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Confirmed NHS staff deaths reach 36 – all before Hancock said number was 19, but BBC still repeating his false claim

Hancock’s 19 was a lie when it was uttered this morning. The reality was almost double his ‘admission’

Clockwise from left: NHS heroes Sara Trollope, Gareth Roberts and Julie Omar

The confirmed number of deaths of NHS staff has reached 36. Julie Omar, Sara Trollope and Gareth Roberts – all nurses – died this week of COVID-19.

Two Filipino porters died at Oxford University Hospitals, but their names have not yet been released, although the hospital has announced their deaths.

All 36 died before Health Secretary Matt Hancock claimed this morning that 19 NHS workers had died of the virus.

The other fallen heroes forgotten by Hancock

Hancock’s false claim is still being repeated several times an hour by the BBC, even though the information showing its falsehood was easily available hours ago.

The fallen NHS heroes are also casualties of the Tories’ determination to obscure the truth and avoid their guilt.

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  1. It is possible thet the govt are also not including as fatalities hoispital workers who are not employyed by the NHS. At my local, ancilliaries are employed by an outsourcer.

    1. Your suspicion is correct marty. Only NHS patients who have been tested and died are included in the figures. We need to press for testing of all staff in and out of the NHS and patients and residents of care and nursing home settings. This includes community care at home. All key workers need testing and protection also. I expect the Matt Hancock Fatalities for yesterday 10th April is approx 73% less than the actual number of Covid-19 deaths.

      The crime fatalities have dropped by I think around 21%. I need to double check. But mu suspicion is that in the end, the increase in mortality figures will be totally due to Covid-19. The government may put pressure on those who have reliable observations of the fatalities. Eg hospitals are begging undertakers for body bags. Gruesome but true.

      More than two decades ago an economist devised a clever way to gauge economic sentiment. ie is business booming or not. The chose a transport hub. For some reason Farringdon comes to mind. … anyway, the researchers monitored and counted the discarded cigarette butts. I seem to remember they found that in bad times, the discarded butts were shorter… smoked to the last puff. POINT? We need to be inventive to survive the Hancock & BBC UNTRUTHS. We can get at truths by hunting them ourselves. Investigate, investigate, investigate. Don’t wait for the bastards to tell us useful truths. They won’t. They never do. We must search it out ourselves.🌹🌹🌹

  2. Extremely relevant to the above, my post this AM, and to all BBC “journalism”, we would be wise to read the following from Craig Murray. Commit key points to memory. Study and make your own summary / précis. Share as widely as possible. Save in several places for ongoing and future reference. And of course distrust BBC “news” content with all your intellectual might. 🌹🌹🌹

  3. When all this is over ,,, if it’s ever over the shit’s gonna really hit the fan . . .

  4. Which MSM outlet is likely to go against Tory Propoganda ministry and the government will not commission an enquirer.If people start to protest in the streets Martial Law will be implemented as per the Corona virus act.

    1. Police are searching shopping trolleys & issuing on the spot fines for non-essential items, such as potted plants……..source ‘Bristol Live’.

  5. 10 out of the 11 NHS doctors who have died from covid-19 are BAME
    The head of the British Medical Association has called on the government to urgently investigate if and why black, Asian and minority ethnic people are more vulnerable to Covid-19, after the first 10 doctors in the UK named as having died from the virus were all BAME.

    Those doctors have ancestry in regions including Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Even allowing for the overrepresentation of BAME staff in the NHS – they comprise 44% of medical staff compared with 14% of the population of England and Wales – the fact that they were all from ethnic minorities was “extremely disturbing and worrying”, the BMA chair said.

    “At face value, it seems hard to see how this can be random – to have the first 10 doctors of all being of BAME background,” Dr Chaand Nagpaul said. “Not only that, we also know that in terms of the BAME population, they make up about a third of those in intensive care. There’s a disproportionate percentage of BAME people getting ill.

  6. Were they really all NHS staff? Or were they outsourced people working for private companies? A shitbag like Hancock is very capable of playing smart arse with the semantics in order to make things looks less bad in a way that he can turn around and deny lying at all. Same for the BBC. They never really lie. Just carefully select the facts.

    1. Ben, yes. They are all NHS staff. The outsourced people staff and care home residents and general public, have not been included in the figures. … deliberately. And Ben, the real NHS number is higher as there was a BATTLE, a struggle… a fight to get NHS staff tested. Therefore many have died from Covid-19 but untested.

      My sense on 10th April all fatalities were under reported by apprx 72 or 73%. I’m being specific with the date as pandemics progress geometrically rather than arithmetically. ie eg 1 x 3 x 3 x 3 etc instead of 1 + 1 + 1 etc. We don’t know what will happen next with this virus. Will all the silent carriers, especial children, burst into aggressive infecting? Will Covid-19 mutate into something even more contagious? Jump in both directions between species? Who knows? It could all subside or the geometric rate of spread increase to x 4 or x 5?

      The world is more interconnected than ever. Neoliberal rampant globalist capitalists are its heartless parasites. Caring for the poorer exploited countries and peoples… caring… is absent from the capitalist religion. But we cannot escape infection. We cannot isolate ourselves from a deadly super contagious virus running riot in say, the Yemen, The Congo, Mali… any place where where capitalist believe “THEIR” rare earths and other minerals are located under other peoples lands. Heartless greedy capitalist parasites, engineer wars, proxy wars and despots to guarantee that desperate people will risk life an limb to mine rare resources for the benefit of themselves tge capitalist one percent. One percent of the world, are suited and booted, permanently bronzed … think Blair… think slimy suited anal bandit.

  7. Economic with the truth. Wilful blindness. Lie with statistics. Deceive the public.

  8. I have just heard THE shittest excuse from the utterly useless alok sharma…And I thought liz truss was hopeless.

    Sharma said: ‘I regret people have died, but this is a global pandemic’

    Oh, a GLOBAL pandemic? Oh, we plebs apologise for spreading the virus around…

    As for de piffle. You owe the nation your life, not just the NHS staff. You owe the system behind the NHS’ the same system you and your mates are carving up for your avarice.

    WE paid for it. YOU used it. And you ought to be charged for it because it was your stupidity led to you using it in the first bleedin’ place.

    More evidence of toerag parasitery. You’ve got the dough to go private but that means YOU would have to pay for it again, just like you want those who can’t afford to do, do.

    To show your ‘gratitude’ how about you return the parts of the NHS you and your lot sold to yourselves, back to the nation that pay for it?

    No? Thought not. Your ‘gratitude’ extends as far as empty words. Twat.

  9. Johnson’s half brother Max, describes the care his half brother received as “woeful”… “a shambles”.

    How’s that for woeful gratitude❓❓❓ Half Tory brother. Double the Tory ingratitude. Half Tory brother. Double the Tory disrespect for all others, even for NHS healthcare.

    Tories disrespect, and fail to value the lives of any but themselves. The lives of life savers are not precious in Tory ideology. Their ideological “precious” is money. Their ideological “precious” is wealth beyond the capacity to consume in several lifetimes. That alone is precious to Tories. Wanton, callous selfish greed 🔴🔴🔴

    1. Johnson’s half brother Max,


      So, it wasn’t just boris diluting the johnson gene-pool then?

      1. certainly not. plus the dad’s philandering, was no doubt dreadful for the mom’s health.

  10. “From what I gather — and I wasn’t there — no one asked a doctor to mask up and physically examine him the whole time — more than 10 days,” Max Johnson told CNN

    That’d hardly be surprising, seeing as the useless fucking oaf was only in there as a sympathy blag, fraudulently taking up a much needed bed.

      1. ie not a sympathy blag. before he was hospitalised, he looked ill to me, even from still photos.

  11. Everyone should listen to this. (<2 minutes)

    Coronavirus: Christopher Eccleston reads a poetic tribute to the NHS

    Matthew Kelly from Salford has written a poem paying tribute to the staff of the NHS fighting the coronavirus.

    Mr Kelly said he was inspired to write after hearing the challenges his partner faces as a district nurse.

    BBC Radio 5 Live asked actor Christopher Eccleston, a fellow Salfordian, to read Matt’s words.

    1. 15:18 lbc, johnson now saying the opposite of his half brother. do u believe boris johnson or his half brother max❓ several weeks ago now, i heard the sister … whole, half or quarter… rachel claim on lbc that the johnsons grew up speaking ancient greek at home. having heard b johnson’s chancing with his usual charismatic charlatanry, the speaking ancient greek as children just did not ring through. a clip replayed on radio, revealed that he had memorised a tiny bit of something, then pumped it out with the attitude that he will get away with his one trick schtick … again as he always has.

      Genetic traits run in families. Propensity for sicknesses… diseases… behaviours. It would be interesting to study the johnsons closely. Note every word, sentence and anecdote. Check for consistency. After all, the half siblings may have come into being on a stack of lies to the little s johnson’s mother by the bigger s johnson. the nature and nurture of the little s, in particular, no regard for truth… we can see the cause. But today, should we believe Max Johnson that his half brother’s cate was “WOEFUL” and “A SHAMBLES”❓ Or should we believe the little b s johnson❓ What would Boris Johnson’s previous employers do? What would they believe, having respectively dismissed him THREE TIMES for lying❓ Do you know anyone else who was dismissed THREE times for telling lies❓ I don’t. We know Peter Mandelson was dismissed twice for gross dishonesty. But three times???

      What about attributing a made up quote to his own godfather? That’s a very peculiar sort of multilayered lie… No? Think of it. Were one’s ancient Greek so fluent as to be the johnsons’ tongue of choice, then why not pluck any multitude of quotes from the abundant feast of classical greek❓ More and more me thinks that the johnsons are full of lies like 45 minute WMD Tony Blair, but thankfully without the insufferable slime… the oily amateur grinning and waving of the clawed limbs. Somehow, you don’t get the feeling that Johnson would chase money as much as Blair, or crawl as far up a George Bush’s back passage as far as eagerly as WMD Tony Blair did. Blair would have sacrificed not hundreds of thousands but hundreds of millions to gain the approval of the 1%. And on top of that, the Blair creature would be torturing us with drawn out hollow pauses in shallow attention seeking appearances… desperate Desperate DESPERATE that the whole world thinks it is a massiah.

      1. Yes, Steven H, that is what i’m expecting too. What’s beyond shameful, is that we had a head start since January to observe China, Singapore, South Korea etc. That means the Tory ideology is even worse than any decent person could imagine. To watch death and grief approaching to decimate to poor, the old, the disabled, the vulnerable AND THOSE WHO CARE FOR THEM ALL, it is astonishing to me Steven H. People may have thought citing Dominic Cummings eugenicist outlook was extreme but it is there for all to see. There is a tendency to feel that these things happen elsewhere. The fact is otherwise. London and the Home Counties were always hot beds of people with quite unsavoury views… to put it mildly. After the war, many were welcomed and accommodated here, in the USA and of course Australia, South Africa, NZ and South America … Chile and Argentina had great appeal. But right here in Central London. Bloomsbury i believe was the focus of social gatherings for eugenicist like Margaret Sanger.

        Of course Sanger appeared to be quite clever in pushing her intentions. Marvellous really. She packaged her intentions with an expertise that Cummings & Johnson may envy. She mastered spin. It came un spun but still, before it did, Sanger was able to gain approval from Martin Luther King, Du Bois as well as the Klu Klux Klan. How’s that for broadcasting one’s message? Sanger deliberately sought out the support of Black church ministers so as not to expose her true intentions of exterminating the black population.

        Memory may fails me, but i think Sanger was welcomed in polite intellectual circles in Bloomsbury. I am not sure if she ever met the Queen’s Father or her uncle and Wallace Simpson, both of whom were more than partial towards Hitler. Fact – they were avid supporters of the anti-Semite. They hoped for his success and expected their reward of being made king again and Simpson.

        Excellent spin again… masterful was that of the now very dead queen mother. She spun out the truth down the drain as best as she could but ah!!! Photography and pen and ink and old fashioned recording. Science to the rescue. There are photographs of the queen’s mother, father, sister, AND the QUEEN… yes that one reading an Easter message, ALL GIVING THE NAZI SALUTE …the garden at Buckingham Palace was the venue i think.

        I heard the queen’s now quite dead cousin, friend, close companion… and lady in waiting, i think as well… but anyway, i heard her explain away the queen and ALL her immediate family GIVING THE NAZI SALUTE without being forced, to THE anti-Semite, … i heard Margaret Rhodes explain it away as a fuss over nothing, … it was a different age etc

        Of course we have never heard MSM demanding over and over and over for the queen or Margaret Rhodes to apologise. Or the royal family being referred to some anti hate comission. Or any of the disgusting hypocrites who are grabbing hold of the party. No one should take lectures from Starmer, Blair, his ex flatmate the now repeated Attorney General and any of that despicable bunch. 🌹🌹🌹

        please as ever excuse any typos. only meant to give a swift reply to Steven H’s reply.

        Blessings today and every day. We need them. The exploited and poorly paid need them more. Who will speak for them❓ Who will EFFECTIVELY champion their cause ❓❓❓

    2. Nice pome if you like poerty – I don’t – but jeezus, the poor bugger looks old for 56.

  12. THE TRUTH IS OUT, well almost
    Please follow the link below and read the full article. It confirms what we all suspected.

    Labour lawyers have stepped in to stop a report on the party’s response to anti-Semitism accusations being submitted to the Equalities & Human Rights Commission – because it shows that right-wing party officers spent years backstabbing Jeremy Corbyn.

    The report runs to 860 pages and concludes that factional hostility towards Mr Corbyn amongst former senior officials contributed to “a litany of mistakes” that hindered the effective handling of the issue.

    It provides evidence that senior staff “openly worked against the aims and objectives of the leadership of the Party, and in the 2017 general election some key staff even appeared to work against the Party’s core objective of winning elections”.

      1. and it must be asked: Who recommended Mc Nic for a peerage? and Twatson? Was Chris Williamson, Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, Jacqui Smith, Mark Wordsworth offered peerages? a card? a phone-call? The whole business is beyond me.
        The MSM did not force anyone to make peerages available to Twatson & McNicol. The MSM is not preventing us on from telling truth to power. Yes it is a battle. But we put up a fight. Nothing, Nothing is ever gained by appeasement.

        A while ago now during my last bit of study, a friend of mine said someone came towards him with a knife to mug him. My friend said he SCREAMED at the top of his voice, and ran into the CENTRE of the road WAVING his hand in the air ENERGETICALLY “like a mad man”. RESULT? The potential mugger ran away, apparently more startled than my friend.

        LESSON: MAKE A NOISE‼️ FIGHT TO THE END‼️ Be on the offence‼️ CHASE THE ******** AWAY ‼️ Chase them out of town. I’m not surprised by the wrong doings of the Blairites ie Thatcher’s excrement. I’m saddened that i see no evidence that people have learnt. The failure to call off the flawed leadership contest proved it to me. We would not have sustained a workable government. Same in the USA. The “Left” needs a root and branch reform of attitude, culture, belief, determination, courage. And most of a grounding in reality. The is a debilitating confused idea of what it is to be comradely. There is an allergy to being challenged and hearing raw feedback. The real world is certainly not inhabited by people who only say nice things nicely. The people who built the new field hospitals, have endured years of bellowing voices. I am not advocating that. But it seems clear that something conclusively counter productive … self destructive has infected the “Left”.

        Being a newbie, i have found it startling… even frightening. At Christmas chats down in Dorset, I had to confess that i would never employ any of the people in my Jeremy supporting groups. No doubt AH may be spitting feathers or what ever they spit. But it is also difficult to imagine how they would ever be employed in any arena where the outcome has to be concrete. Further, the Tories are only a little less worse. They can afford to be as they are just the tools of the 1%. They need no competence as evident by the multilayered forests of money available to bail out BA, BRANSON, BHS … already raped by Phillip Green. The Tories and the “champions of industry” they worship, only exist by sucking the blood and sweat of the many.

        These are obvious but it is human nature, that to effect change that which is obvious HAS to be repeated to erase the well engrained myths. We cannot take a lofty remote detached approach. We cannot expect to have sustained traction with the electorate by writing letters to the PM with ZERO publicity or a mention here and there. Absent for weeks on end amongst people who agree with us does not cut it.

        As across the pond, Sanders has a vast following amongst a very inward looking group.
        When a key person in my group announced that they were hosting a phone banking session for Sanders some weeks ago, i knew Sanders was doomed. Why? Knowing the individual and the others, just gave me that feeling. No doubt answers are illusive. But i’m searching. They are not. They would do everything the same way… just more of it. They will speak of grass roots but call them stupid and uneducated. They read every book yet have no grasp of the practical aspects of convincing those who nay hold a different view. They speak out about gentrification but only want to go to the “gentrified streets”. It is not that they are bad. The problem is many have long lost their way. They have given up. They block every dynamic move with the lamest excuse. When asked for a suggestion as to what we should ask Sadiq Khan to pledge to get our support, three or four infiltrators objected vociferously. When pressed for suggestions, one of them suggested triumphantly “pledge to build more social housing”. Seriously.

        I bet if you asked Ian Duncan Smyth to pledge to build more social housing he would say yes. Such is the poverty of imagination and spirit… the “dead weight” that Starmer could afford to go to bed inside Tony Blair and he asleep would have no opposition from my “comrades”. My comrades enjoy a self soothing social group saying nice empty things to each other nicely. So now Starmer can use our membership fees to pay lawyers to hide the truth that the AS obscenity was of their making. Arise Baron Ian Mc Nicol ir what ever it is called🌹🌹🌹

      2. I would imagine that it was the unions that insisted on peerages for these 2 wasters.

    1. There can’t be a single honest person remaining on Labour’s staff – if there were the report would have been leaked, everyone falsely accused of antisemitism would have been exonerated, all the Tories inside Labour would have been kicked out and Blair, Mandelson, Campbell, McNicol & his whole fifth column would be awaiting trial on conspiracy charges.
      Accepting salaries and even honours when you’ve been working to bring down your employer AND CHEAT DEMOCRACY ITSELF is clearly far more than just fraud.
      I say it’s treason.
      Another decade of Tory oppression and all for the want of ONE honest Labour employee.

    1. Like Capone said, you can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.
      If I hadn’t already quit, my petition to Labour would be personal and contain two sheets of paper – one cancelling my membership and standing order that I’d authorise to be torn up as soon as the other – my petition to Starmer to publish the whole truth – was complied with.
      I suspect he’ll simply ignore a petition however many signatures it carries.

      1. It’s a critical test of Keir Starmer’s leadership, will he have the courage to do the right thing?

  13. Who are Labours lawyers and how do we get our hands on the report
    No one is going to give a flying fuck about the EHRC report until they investigate the Tory party

  14. It’s a fairly simple test for Keir, either he deals with it or the party will be sued out of existence, it’s our phone tapping scandal
    Let the repercussions begin, it was always rumours before, now it’s on the record

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