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Video: the question the BBC cut so viewers didn’t see Hancock on the hook – and his answer shows why

BBC cut to the weather forecast in the middle of last night’s coronavirus press conference

As the SKWAWKBOX reported last night, the BBC abruptly cut to the weather forecast just as Health Secretary Matt Hancock was challenged on why he had received a coronavirus test when NHS staff in the firing line were not being tested.

His response shows why the BBC might not want its viewers to see it. The SKWAWKBOX has added a guide to what the real meaning of his answers seemed to be:

Lack of testing – repeat testing and where necessary isolation – of NHS staff is putting their lives and the lives of those they treat at risk.

A risk compounded by the government’s continuing failure to provide proper personal protective equipment.

Meanwhile, we plebs are told just to self-isolate if we think we have it, with no way of finding out whether we really do.

But Hancock and Johnson are ‘in it together’ getting their tests, so that’s alright then.

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  1. I would like to know the details of all the deals they’re making with private companies to provide PPE, tests, “Nightingale” hospitals, etc. How much is this costing us?

  2. Was that the Hancock thats had the miraculous for whilst in solitude.Maybe he should offer his body for Science and leave out the alleged brain.

  3. Yes, OF COURSE it was quite right that the PM and I were tested – because our decisions are in just as serious danger of catching coronavirus as those we’ve put in danger by making those decisions…

    One nurse is just one nurse; whereas one matthew hancock or one johnson de piffle johnson can make MILLIONS of decisions…

    The utter twunt.


  4. George Orwell, wrote an essay called Politics and The English Language. Part of his essay described how politicians, journalists and political commentators distort language to obscure meaning and content. Johnson, Hancock along with Blair and the prodigy of him Starmer plus the right wing rag bag of malcontents within the Labour Party has been practicing this art for many a year. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the State Broadcaster falls into this category either by omission or blatant propaganda. Witness not only the disgraceful display of the BBC being nothing more than an extension of the Tory party ( or whoever is the ruling party of the day) but the criminal neglect in not even covering in any depth the trial of Julian Assange the UKs Drefuss’s trial.

    1. *However* – I have today found as much alternative opinion about (a) the scientific analysis of Covid-19 and (b) criticism of enhanced establishment power related to it on the Beeb as anywhere else in the MSM..

      Undoubtedly the BBC has an inevitable establishment bias, but it isn’t all-embracing.

  5. From its inception in the 1920s the BBC has had a bias to the ruling party of the day. George Orwell complained about it as did JB Priestly. Moreover in the 1950s, the security services had a vetting office within the BBC to determine who was politically undesirable which is ironic when one of the Cambridge spies worked for a time there and within the highest echelons of the security services. Furthermore, witness how the BBC distorted the events of the miners strike. Not forgetting Andrew Marrs declaration outside No10 how wonderful Tony Blair was in his illegally invading Iraq. Up to recently, the chief political editor of the BBC was reprimanded by the now defunct BBC trust for finding her guilty of political bias and so on. Without doubt the State Broadcaster, as is all State Broadcasters, biased to the government of the day. However in the U.K, some of the public likes to deceive itself that it’s impartial!

  6. The BBC has always been Class biased and Tory to its roots.No excuses for blatent lies and propaganda against the Labour party and the leader Jeremy Corbyn….Like the virus,don’t try to tinker with it,isolate and destroy.

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