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Johnson tests positive for CV

Boris Johnson has tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. He is reported to have only mild symptoms so far and is now self-isolating.

Will it take a Tory suffering severe symptoms before NHS staff and other front-line workers are properly protected and the government pursues the test and trace strategy the World Health Organisation wants it to?

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  1. So, he has mild symptoms and is isolating himself, and HE has a test.
    I thought this was not his governments advice.
    Should a frontline doctor or nurse have received this test instead of a ………….politician with mild symptoms.

  2. Lucky he got all that practice of isolating himself in during the election campaign. Mind I wouldn’t want to spend fourteen days in a fridge

  3. The bad news is that Dominic Raab will stand in as PM if Johnson becomes too ill to continue.

  4. But is this actually true? Surely it’s just an excuse to engender a little sympathy while keeping him away from the cameras since he seems increasingly out of his depth and ill at ease?

  5. Probably a pack of lies.Hes bottling it and striving to gain sympathy.The excuses are going in before the meltdown.These public school leyabouts thrive on the lies and propaganda against the ordinary Joe.Dont forget they rigged the election and rigging anything else becomes simple.

  6. Good way of avoiding answers difficult questions about the government handling.

    Persistent cough was not as apparent in video message as those Theresa May had when she was PM.

  7. Give me an independently verifiable source of this test result ,or its not worth the paper its written on ( unless of course its bog paper ) .

    This is coming from a proven known liar and even if true , then why is such a valuable resource test wasted on this bag of shit , when our own heroes in the NHS can’t get tested and helped .

    I live in hope he’s spread it far and wide in his cabinet , bet they don’t go shaking his hand now ….

    Lets see , over 40 , fat , unfit , artery’s stuffed full of caviar induced cholesterol , hopefully puts him in the red danger zone for death from CV19 , go to it CV19 do your worst .

    More so is he hiding again from public view , only this time behind the CV19 rather than in a freezer , bit of luck he’ll end up in freezer again only this time a mortuary freezer

  8. The Tory PR people must be delighted. Now he’s a ‘victim’ – although we didn’t actually hear him cough or even sniff during his video. He will self isolate from the criticism that will soon flood in as the prisons explode and food shortages get worse. How very convenient he’s able to keep ‘running the country’ by video from his sick bed. There’s nobody else he trusts and he knows Cummings will ensure we get as big a spread of the illness as possible; ‘look how easy it is’ he’ll be smugly grinning at us next week. Maybe Prof Whitty will publish the test result? They are precious documents after all, only available to Royalty and Top Tories and the rich. It’s how Britain traditionally organises itself to save its elite at all costs.

  9. How do we tell if he really IS ill?

    Scruffy bastard ALWAYS looks like he’s just been dragged out of bed.

    I s’pose cumminge’ll be ordering de piffle not to shave for a few days; put on a croaky voice – like the ‘common muck’ do when they phone in to their workplace to ‘blag a sicky’.

    Y’know? Make it look a bit more ‘authentic’…😒

    And the Tv pundits will lap it up. Don’t be surprised to see one particular bbc female regurgitator….sorry, ‘reporter’ practically begging the nation to pray for the health of her fuhrer (and meal ticket).

  10. Brevity is the soul of wit, you have just demonstrated that brilliantly

    1. Uncle Festa and Covid19 have announced they are expecting a child in 12 days
      The child will be called Richard Cranium Johnson

  11. watching Michael Gove perform brings to mind a ‘celeb’ from the ‘6os……’Double Your Money’ Star, Hughie Green…..yes, sincerely folks, sincerely.

    BoJo should have no problems ‘social distancing’! Try a barge pole.

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