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Video: here are the names of 28 NHS staff who died, Mr Hancock. Not 19. How dare you claim the lack of PPE did not contribute?

Health Secretary admits to nineteen NHS staff while trying to weasel out of responsibility. The real number is much higher

Matt Hancock has finally ‘admitted’ that 19 NHS staff have died of COVID-19.

Except they didn’t. At least 28 have died.

Hancock used the admission to try to weasel out of the Tories’ responsibility for not providing PPE – personal protective equipment – that has constantly exposed NHS staff to infection.

He said he found it ‘very upsetting’.

Here is his attempt to minimise the death toll and avoid blame – and the names of the twenty-eight fallen heroes:

Eight days ago, Hancock said ‘and some nurses’ had died.

He did not explain why the government falsely claimed last night that the number could not be released because family permission was needed, but could release it less than a day later.

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  1. They should be made to recite every name of everyone who died that day, and then made to answer questions from their greiving relatives instead of the supine media

  2. But it’s ‘quite right’ HE should be tested before front line staff…

    Bastard should be experimented on, preferably by a vivisectionist

  3. Tories are incapable of detailed organisation of anything slightly complicated. This Govt doesn’t have the required brain cells. It’s still hoping it will ‘blow over’ and leave the UK uniquely immune. Imagine them having to construct a rationing policy that worked and was fair! Unfortunately now there really isn’t an opposition just polite support. A real Labour Party would be devising schemes where families in flats could take safely take exercise and kids play games in parks – which after all were created for the working classes confined to slums. But nobody suggests such a scheme because, fundamentally they can’t be arsed to do it; they’re OK but ‘struggling’ in the garden.

  4. Name, shame and blame.

    Name (and thank) the heroes, Shame the culprits and Blame the Government which failed to forward-plan for this pandemic once it became “a near certainty” in November last year.

  5. This man has no redeeming features. His incompetence is on a par with Graylings, and his trademark evasion and lying has become one of the defining features of this appalling government’s response to covid19. His crassness in suggesting unprotected health workers use scarce (thanks to him) PPE equipment irresponsibly plumbs new depths. Two days ago, with the crisis approaching its height and thousands dying, Hancock talked about having a plan to try to get PPE to all those who need it. ‘Behind the curve’ would be the understatement of the century. Really, the only person Matt Hancock really wants to protect, is himself, and most of his obfuscating chatter is designed to do just that, and very little else. The man is a disgrace.

  6. They’ve been saying ‘No causal effect’ between benefit sanctions and premature deaths for years, so it should be no surprise to anyone to see this snivelling little turd deny lack of sufficient, appropriate PPE is responsible for even the reduced figures he’s trying to palm us off with.

    Trying to diminish both the numbers of deaths AND his responsibility for them.

    One weaselly, snivelling ‘yes-man’ of a shithouse, that. I hoe there’s a class action taken against him, soon.

    Not his office; but against hancock, personally.

  7. word is out! those with clout at the bsbsc r “instructing” their “journalists” and presenters of govt spin, not to interrogate the health minister and tory mp s. never ever take bbc “news” as news or bbc “journalist” as journalists. they r nothing of the sort. otherwise they would contact undertakers, nursing homes, etc and expose the deceitful heartless hancock, johnson, cummings & duncan smith. they would ask WHAT SCIENCE❓ RESEARCHED BY WHOM❓ Peer reviewed by WHOM❓
    There are not enough adequate quantity visors, proper masks and gowns. Staff should obviously be tested at work, not drive to places to be tested. RIDICULOUS➕➕➕ ALL staff including porters should be tested and be provided č PPE. ALL staff moving from clients homes and nursing homes should be tested and have access to adequate protective clothing. It is not a luxury. Hancock is not a health professional. he lacks the intelligence and lacks the integrity to accept responsibility for failing to prepare. it was the sane hancock in 2016 who vetoed request to prepare for this pandemic.🌹🌹🌹

    1. CORRECTION & apologies for many other errors.
      …”there are inadequate quantities of “…visors etc IN SEVERAL CARE settings THROUGHOUT the country.

      The BBC must share responsibility because their “journalists” know that Hancock vetoed necessary preparation in 2016. They know he is misleading the public now. They know that he is trying to blame medical staff for his callous negligence. They know that his claiming staff are “misusing” protective gear, is a reckless lie.

      Hancock speaks of “guidelines” but gives no indication of who concocted and approved HIS D A N G E R O U S “guidelines”. Who made the guidelines? Who signed them off? Hancock’s “guidelines” are NOT in line with BASIC infection control standards eg pre Covid-19.

      When patients are in isolation for other contagious illnesses eg MRSA, it is standard practise to don fresh gloves and aprons BEFORE entering the isolated space. The gloves and aprons must then be disposed of in a hazardous waste bin on leaving the space. This is to prevent transfer of the infection by staff, to other patients, staff and all others with whom we may interact professionally or socially. This is accepted PRACTICE based on SCIENCE and OBVIOUS COMMON SENSE.

      How laughable, therefore, how IRRESPONSIBLE, how IGNORANT and how HAZARDOUS to patient, staff and PUBLIC safety, that Matt Hancock should even hint that it is appropriate to reuse personal protective equipment⁉️

      Furthermore, that staff be muzzled and even prompt that they report on each other is beyond what even i would expect of Hancock… and that is nothing positive. I expect nothing positive from Matt Hancock. But now Hancock has descended way below zero. Every single day brings a new low for Matt Hancock. It is understandable to be surprised. I certainly am. Hancock has invented a new personal low. A new worse. A new level of gobsmacking poverty of integrity.

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