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Video: here are the 31 NHS staff who died, Mr Hancock. Not 19. How dare you claim lack of PPE did not contribute?

Health Secretary admits to nineteen NHS staff while trying to weasel out of responsibility. The real number is far higher
31 fallen NHS heroes

This article was first published this morning when there were 28 known deaths. There are now 31.

Matt Hancock has finally ‘admitted’ that 19 NHS staff have died of COVID-19.

Except they didn’t. At least 31 have died – up from 28 just as of this morning.

Hancock used the admission to try to weasel out of the Tories’ responsibility for not providing PPE – personal protective equipment – that has constantly exposed NHS staff to infection.

He said he found it ‘very upsetting’.

Here is his attempt to minimise the death toll and avoid blame – and the names of the twenty-eight fallen heroes:

Eight days ago, Hancock said ‘and some nurses’ had died.

He did not explain why the government falsely claimed last night that the number could not be released because family permission was needed, but could release it less than a day later.

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  1. Both Hancock and May are utter disgraces and should be immediately removed from their posts

  2. It’s not only the despicable Tories who are to blame but the “ moderates, centrists”, Blairites people like Kinnock, Phillips, Hodge, Mann, Streeting and not forgetting Starmer plus Thornberry, Nancy etc who strove to prevent a democratic socialist Labour Government. Let’s. hope that the members of the party don’t let this go down the memory plug hole!

    1. You are absolutely right Brianbotou. All those who sought to undermine the party to prevent a government led by Jeremy Corbyn have a lot to answer for.
      Always remember Tony Blair said that he would rather we lost an election than won it on a socialist platform. The disgusting behaviour of the PLP many of whom are now on our shadow front bench was designed to ensure Blair got what he wanted.

    2. Absolutely! Strange how the very people you name are now in the Shadow Cabinet or advising Sir Keir KCB QC. Their main concern at the moment is that ‘Boris’ is OK – bugger those chucked out of work and facing hunger let alone desperate isolation in small flats in high rises. The ‘new’ Party has slightly increased the Few but the Many? There are simply too many so best ignored they now think.

      1. Unfortunately Paul, unless it’s spelled out in 10 foot high letters one or two on here seem to be missing the point!

    3. brianbotou, those you mention are all right wingers. By describing them as ‘moderate’ implies Corbyn is an extremist.

      1. But he’s put it in inverted commas suggesting it was how they and the media describe them. On top of everything we now don’t have an ‘opposition’. The Labour Party has prostrated itself at Johnson’s feet fervently hoping he’s soon back in his office. No of course they don’t want any power or even briefings, that would be very rude. End of an era, back to 1959.

      2. Jack T
        Your spot on, it’s how you frame the story and what labels you can get to stick
        We are shit at propaganda and brain washing

      3. Paul, it’s also how Skwawkbox describes them, inverted commas or not. Why should any right winger be described as a Centrist? We are doing the work of the RW media for them!

      4. I am taking the piss Jack. I always put those despicable PLP MPs in inverted commas. I attended a local CLP after the 2019 GE who had Nathan Yeowell ( Progress Leader) and Gurvinder Singh Josan ( Labour First) refusing to accept any responsibility for undermining the democratic socialist Labour Party. So I know full well they and many in the PLP. Moreover, your logic of me somehow describing Jeremy Corbyn is to put kindly flawed!

      5. brianbotou, it would be better not to use either their description of themselves or Skwawky’s description, call them what they are, right wing wreckers!

  3. Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) would be able to give clarity to the legitimacy of Hancock’s previous assertion about releasing numbers.
    I hope he has complied with GDPR requirements.

    1. SM his assertion about releasing numbers is just another of Hancock’s remarkable untruths. I expect nothing good from him, but am startled now at his brazen shirking or responsibility and blaming those on the frontline.

      The BBC are also guilty. BBC “journalists” know that Hancock vetoed necessary preparation in 2016. They know he is misleading the public now. They know that he is trying to blame medical staff for his callous negligence. They know that his claiming staff are “misusing” protective gear, is a reckless lie. They know it.

      Hancock speaks of “guidelines” but gives no indication of who concocted and approved HIS D A N G E R O U S “guidelines”. Who made the guidelines? Who signed them off? Hancock’s “guidelines” are NOT in line with BASIC infection control standards eg pre Covid-19.

      When patients are in isolation for other contagious illnesses eg MRSA, it is standard practise to don fresh gloves and aprons BEFORE entering the isolated space. The gloves and aprons must then be disposed of in a hazardous waste bin on leaving the space. This is to prevent transfer of the infection by staff, to other patients, staff and all others with whom we may interact professionally or socially. This is accepted PRACTICE based on SCIENCE and OBVIOUS COMMON SENSE.

      How laughable, therefore, how IRRESPONSIBLE, how IGNORANT and how HAZARDOUS to patient, staff and PUBLIC safety, that Matt Hancock should even hint that it is appropriate to reuse personal protective equipment⁉️

      Furthermore, that staff be muzzled and even prompt that they report on each other is beyond what even i would expect of Hancock… and that is nothing positive. I expect nothing positive from Matt Hancock. But now Hancock has descended way below zero. Every single day brings a new low for Matt Hancock. It is understandable to be surprised. I certainly am. Hancock has invented a new personal low. A new worse. A new level of gobsmacking poverty of integrity.

      R.I.P. to each person who lost their PRECIOUS LIFE on the frontline caring for others. Heartfelt sympathy to their family, friends and colleagues 🌹🌹🌹

  4. The sun and telegraph,notably Alison Pearson have eulogised to a nauseating degree over the past couple of days about Bunter. So no hypocrisy in those being the two outlets to sneer at “the cult of Corbyn” most then.

    1. Great link there Steve. And to think I read on some forum yesterday, some thick-as-pigshit old bat wrote;

      *”I’m sure the government are doing all they possibly can”*

      This is what happens when you are fed on a diet of bbc “news” and Phillip Schofield/Holly Willoughby chit chat

  5. I don’t recall the BBC, or anyone else for that matter, seeking the views of prof Allyson Pollock @AllysonPollock about the current crisis. She is an indefatigable supporter of the NHS especially when it comes to any attempt by the Tories to privatise it.

  6. Patel said: ” ‘I’m sorry if people feel that there have been failings.”
    Patel was given opportunities to apologise for the government’s failings. She failed to apologise. Priti Patel refused to accept that the government is a collective failure. A deadly failure. Patel, Hancock, Duncan Smith, Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson & Co do not value the lives of frontline workers…indeed any workers as “precious resources”. That’s why the government’s collective choice is to insult medical staff, rather than admit their gross negligence and abject deficiency re duty of care.

  7. The S*n: “Where’ve you been for three weeks?”
    Patel: “Workin’ seven days a week, blah – night an’ day, blah – three days at the ‘Ome Office blah blah.”
    Her stupid arse is like a random word generator – not a single detail on anything, just the same bullshit every other Tory’s wasted our time with, but with added trite.
    Imagine being appointed home secretary for your ability to broadcast to the nation from a podium for ten solid minutes in a national emergency and say fuck all.
    We’re doomed I tell you – dooomed.

    Middle-aged blonde BBC newsbunny just now: “Does it really matter how well we’re doing compared to other countries?”

    1. Middle-aged blonde BBC newsbunny just now: “Does it really matter how well we’re doing compared to other countries?”

      Honestly? They actually said THAT? Christ almighty!!

      Someone should tell her it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part that counts..

      Jesus wept.

      1. Yep, people from whom we’re entitled to expect better say the stupidest things – we’ll have to get RH to run the statistics but I think we might be halfway to Idiocracy already.

        Questions the MSM will never ask a Tory:

        “Isn’t the first duty of government to preserve the lives of the governed population?”
        “Why have you still not organised the production and distribution of even the simplest PPE products in anything like adequate numbers to protect health & social care workers – and then the rest of the population?
        “Given the strength and resilience of China’s economy and its healthcare system, should the UK study it or dismiss it as ‘not relevant to the UK model’?”
        “Will your government resign if CV19 takes longer to eradicate in the UK than in a majority of other developed nations?”
        “Will your government resign if UK CV19 deaths adjusted for population exceed deaths in a majority of other developed nations?”
        “Will your government resign if the UK’s post-CV19 economic recovery lags behind other developed nations?”

      2. Good questions but the idea this Govt would resign over any of these issues won’t happen not least because there is no alternative in the wings. Sir Keir’s policies would be exactly the same.

      3. Paul, I’m sorry you feel my comment won’t make the Tories throw down their weapons and flee the field.
        I really thought I’d stun them into quivering, shame-faced, pants-wetting silence with that one.
        Must try harder. Thanks for the advice.

      4. My point was even if they did run from the field there is no organisation able to take up the challenge, the ‘opposition’ is equally incompetent and has no idea what to do

  8. “I find it really upsetting actually. Poor me.”
    He’ll need regular checks for PTSD later.
    Pity the poor MP’s, having to hear about people dying all the time.
    I hope they can charge their treatment to expenses.
    The least we can all do is be extra nice to them.
    Maybe we could set aside a special day every year to say “Thanks, Tories” by working extra hard digging potatoes and chopping firewood while they work on how to solve the horse shortage.

    1. Just a reminder that the tories are banning firewood soon so that little activity will go out of the window…

  9. NHS staff were expected to return to frontline as soon as symptoms diminish ….. if I read it right our ’eminent’ warrior PM is on light duties for one month to ensure he fully recuperates.hmmm

    1. ‘Light duties’?

      I wouldn’t trust that bastard to switch the lights on & off (Coat?)

      ‘Light duties’?

      As if any of them do a days graft, ffs. They get more time off than the pope’s john thomas.

  10. Jack T, it seems that the overwhelming majority of the people who post on Skwawkbox have neither complained or objected to the putting in inverted commas about the labelling of these despicable people. Moreover, it has been the accepted norm for many a year that when a term is placed in commas it’s indicating very strongly that the name, label term does not mean what it states. It would appear you and a very small minority have great difficulty comprehending this! For example Keir Starmer is a “ socialist “.

    1. brianbotou, I fully understand the use of inverted commas but I think you’ll find that when Skwawky uses the term ‘Centrists’ often he uses it without them to disparage anyone who is a Remainer, left or right.

  11. Jack, your comments were not only addressed to Skwawkbox, who can speak for himself, but also me. When I use the term “ moderates, Centrists” Blairites etc, most posters have no trouble distinguishing that I am referring to people who worked in the words of Mandelson “ every day to undermine the democratic socialist Labour Party “. Most of them were right wingers, however, there were a few on the left of the party. The fact is they helped in tandem with the MSM, State Broadcaster, Security service and the ruling class to thwart the democratic socialist Labour Party GE victory. Let’s not forgive or forget !

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