Video: ‘some nurses’ -government not even counting number of nurses killed by coronavirus

Health Secretary claims ignorance of the fact – but could only say ‘some nurses’ have died

Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s appearance on last night’s BBC Question Time led to the shocking – if not surprising – revelation that the Department of Health is not even counting the number of nurses who have died in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

In an appalling throw-away comment, Hancock said that:

we’ve seen, very sadly, four doctors had died – and some nurses.

But RCN general secretary Donna Kinnair cut across him – pointing out that his department isn’t even keeping count of fallen nurses:

The words ‘and some nurses’ should haunt Hancock and the Tories for the rest of their sorry lives.

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  1. I know a couple where one is particularly vulnerable through ill-health, the other a nurse. The nurse regards it as inevitable she will get it sooner or later, as no PPE, so though they love each other dearly, and really need to support each other at this time, they are living separate lives in opposite ends of their shared house. Tragic.

    1. Nurse Covid-19 fatalities have NOT been counted. They have been ignored. I am unsure about fatalities amongst doctors and paramedics.
      There are also question marks re care home patients, and staff who are in the main agency ZERO HOURS contract workers. Agency workers unwittingly spread Covid-19 throughout several care homes, and clients own homes as many have to make ends meet working for social care companies. Companies prioritise profits. The above are all the casualties of callous Tory money money money OUTSOURCING ie NHS PRIVATISATION by STEALTH. In the old days Social Care and Geriatric care was all available in a joined up SOCIAL NHS SYSTEM. Patients were not discharged UNTIL a discharge plan / package was done.
      Hancock has told lies before. Hancock is lying now. On the balance of probability, Hancock will continue to lie. 🌹🌹🌹

  2. ”I didn’t know that so I’ll sort that out..”

    Of COURSE you didn’t know…That’s why you gave us the ‘some’ total of nurses (No pun).

    ”I’ll sort that out…”

    What? you mean like you’ll ‘sort’ the PPE? Ventilators? Testing kits?

    Fucking useless plum.

  3. No-one knows who is/how many are ‘*killed* by Covid-19’.

    Neil Ferguson (Imperial College) “…suggests that the crude figure for ‘Covid deaths’ is three times higher than the number who have actually been killed by Covid-19. (Even the two-thirds figure is an estimate ,,, )”

  4. Anyway, what’s hancock think he’s playing at, running around studios and pressers etc?

    Diagnosed same time as de piffle (who’s still hiding away) only last week, I thought there was a 14 day quarantine if you had symptoms?

    Them supposed ‘experts’ (who accompany today’s clown doing the brief) have a LOT of explaining to do on this one…

    1. Add to that, ‘Brian’ AKA Charlie ”Wingnut” Windsor; who has just opened that ‘Nightingale’ hospital in londinium, apparently…

    2. Presumably he thinks he’s now immune? Lots of people with ‘mild’ doses of the illness will see Hancock and wonder why they aren’t allowed out as he is. When the OK certificates are available they will need the fraud protection of a passport + a £50 note! Within a very short space of time I imagine it will be nigh on impossible for police to check certificates as there will be so many on the street and in effect the country will return to ‘isolate if you want to’. When it becomes a matter of choice you wouldn’t expect the govt to keep paying 80% of the wages of somebody who doesn’t fancy the risk?

  5. It’s good news week as doctors & nurses die unprotected & untested, but the ‘Stock Market’ has risen for 8 of the last 12 trading days. I wonder why?

  6. How appalling appalling, but sadly to be expected from this appalling man. to say that he’s not on top of his brief would be the understatement of the year. He makes Grayling look good. And he doesn’t give a flying fuck, just improvising all the time, making it up as he goes along.

    1. Judging from the terrified face of a schoolboy caught out in front of the whole school as seen in the photo here, Hancock is at least giving a fuck about his own miserable career?

    2. ”He makes Grayling look good.”


      You REALLY don’t like him, do ya?.

      (Join the club.)

      1. Thing about Tory idiots is, they’re not even smart enough to know they’re idiots.
        Sure, they know they bought their qualifications but they tell themselves they’d have got a first if they’d bothered to study instead of party through university.
        They think the difference between them and the guy who wrote their essays is exactly the same as that between any other master and servant.
        After all, you can’t compare some drone working in an essay mill with a Tory minister.

  7. The myth of Tory private good, public bad are obvious everywhere. Alas, with no sustained spotlight, it has continued. A blank space has been gifted to the MSM to maintain the myths. Near VACUUMS are left in the discussion… debate… narrative… call it what you like, the Tory illogical shortsighted ideology of GREED IS GOOD, is assumed to be the only way.

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