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Video: Chief of Staff confirms army ‘non-lethal warfare’ group active on UK population during pandemic

77th Brigade meant to be involved in overseas ‘combat operations’ but name-check during press briefing shows resources turned inward on UK

An image from the 77th Brigade’s website

The UK’s Chief of Defence Staff, Sir Nicholas Carter, has confirmed live on television that a secretive disinformation brigade formed to carry out ‘non-lethal warfare‘ on overseas targets is operating on the UK population during the coronavirus pandemic.

When it was formed, an army spokesperson said that 77th Brigade

is being created to draw together a host of existing and developing capabilities essential to meet the challenges of modern conflict and warfare. It recognises that the actions of others in a modern battlefield can be affected in ways that are not necessarily violent.

But at Wednesday evening’s press briefing, Carter said that the brigade was “helping to quash rumours from misinformation, but also to counter disinformation”:

Bristol academic David Miller has noted that the 77th Brigade’s tactics include the use of fake social media profiles – a tactic that the Department of Health and Social Care has been accused of adopting to shore up public perception of the Tories’ performance in the pandemic.

The Tories have been using similar tactics to manipulate people for years via its ‘nudge unit’, starting with involuntary experimentation on benefit claimants exposed by the SKWAWKBOX seven years ago.

But the fact that they are now using military ‘psyops’ resources, created to conduct ‘non-lethal warfare’ by misleading and manipulating foreign enemies, on the people of the UK to push a message that they can’t even get straight themselves seems to have drawn little comment from the UK’s ‘mainstream’ press and broadcasters.

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  1. The “journalists” and Starmer’s jokers to date failed to ask urgent questions of this incompetent and callous Tory Government. Eg 2016 OPERATION SICKNESS: We must have names of ALL in the chain of command who authorised GOVERNMENT’s DEFICIENCIES re dealing with a PREDICTED pandemic. Scenario planning is expensive. Why comission them yet with gross negligence fail to correct deficiencies? Why HIDE the report, post operation? Who decided to hide this information from the public?

    THE FULL REPORT SHOULD BE RELEASED IMMEDIATELY. We must know ALL the reasons why it was not released.

  2. The military will always have had one eye looking inward to the UK.
    MI5 officers vetted BBC staff years ago and probably still do – they’ll just have painted over the “STAFF VETTING OFFICE. TOP SECRET” sign when its existence was leaked I expect.
    Anyone with kids in the army should remind them of Peterloo and teach them that the real enemy will be behind them telling them to shoot at and bayonet unarmed civilians.

    1. Really, any evidence for commanders ordering troops to “bayonet unarmed civilians”?

      1. The army in Northern Ireland ran death squads also in many other places in the former British empire.

      2. Another broadcast by the conservative and unionist party

      3. Yet more drivel from the conservative and unionist party broadcasts

      4. Any evidence? Not lately and not precisely, hence the words “will be,” except for the civilians shot in NI, Iraq and Afghanistan, who obviously don’t count.
        There is, however, evidence of a “senior serving general” threatening mutiny if Corbyn became PM, and there was no criticism of that general from any other senior military source that I remember.
        Squaddies were also using posters of Corbyn for target practice. They wouldn’t risk that unless they knew their superiors would approve. They knew their leaders would approve because the Army spends a lot of time and treasure making certain the lower ranks are adequately brainwashed.

        So – do you have any evidence the army wouldn’t shoot on command if they were told the Marxists, Lefties and other sundry anti-Boris subversive fifth-columnists were putting dear old Winston’s green and pleasant land in grave danger?
        The average squaddie would do it and think himself a hero – because he’s thick as fuck.
        Grow up.

      5. I often disagree in spirit & letter with mcniv, but he is absolutely correct above. MI5 still vets BBC staff and even school heads as well as of course, judges, magistrates, heads of all the quangos, and EVERY SINGLE APPOINTEE re Commissions of never ending Enquiries, Judicial Enquiries etc… ad infinitum. Those “enquiries” which wet oppositions ask for, as if they never learn… those enquiries are meant to kick crimes into the long grass. The chairs will be given extra state baubles, LOTS of remunerationS.

        Others vetted include ALL on SAGE. It would be spectacularly unusual were SAGE itself not include “vetters”, “reinforcers”, “manipulators” ie “advisors” and for their finished product, spinners. The fact is, there is nothing spectacularly unusual today in SAGE, the BBC, and the decade of Tory Governments. No. Not unusual. We need only read of the past, to realise these horrors are not so new. George Orwell knew that.

        We are witnessing now, in ultra vivid colour, and hearing in high definition, all that can be expected. Spectacularly cold, yes. Self-serving heartless negative science, yes. Spectacular life killing science, yes. Life killing Tory ideology, yes, but not unusual. It is their nature, their ideology, their determination to serve only the few… their few, their one percent.๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

      6. I believe that some Kenyans are taking the MOD to court over Army misconduct over there,quite recently. Anyone know what is happening with the case? Thanks.

  3. THE problem is that this Tory government is concerned only with self preservation. Self-preservation of them and their 1%. They prepped not to save lives of the many. They prepped instead for the possibility of too many people realising their shameful acts are deliberate.

    The government SPIN makes no sense. Their hourly spin is riddled with contradictions. There’s a deliberate ploy to say things they “are doing” x, y and z, yet not do any of it. Eg “We are folliwing the science”. No they are not!!! PROPER SCIENCE, is subject to VERIFIED scrutiny. Peer reviewed. TESTABLE. Their actions have been the very OPPOSITE.

    Covid-19 is EXTREMELY contagious. Plus many are asymptomatic. With “silent”… unknown vectors, it is obviously VITAL to BUILD key DATA … intelligence to SUPPLY scientific investigation re cure and spread.

    It is of CONSIDERABLE merit… it is ESSENTIAL to test test test as WIDELY as possible. It is deadly ignorance to claim that with this novel virus, we need only test those with symptoms. UTTER TOSH. Few, even in a Tory government could be so poorly educated. To fail to test is like driving in the dark with the lights off.

    Test. Then trace and document. AND OBVIOUSLY SCREEN ALL INCOMING passengers to this country, BEFORE embarkation. THEN screen ALL ARRIVALS, quarantine as necessary AND collect contact details of those who appear to be symptom free. FOLLOW THEM UP. That would be “SCIENCE”. Observe and DETAIL the behaviour of the virus.

    The above is not complicated. The government is deliberately presenting these BASICS as Herculean. Equally disturbing are their outsourcing of services which could have been easily managed even by a squeezed NHS. Who’s paying? We are! HOW MUCH?

    It is crystal clear that we need to uncover more of the ethical and moral slurry and sludge of the individuals involved. And definitely, rule of thumb – FOLLOW THE MONEY. QUICKLY! Follow the money and the ROOT of this shockingly heartless negligence will be exposed.

    The root of their disregard for the lives of the many, the workers in any country, is in the cesspit of Tory ideology. Greed is Good. That is Conservative / Republican / Liberal Democrat ideology. Their greed, for their own good. The one percent. ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  4. I suspect that this unit was used in the Brexit battle and in the campaign to overthrow Corbyn. I also suspect they have secret links with the racist State of Israel.

    1. IT makes a mockery of the word Defence…but we’ve seen it all used before on the population of N Ireland when civil rights was mentioned.For those of us who’ve sampled the warfare used on the Catholics ,theres no suprises here and dont forget what happens to those who expose it….Bernadette Devlin 13 bullets in her body lying in bed with her baby and husband when a joint venture of British soldiers and protestant militia visited their lonely farmhouse..

    2. Jack T…..The establishment figures are embedded into the military,they don’t need any advice from isreal or the Yanks to get about their wicked ways..Good try though Jack….!

      1. Joseph, I didn’t say they needed advice, I said I suspect they have secret links.

  5. To add to my posts today: Testing, tracing and analysis of personal data should on no circumstances be outsourced to private companies. It is TOTALLY unnecessary and DANGEROUS.

    Since the Covid-19 outbreak, despite desperate predicaments of Small & Medium sized Enterprises – SMEs, AVOIDABLE deaths, distress and grief of thousands of people, a few have dropped their poor disguise. BILLIONAIRES, have been trying to SCROUNGE… to FLEECE the public of over ยฃSEVEN BILLION.

    Despite sick, disabled and poor people being so strictly means & health tested that many have died within days of being declared “Fit for Work”, there are precious little assessment for billionaires.

    A man collapsed and died in a Welsh DWP queue a few months ago. Just heard heartbreaking calls on the radio of people being denied support because they have ยฃ16k in savings. Another man was on Talkradio around 21:07 hrs, extremely worried of his future. He said repeatedly to James Whale, that he is a hairdresser and cannot survive on the Universal Credit ยฃ98 per week. He said he would prefer open for business and provide FREE PPE to customers.

    He’s worried about paying his mortgage etc. No Caribbean island to offer as collateral for a HUGE STATE funded loan. No space travel vulgar indulgence available for crass millionaires. Neither yachts nor lavish sixth or seventh homes on a tropical island. Thus the barber cannot attract private bankers to a Tax Exile’s private island.

    YET a TINY FEW with yachts, private islands, fourth and fifth homes on different continents… that tiny few brazenly and greedily are trying every means to DEPRIVE the many of ยฃ7.5 BILLION POUNDS. Our data must NOT be handed out to parasites. The NHS are more than able to do testing and contact tracing. Grinning charlatans who sue the NHS, should NEVER be trusted with OUR private information. This government must STOP being free and loose with our data, to their chums… the one percent. ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  6. I feel we are entering tinfoil helmet territory. My feel is that sophisticated psyops on the streets of the UK by the army will be bedeviled and ultimately compromised by the unconscious (to them) cultural baggage that permeates the military.

    1. David walsh…could you please explain more of the “cultural baggage of the military” ?.For those of us who’ve sampled some of that culture baggage I would like to hear a little more,though I am sure in the selection process the right type of phyco operative will be chosen to for the British mainland operations.I wonder what the knight thinks hes part of the establishment group thinking?

  7. AFTER 2016 warnings, another set of URGENT advice to prepare for a PREDICTED pandemic were ignored by the Tories. As recently as last year, warnings and remedies were CLEAR and sound. The Tory government was warned to get adequate supplies of protective equipment. Yet they decided to ignore the warnings. Their excuses now are as flimsy as the plastic aprons at least 40% of healthcare workers STILL have to use. Sone staff were using bin bags. Government excuses don’t wash. Their spin is poor. Their spin is callous. Their negligence is criminal. ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  8. Hands up, anyone who knows what qualifies DOMINIC CUMMINGS to sit on the SAGE Committee? Is Dominic Cummings the inventor of the “scientific advice” to which the govt parrots regurgitate ad nauseam?

    Why have the “journalists” failed to ask: Who exactly are on the SAGE committee? What are the names and scientific qualifications of each one? What counter opinions to their “science”have they sought and from whom? Have any scientists advised AGAINST the government’s “science”?

    When EXACTLY did Dominic Cummings join SAGE? Are ANY of the directors of contracted companies known to Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson??? ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

    1. Signpostwindchimes….Cummings is a expert on euthanasia experiment and the rest are always eager to see how the great unwashed react to the planned experiment on the non productive part of the population especially the old and the vulnerable..Much better and far more profitable than watching Rats and mice in a cage when you can observe the unwashed locked up in there natural Habitat.

      1. Joseph, don’t put anything past them. Currie & Duncan-Smith, Thatcher, Tebbit, Howard for eg, perfectly demonstrate that nothing is too cruel for Tories to inflict on the most vulnerable.
        Clearly, govt’s SPIN – “we’re following the science”, is dubious at best. It stinks of Dominic Cummings. Let plebs be awestruck by their betters. Plebs don’t understand science. Cummings and his johnson, need only bamboozle enough people.
        By contrast, Angela Merkel demonstrates a TRUE scientific approach to minimise Covid-19 deaths. Cummings & his johnson’s are polar opposite. They are NOT a scientific approach to prevent deaths. They are trying to spin out Tory political choice. Tory ideological muck. It won’t wash. It can’t be washed. Tory muck is ingrained. Their muck IS their nature… their DNA.๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  9. When a mega-corporate car company sponsors programmes on Channel 4 & brags about being able to change perceptions without criticism, I realise that we really do live in the Post Truth, Fake News era.

    “Changing Perceptions with Mitsubishi”.

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