes you read correctly. Makeshift morgues in carparks, in addition to at last TWO makeshift morgues contracted by the government at ice skating rinks in London and up north.
      There is a pile up of HUNDREDS of bodies, approximately THREE HUNDRED, as burials cannot take place fast enough to keep up. The government’s SCAM of hiding the true FULL total EXCESS deaths compared to previous years, will be exposed. They government cannot hide the facts from the public forever. 🌹🌹🌹

  3. What a nerve she and the rest of them have.They are totally shameless.They get way with it of course because they have the MSM, the BBC in particular in their pockets and the gullible voters believe every word every smear and every lie that is spread about us and the greatest leader we ever had, Jeremy Corbyn.

    1. – the BBC in particular –

      How right you are. While I don’t have TV or listen to radio myself, so can’t comment on their output, nevertheless I couldn’t help but overhear a conversation while queuing outside my local supermarket the other morning where one chap was saying he only gets his news from the BBC (so as to avoid mixed messages from using other sources) and proclaiming how well he thought the government have handled the crisis!

  4. Time to call a spade a shovel
    Change the language, set the agenda and frame the story
    The cheap and nasty Tory party have a visceral hatred of the NHS

  5. We are ruled by psychopaths and theres no chances of changing that with the joke knight and his band of fellow strugglers fast asleep.What have we done in electing this catastrophe on ourselves.?

  6. People ought to throw (rotten) fish at the clapping seals.


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